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Bangkok Corrections Museum

Prisons in Thailand

The Bangkok Corrections Museum in Maha Chai Road preserves gruesome aspects of Thai prison history and the brutal prison life before reforms were made to the penal system.

Typical Thai Holding Cell in Police Station

Bangkok Area Prisons


Take the Chao Prayo Express boat upstream to Nonthaburi (about 10 baht from downtown). Get off at Nonthaburi ( it is the last stop for most boats ). When you leave the boat terminal, go straight up the road. Take the first left. Walk about 100 yards up the road to the prison.

Go into the Visitor Center ( across road from the main prison gate ). Sign in with your passport. Wait until the visit time is announced. Cross the road (follow the crowd), (pass the Foreign Affairs Office ) Sign in : (leave your cameras, drugs, guns or other prohibited items at the desk. Pass through the metal detectors and various steel doors. Then pass by their prison store ( get a bottle of water etc ) Finally, you will see the visitor gallery. Your friend will sit across from you ... separated by double fencing. Be prepared for a shouting match, as there may be other visitors seated near to you, each one trying to communicate as quickly and loudly as possible. At the end of the visit you are allowed to leave any gifts for your friend at the desk in the visitors area. Otherwise, follow the crowd, back to the entrance gate.

Klong Prem Men's Prison

33/2 Ngam Wong Wan Road, Bangkok 10900

Thonburi Remand Prison

Bangkok Central Correctional Hospital

Contact person: Dr John Lerwitworapong Address: Central Hospital, Department of Corrections, 33/2 Ngamwongwan Road, Bangkok 10900. Tel: (02) 589-5250, (02) 591-4875 Fax: 02-591-4879.

Lard Yao / Bang Khen Womens Prison

Letters can be addressed to: Bang Khen Womens Prison 33/3 Ngamwongwan Road Bang Khen, Bangkok 10900

Suan Plu Immigration Detention Center (IDC)

located on Soi Suan Plu, Sathorn. Ask the taxi driver to take you to "Daw Maw" or "Suan Plu" and you should have no trouble getting there. You can also take the Sky Train and get off at Chong Nonsi station (S3) and walk down Soi Suan Plu to IDC (about a 5-10 minute walk).

Prisoners Abroad Bangkok IDC

Phuket Area Prisons

Phuket Provincial Prison

11 Damrong Road, Muang, Phuket 83000
Fax: (076) 212104
Tel. +66(0) 76 212104

Getting to Phuket Provincial Prison

Bus #2: Route runs between Rajabhat University and Lamchan Health Centre, via Supercheap Department Store, Phuket Provincial Prison, Phuket Bus Terminal, and Central Market.

Pattaya Area Prisons

Nong Pla Lai Jail

57 Nong Pla Lai, Amphoe Banglamung Chonburi
Phone number: 0 3824 0803
Fax number: 0 3824 0802

Getting to Nong Pla Lai Jail

To get there: travel north on sukhumvit past naklua. just after passing Cholchon Resort on your left take the highway interchange to Rayong. Travel about 5 miles look for the signs in English "Pattaya Remand Prison". Take a left then go for about 2 miles past the Nong Pla Lai Municipal center. You will see another sign, turn left & travel about 1/4 mile. Visiting hours are 8am to 2pm but you must register by 11am. Monday thru to Friday except holidays.

Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) Prison

It's at the end of San Pasit Road/ 182 San Prasit Road.

Phitsanulok Central Prison

611 / 1 m. 8 Mittapab Road, A. Wang Thong, Phitsanulok, THAILAND 65130

Rayong Central Prison

111 moo 9, Tambol Hnonglalok, Amphoe Bannkai, Rayong Province, 21120
Telephone: 038 637759 - 60

Banged Up Abroad Thailand

Amphoe Chaiya Prison
Address: 358 moo 1, Tambol Talatchaiya, Amphoe Chaiya, Surat Thani Province, 84110 Telephone: 0-7743-1113

Amphoe Kantaraluk Prison
Telephone: 045-662219

Amphoe Parkpanung Prison
Address: 198, Chainam Road, Tambol Parkpanung, Amphoe Parkpanung, Nakhon Rachasima Province, 80140 Telephone: 0-7551-7288

Amphoe Pol Prison
Address: 254 moo 5, Tambol PekYai, Amphoe Pol, Khon Kaen Province, 40120 Telephone: 0-4341-5760

Amphoe Sawaskaloak Prison
Address: 173, Nhamuang Road, Amphoe Sawankaloak, Sukhothai Province, 64110 Telephone: 0 5564 1674

Amphoe Sikiew Prison
Address: 181 moo 5, Tambol Ladbuakaw, Amphoe Srikiew, Nakhon Rachasima Province

