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My Thailand Diary

An amusing collection of short story's, threads and observations on the day in the life of farang expats living in Thailand.
Updated Monthly.

Hello Unregistered,

Anal warts and a DIY operation

Village Life, It Could Be Worse, Couldn't It?

Want a New Broom Grandad?

My Mum Says I Could Be Invisible, Just Before She Blew Herself Up

Bangkok Nudes

The Living in Thailand Test

My Thai hoe is shite

My Thai hoe is great

Rants from the Pattaya Glitterman

Times are Hard, How to Budget

A Bangkok TEFLer

The Death of a Bangkok TEFLer

The Ultimate Thai Toilet Tutorial

Lets Lunch at the Tiger Penis Restaurant

Getting laid in Bangkok, is it really that difficult?

DON"T Answer the phone, it's MR DEATH

Riding a bike in darkest Isaan

Happy Thai New Year

Focking Thai internet

Smelly Thai cremations reward

Kill that centipede

Please Sir, can I have some more Tesco sardines

Thais really do need 4WD on the main highways, no really, they do

A story of giving which should bring a smile to your face

Buddha, bring on the carnage and mayhem

Feet, the dirtiest part of your body?

Trees and sex

The dead cats

Return of the dead cats

The Swarm

Fok, The Return of the Swarm

Getting old ungracefully in Issarn

Life is but a blink of the eye and a moment in time

Bored and jaded with Thailand? Lets Play "Spot The Body."

Surviving in Thailands Jungles - Part 1

The Jungle Fights Back - Part 2

From Jungle to Mountain - Part 3

Love thy Thai neighbour, but kill those Aussie bstards

Bored Thailand Expats design some Postcards

ARGHHHH - He bit my Thumb off

Sinsot, is she really WORTH THAT MUCH?

Fine Dinning or Noodle Soup?

The Isaan Goodfellas

Karaoke Bars in Darkest Isaan

Second Wives & Giks

Eating at the Local Isaan Shack

How much is a Female Thai Virgin Worth?

A Year in the Jungle

A Bangkok Sex Story, Almost

Thai Buses & Their Drivers Revealed

TeakDoor 2011 April Fools

Dating in the UK, it aint much fun

The Doctor & the Paperclip

My New Bum Gun

My Lovely Farang Neighbour

Protecting Myself From Evil Spirits

Riders on The Storm

Thai Toilet Fun

Fishing in Isaan

The Kitten and the Roster

The Cat and The Catfish

Death to the Songtheaw Driver

My Maid and my Underpants


Them on floor 7

I met the DEVIL at Nana Plaza

Online dating, is it for me?

Teenage Biker Hero, the joys of youth

Plastic bags & rubber bands

Beheadings in Pattaya? Your kidding me

Boutique Planes? Your kidding me

Don't be ridiculous, 21 year old Thai women do not find OAP's attractive

She doesn't love you you know

A man possessed

I think I want to go back home

Christmas and kids in Thailand

A possessed Thai

Modern day kids

There's a snake in my pants

Where does the money go?

Sod Bangkok, Cornwall is where its at

The Joys of Thai Immigration & Permission to Stay

Thai Music License Robbery - FAIL

The Definitive Guide on Up-Country Brothels

Drunken Pervert & a Ladyboy


Skin Lightening & Anal Bleaching

Thai's in the West

Chasing & Killing the Chicks

My First time at Swampy

Thailand & Double Pricing

Are you Brit chav scum?

UK & a Theme Park for Thais

The Mexico Sex Tour

The Isaan Drunk Farang

One Night in Bangkok - Murray Head

Motorbike Taxies in Bangkok

A Day in the Life of an Isaan Labourer

Andrew Biggs & His Brother

A Plea to the Thai Prime Minister

Dangers on the Road

A Visit to an Up Country Massage Parlour

Who Wants Some Thai Sausage?

Motorcycle Rant Number 1,229

Motorcycle Rant Number 1,230

Skint again, lets become film stars

ARGHHH, The Decorators are in

Dogs Piss, Ghosts, Fingers in the Anus & Other Thai Superstitions

Thai Wives and Girlfriends

Is she Really a Woman?

Thai Wives in Phuket

The Isaan Fake Pregnancy Scam

The Isaan Alcoholic

Snake Attack

Night Clubs in Isaan? No, You Really Don't Want to go

Fresh Out of a Thai Jail

Somjit The Boy Racer Wins Again

Biking in Isaan

Kite Flying in Isaan

Pizza in Isaan

A Farang Farmer in Isaan

The Italian Sausage Scam

Masturbation Turns into Mastication as Slap Discovers Issan Kebab Den

10am is Lao Khao Time

Murder at The Lao Khao Store