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Stop all the childish crap, let's get real....
Finally, let's get real..

Thaiophiles do exist but in a much smaller reality than that described in threads on here. Yes there are the ones who have no intention of going back to their western origins because they have indeed burnt their bridges, run up bank and credit card overdrafts and not paid, done a bunk owing friends or someone vast amounts of cash. No, those people don't have any inclination to go 'home'. Not yet anyway.

On the other hand some Thaiophiles are already in the money. They just choose to live frugally and sensibly without the need to splash out in expat establishments, which does get boring with the same faces and stories week in week out. Who needs to hear another story about being exempt from the 'farang owning land' law due to paying a well connected lawyer? No thanks, not again. We already know the one about the wife being 'different'... despite the dark skin and tattoos.

Some did go to Thailand with the sole vision of teaching english. They arrange their jobs before they touch down. They are real teachers with the right qualifications and are notching up a list of nations they have TEFL-ed in that's all.

Failing and going home to the west. Horror story?

Not quite. For some, yes. For me once upon a time, yes. But I had closed my mind to living in Thailand and weather, ease of life and ability to do the necessary bits of work to survive. Each december I went back it was to do 20 serious nights at a big corporate venue that hosted Xmas parties for the likes of Barclays and Coutts banks. Borrrr-ing? Yes it bloody was. But it paid well, very well and in reddies.

I found it a drag, that one month of winter each year, and wouldn't relax, open my mind to the beauty of London in the winter, the lights, atmosphere and walks by the river of a sunday. Mind you, I don't blame me.

Long term returnees dragged kicking and screaming will find it hard because they won't accept the transition. It's not that hard but not that easy. The signing on the dole, re-establishing contact with mates / family, apologising to some people, phoning aroundto say you're 'back' etc The weather, change of social values, people getting angry over silly things, impatience.

Western women, it went wrong a few years ago.

You can't win with many of these. On one hand you are a pervert for living in Thailand because they are too ignorant to read up on what Thailand is like in 2010. They believe the hype. Then they have this hang up about Thai women all being slim and beautiful, but subservient. Well not quite.

The feminazi took over western womens minds long ago. This is one of my pet hates. Now you have women who believe it's their duty to out-drink men, boast about their sexual freedom and flaunt what they have. That's a shame, cos it spoilt any surprises. Many english women think that to go on a date with you is a huge fucking favour on their part, and most act like it.

Now you have many of these women who have the conforming media-generated attitude that they are already 'amazing' in bed and that it's the mans job to satisfy them and if they don't then that man is useless, impotent and possibly a poofter. Getting a decent blow job is still the same uphill task in many cases. Nothing changes, sometimes.

Look at their role models: Pop stars that are nothing but glorified pole dancing mime artists. 'Glamour' models who are congratulated in the Sun newpaper for stripping off yet again. Jordan. Need I say more.

Sadly the men believe this hype. They are obsessed with porn and still giggle at it like kids. Mens magazines like 'Broom broom' 'Cars' 'Trousers' and 'Knockers' have changed otherwise decent blokes into mirror gazing metro-sexuals who think that it takes two minutes to bring a woman to a shrieking orgasm. Not a real one anyway. Women get together and laugh about this. But they are the losers and the increased number of miserable, bitter and overweight birds in the UK is fine testament to it.

Still wanna return to the west???????

Written by DjPat