Amphoe Takuabha Prison
Telephone: 0 7642 1100 or 11 or 0 1895 1300

Amphoe Turng Prison
Address: 77 moo 23, Pisaal Road, Tambol Wiang, Amphoe Turng, Chiang Rai Province, Telephone: 0 5379 5654

Angthong Provincial Prison
Address: 47/1 moo 2, Angtong-Pothong Road, Tambol Saladang, Amphoe Muang, Angthong Province, 14000 Telephone: 03561-1591

Bangkok Remand Prison
Address: 33 Ngamwongwan Road, Chatujak District, Lad Yao Subdistrict, Bangkok 10900 Telephone: 0 2591 7060 - 20 to 24

Bannawong Open Correctional Institntion
Address: 90 moo 1, Tambol Baanna, Sub-district Srinakarin, Phatthalung Province, 93000 Telephone: 0-7461-4455

Buayai Prison
Address: 211 moo 9, Tambol Daanchang, Amphoe Bauyao, Nakhon Rachasima Province, Telephone: 0 4446 1303

Chachoengsao Central Prison
Address: 1, Sukkasem Road, Tambol Hna Muang, Amphoe Muang, Chachoengsao Province, 24000

Chaiyapum Province Prison
Address: 239 moo 7, Onggarnboriharn Sai 1 Road, Tambol Nai Muang, Amphoe Muang, Chaiyapum Province, Telephone: 0-4481-3634

Chanthaburi Provincial Prison
Address: 2 Banlum, Tambon Wat Mai, Amphoe Muang, Chanthaburi Province, 22000 Telephone: 0 3931 1020

Chiang Mai Woman Correctional Instution
Address: 100, Rachawiti Road, Tambol Sripum, Amphoe Muang, Chiang Mai Province, 50200 Telephone: 0 5322 1231

Chiang Rai Central Prison
Address: 222 moo 3, Tambol Doihang, Amphoe Muang, Chiang Rai Province, 57000 Telephone: 0-5317-0554 - 58

Chonburi Central Prison
Address: 135/5 moo 2, Prayasujja Road, Tambol Bansuan, Amphoe Muang, Chonburi Province, 20000 Telephone: 038-282692

Chonburi Woman Correctional Instution
Address: 84, Wachinraprakarn Road, Tambol Bangplasoi, Amphoe Muang, Chonburi Province Telephone: 0-3828-2002

Chumphon Provincial Prison
Address: 110 moo 1, Paramintaramunka Road, Tambol Banghmak, Amphoe Muang, Chumphon Province, 86000 Telephone: 0 7751 1211 ,0 7750 1167

Hueypong Open Institution
Address: 26 Sukumvit Road, Tambol Mabthaput, Amphoe Muang, Rayong Province, 21150 Telephone: 0 3868 1611

Kanchanaburi Prison
Address: 452, Sangchoototai Road, Tambol Pakprae, Amphoe Muang, Kanchanaburi Province, Telephone: 034-511163

Kaoprik Institution
Address: 111 moo 4, Tambol Klongpai, Amphoe Seekiew, Nakhon Rachasima Province, 30340 Telephone: 0-4432-3324-5

Khaobin Central Prison
Address: 6, Tambol Nampu, Amphoe Muang, Ratchaburi Province, 70000 Telephone: 0-3222-106 - 8

Khommark Prison
Address: 787 moo 12, Tambol Ronpibul, Amphoe Ronpibul, Nakhon Rachasima Province, 80130 Telephone: 075-441574

Khon Kaen Correctional Institution for Drug Addicts
Address: 117 Seejun, Tambon Nai Muang, Amphoe Muang, Khon Kaen Province, 40000 Telephone: 0 4324 1235, 3449

Klongpai Correctional Institution for Drug Addicts
Address: 19 moo 1, Tambol Klongpai, Amphoe Seekiew, Nakhon Rachasima Province, Telephone: 0-4432-3396 and 12 or 0-4432-3492-3 and 12

Koaktabun Open Correction
Address: 53/59 moo 3, Liangmuang Road, Tambol Nokmuang, Surin Province, 32000 Telephone: 044 - 573781

Krabi Provincial Prison
Address: 65, Krabi Road, Tambol Paknam, Amphoe Muang, Krabi Province, 81000 Telephone: 0-7561-1378

Lampang Correctional Institution for Drug Addicts
Address: 234 moo 2, Tambol Pongyangkok, Amphoe Haanchut, Lampang Province, Telephone: 0-5421-8891

Lopburi Central Prison
Address: 88, Prapiya Road, Tambol Taleychubsorn, Amphoe Muang, Lopburi Province, Telephone: 0-3641-1068

Maehongson Province Prison
Address: 200 moo 11, Sirimonkol Road, Tambol Panghmoo, Amphoe Muang, Maehongson Province, 58000 Telephone: 0 53612058

Mahasarakham Province Prison
Address: 79 moo 14, Jangsanit Sai Mahasarakham Road, Tambol Wangnan, Amphoe Muang, Mahasarakham Province

Minburi Prison
Address: 48 moo 1, Suwintawong Road, Tambol Minburi, Amphoe Minburi, Bangkok Province, 10510 Telephone: 0-2540-724

Mukdahan Provincial Prison
Address: 45, Wongkampa Road, Tambol Mukdahan, Amphoe Muang, Mukdahan Province, 49000 Telephone: 042 - 611-152

Nakhon Pathom Central Prison
Address: 5, Nhapra Road, Amphoe Muang, Nakhon Pathom Province, 73000 Telephone: 0-3425-1972 ,0-3427-5743,0-3427-5743

Nakhon Rachasima Central Prison
Address: 182, Suppasit Road, Tambol Naimuang, Amphoe Muang, Nakhon Rachasima Province

Nakhon Sawan Central Prison
Address: Kohsitai Road, Amphoe Muang, Nakhon Sawan Province, Telephone: 0 5622 1110, 0 5622 8030

Nakhon Sri Thammarat Central Prison
Address: 102 moo 7, Tambol Napru, Amphoe Praprom, Nakhon Sri Thammarat Province, 80000 Telephone: 075-378909, 075-378913

Nakon Pathom Central Prison
Address: 300 moo 3, Tambol Kamtao, Amphoe Muang, Nakon Pathom Province, 48000 Telephone: 0-4254-3234-6

Nan Province Prison
Address: 28 Pagong Road, Tambol Naiwieng, Amphoe Muang, Nan Province, 55000 Telephone: 0-5471-0275

Nonthaburi Provincial Prison
Address: 117/9 moo 3, Tambol Suanyai, Amphoe Muang, Nonthaburi Province, Telephone: 0-2526-6481

Phatthalung Central Prison
Address: 27, Tunbamrung Road, Tambol Kuhasawan, Amphoe Muang, Phatthalung Province, Telephone: 0-7461-3021

Pathum Thani Prison
Address: 8 moo 2, Rungsit-Nakhonnayok Road, Tambol Rungsit, Amphoe Tunyaburi, Pathum Thani Province, 12110 Telephone: 0 2577 1794

Phayao Provincial Prison
Address: 58 moo 11, Rachatun Road, Amphoe Muang, Phayao Province, 56000 Telephone: 0-5443-1922

Phetchabun Provincial Prison
Address: 231, Praputtabaat Road, Tambol Nai Muang, Amphoe Nai Muang, Phetchabun Province, 67000 Telephone: 0-5671-1460

Phukiew Prison
Address: Tambol Pukchon, Amphoe Phukeaw, Chaiyapoom Province, Telephone: 0 4486 1337

Phitsanulok Central Province
Address: 999 moo 8, Tambol Wungtong, Amphoe Wungtong, Phitsanuloak Province, 65130 Telephone: 0 - 5531 - 1383

Prachinburi Province Prison
Address: 266/2, Prajin Anusorn Road, Tambol Hnamuang, Amphoe Muang, Prachinburi Province, 25000

Prison Of Betong
Address: Address: Rattanasatien, Amphoe Betong, Yala Province, 95000 Telephone: 073-231313

Ratchaburi Central Province
Address: 94 moo 6, Nampu-Hnong Nang Praew, Tambol Nampu, Amphoe Muang, Ratchaburi Province, 70000

Ranong Province Prison
Address: 349, Ruangrath Road, Tambol Niwet, Amphoe Muang, Ranong Province, Telephone: 0-7781-1090

Rayong Central Prison
Address: 111 moo 9, Tambol Hnonglalok, Amphoe Bannkai, Rayong Province, 21120 Telephone: 038 637759 - 60

Sakon Nakhon Prison
Address: 122 moo 2, Tambol Tatchurngtien, Amphoe Muang, Sakon Nakhon Province, 47000 Telephone: 0 4071 1708

Samut Songkram Central Province
Address: 116 moo 3, Ekkachai Road, Tambol Ladyai, Amphoe Muang, Samut Songkram Province, 75000 Telephone: 034-711189

Samut Prakan Central Prison
Address: 333, Sukhumvit Road, Tambol Klongdaan, Amphoe Bangboi, Samut Prakan Province, 10550 Telephone: 0-2313-7146

Samut Sakhon Prison
Address: 32/32 moo 3, Tamkunagorn Road, Tambon Bangyaprak, Amphoe Muang, Samut Sakhon Province, 74000 Telephone: 034-411021

Satun Province Prison
Address: 23 Yatrasawasdee Road, Tambol Piman, Amphoe Muang, Satun Province, 91000 Telephone: 0 7471 1065

Songkhla Central Prison
Address: 163 moo 4, Songkhla-Natavi Road, Tambol Kaoroopchang, Amphoe Muang, Songkhla Province, 90000 Telephone: 0-7433-6063

Songkla Correctional Institution for Drug Addicts
Address: 200 moo 8, Liabchaitaley Road, Amphoe Muang, Songkla Province, 90000

Sisaket Province Prison
Address: 12/50, Kasikorn Road, Tambol Muanghneaw, Sisaket Province, 33000 Telephone: 045-611585

Sukhothai Province Prison
Address: Sri Intratit Road, Amphoe Muang, Sukhothai Province, 64000 Telephone: 055 - 612459

Suphan Buri Prison
Address: 296 moo 3, Tambol Tahrahad, Amphoe Muang, Suphan Buri Province, Telephone: 035 511013 , 035 522509 ต่อ 104

Tak Central Prison
Address: 18 moo 9, Paholyotin Road, Tambol Wanghin, Amphoe Muang, Tak Province, Telephone: 0 5551 1966

Thonburi Remand Prison
Address: 91/1 Moo 3 Kwaeng Bang Bon, Ket Bang Bon, Bangkok 10150 Telephone: 0-2453-0859 Fax: 0-2453-0859

Thungbenja Open Correction
Address: 58 moo 7, Tambol Thungbenja, Amphoe Tamai, Chanthaburi Province, 22170 Telephone: 0 3932 0171

Trat Province Prison
Address: 81 moo 8, Nuentamaew-Daangaow Road, Tambol Wanggrajae, Amphoe Muang, Trat Province, 23000 Telephone: 0 3952 0226

Ubon Rachathani Central Prison
Address: 267, Paloechai Road, Tambol Naimuang, Amphoe Muang, Ubon Rachathani Province, 34000 Telephone: 0 4524 4984

Udon Thani Central Prison
Address: 64, Srisuk Road, Tambol Hmakkang, Amphoe Muang, Udon Thani Province, 41000 Telephone: 0 4222 1072

Uthai Thani Province Prison
Address: 23, Sri Uthai Road, Tambol Uthaimai, Amphoe Muang, Uthai Thani Province, 61000 Telephone: 0-5651-1588

Uttaradit Province Prison
Address: 3, Prachanimit Road, Tambol Ta It, Amphoe Muang, Uttaradit Province, 53000 Telephone: 0-5541-1013

Yasothon Provincial Prison
Address: 58, Monkolburapa Road, Tambol Nai Muang, Amphoe Muang, Yasothon Province, 35000 Telephone: 0-4571-1506

Prisoners in Thailand kept 'shackled and cramped'

By Vaudine England BBC News, Bangkok

May 2011

An independent rights group in Thailand, the Union for Civil Liberties, has opened a campaign to improve conditions in Thailand's jails.

It has issued a report on prisons which highlights overcrowding, the use of shackles and the lack of medical care.

The group has campaigned against the death penalty and praises the government's promise to commute death sentences to life imprisonment.

That makes improving prison conditions even more important, it says.

Thailand's prisons are built to hold about 100,000 people - but according to the government's own figures, they are holding more than twice that number.

As a result, the conditions, says the Union for Civil Liberties, are horrendous.

People have to sleep in tight rows on hard floors. In these sleeping cells, each prisoner has an average of one square metre - as opposed to the four to six square metres described as the minimum by the Council of Europe.

Danthong Breen, chairman of the union, says the overcrowding is shocking.

"In the women's prison it's particularly bad. You have 200 women in a single cell," he told the BBC.

"If one of them has to get up at night to go to the toilet, they all shift a bit and when she comes back the space is gone and she has to stand up all night.

"The level of crowding is inhuman and inhumane."

The other horror, he says, is the widespread use of shackles.

These are welded on to the ankles of long-term prisoners and are not removed, even during illness, until the sentence is served.

The United Nations has criticised the practice. The Thai foreign ministry has promised to end it. The constitutional court ruled the practice was wrong.

But the reality of the over-crowding and a ratio of warders to prisoners of about one to 45, makes the practice hard to stamp out.

Prisoners with money are able to improve every aspect of their life behind bars, Mr Breen says.

But a lack of government money is holding back investment in new facilities and extra staff.

The civil liberties group suggests Thailand could look more at using non-custodial sentences. It estimates at least half of those jailed are being held for drugs offences.

And it hopes that whatever government emerges from elections next month, the promise to no longer impose the death penalty is kept.


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