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Sakon Nakhon - สกลนคร

Sakon Nakhon is 207km from Amnat Charoen, 598km from Ang Thong, 603km from Ayutthaya, 647km from Bangkok, 321km from Buriram, 668km from Chainat, 349km from Chaiyaphum, 857km from Chiang Mai, 937km from Chiang Rai, 128km from Kalasin, 627km from Kamphaeng Phet, 205km from Khon Kaen, 388km from Korat, 768km from Lampang, 836km from Lamphun, 311km from Loei, 586km from Lopburi, 1,161km from Mae Hong Son, 172km from Maha Sarakham, 119km from Mukdahan, 93km from Nakhon Phanom, 653km from Nakhon Sawan, 819km from Nan, 205km from Nong Bua Lampu, 210km from Nong Khai, 843km from Phayao, 444km from Phetchabun, 557km from Phichit, 524km from Phitsanulok, 702km from Phrae, 175km from Roi Et, 540km from Saraburi, 619km from Singburi, 347km from Sisaket, 583km from Sukhothai, 312km from Surin, 662km from Tak, 286km from Ubon Ratchathani, 159km from Udon Thani, 697km from Uthai Thani, 642km from Uttaradit and 230km from Yasothon.

Sakon Nakhon Province is in the Isaan region of Thailand and shares borders with Nong Khai, Nakhon Phanom, Mukdahan, Kalasin and Udon Thani.

Sakon Nakhon as does most of Isaan holds an annual rocket festival, with these sort of events you do have to remember the dangers, ie homemade rockets and not too much worry about safety standards, this man had his head blown off in Sakon Nakhon.

If you want to learn more about Sakon Nakhon and the surrounding areas why not post your questions on our Isaan & Sakon Nakhon Forum.

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Sakon Nakhon Tourist Attractions

A Holiday in Sakon Nakhon

A stay in the rural village of Phang Khon in a traditional Thai house.

Phu Phan National Park

There are at least 162 species of animals in the park, most of which are birds. There is one herd of wild elephants, but they are in an area with few trails and thus rarely seen. There are also monkeys, barking deer and wild pigs.

Phu Pha Lek National Park

Phu Pha Lek National Park, locates between latitude 17 o 15;' 16o 49 ' north and longitude 103o 15' 103o 50' east, is a part of Phu Phan Mountain Range lying east and west about 54 kilometers and approximately 200 600 meters above sea level. The highest mountain is Phu Ang Sor about 695 meters above sea level.

Phu Pha Yon National Park

Phu Phar Yol National Park is located in Muang Province, Si Suphun Sub-amphur, Tao Ngoi Sub-amphur, Nakae District, Nakhon Phanom Province, and Donglaung District, Khamchaie District, Mukdahan Province.

Wat Tham Kham

Wat Tham Kham used to be where the famous monks Achan Fan and Luang Pu Thet meditated. A pagoda housing the relics of the latter is here.

Wat Kham Pramong

Wat Kham Pramong is at Ban Kham Pramong in Tambon Sawang, 40 kilometres from Amphoe Muang on Highway No. 22, then take Highway No. 2355 to Akat Amnuai. The temple is the meditation centre of the famous monk Luang Pu Sim.

Phra That Phu Phek

Phra That Phu Phek is on a mountain in Tambon Na Hua Bo. To get there, take the Sakon Nakhon-Udon Thani road for 22 kilometres and take a road on the left for 14 kilometres, then ascend 491 steps. The laterite pagoda is on a square base. Seemingly unfinished because it has no roof or pagoda top, it was built in the 16th-17th Buddhist century.
Moreover, this Khmer Ruins is special as it houses solar calendar, cube-shape rock, in its stupa. The ancient people used it for indicating position of the sun to indicate date for religious rites and agricultural seasons.

Phra That Si Mongkhon

Phra That Si Mongkhon at Tambon Ban That is 2 kilometres from the district office. This pagoda has a square base and is decorated with fired clay designs. The present pagoda encases the original one which is made of laterite.

Nam Un Dam

Nam Un Dam is 57 kilometres from Amphoe Muang en route to Udon Thani and a left for 6 kilometres en route to Waritchaphum. The dam is at its loveliest at sunset over the reservoir.

Phra That Narai Cheng Weng

This khmer sanctuary is 5 kilometres from town on the way to Udon Thani. The sandstone pagoda is on a laterite base. Ornate designs adorn the lintel, doorway and windows. It is believed the site was entirely constructed by women who competed with the men who built Phra That Phu Phek. It dates from the 16th-17th Buddhist century.

Phra That Choeng Chum

Phra That Choeng Chum is an historical site that has always been with Sakon Nakhon. This plaster-covered brick pagoda has a square base and is 24 metres high. The chapel houses the holy Luang Pho Ong Saen.

Ban Kut Na Kham Arts and Crafts Centre

Her Majesty the Queen has initiated to set up Kut Na Kham Art and Crafts Centre in 1983 in Ban Kut Na Kham, Tambon Charoen Sin, Amphoe Chaoreon Sin. The centre is established to train craftsmanship for Isan people who generally have excellent skill for handicraft. The handicrafts produced form this centre will help the poor earn some extra. The centre becomes model for other 30 something Art and Crafts Centres established later nationawide.

Achan Wan Uttamo Museum

Achan Wan Uttamo Museum is on Phu Pha Lek. To get there, take the Sakon Nakhon-Udon Thani road for 84 kilometres to Sawang Daen Din, then a road on the left to Song Dao for 32 kilometres. The museum features paintings of the monk and his personal items.

Phu Phan Ratchaniwet Palace

Phu Phan Ratchaniwet Palace is on Phu Phan mountain range on the Sakon Nakhon-Kalasin road, 13 kilometres from the district office. It is the residence of Their Majesties when they visit the Northeast.

Khong Ping Ngu

Khong Ping Ngu is 14 kilometres from Amphoe Muang. It is part of the Sakon Nakhon-Kalasin route. This snake-like road is interesting for the largest kilometre marker in Thailand. Many waterfalls like Heo Sin Chai, Tat Ton and Kham Hom, are nearby with easy access.

Achan Fan Acharo Museum

Achan Fan Acharo Museum is at Wat Pa Udom Somphon in Tambon Phanna Nikhom en route to Udon Thani. The museum has a wax figure of the famous monk, as well as his personal items and biography.

Saphan Khom

Saphan Khom is just before entering the town on the Sakon Nakhon-Udon Thani Road. It is believed to have been a route of the Khmer people.

Sakon Nakhon Cultural Centre

Sakon Nakhon Cultural Centre is in Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat Institute, about 6 kilometres from town on the Sakon Nakhon-Udon Thani Road. Exhibits include utensils of various tribes in the province and information on Sakon Nakhon in the old days.

Pottery Village

Sakon Nakhon's pottery village is at Ban Chiang Khrua, 15 kilometres away on the way to Nakhon Phanom. Products made here are jars, pots, containers, and flowerpots. All are sold to tourists at reasonable prices.

Phra That Dum

Phra That Dum is at Tambon Ngew Don, 3 kilometres from town on the way to Phatthana Suksa School. There were originally 3 brick Khmer pagodas on the same laterite base but only one stands today. The pagodas were built in the 16th Buddhist Century.

Isaan Freshwater Aquarium

This aquarium is at the Sakon Nakhon Fishery Station on Sai Sawang Road. The centre has on display freshwater fish and animal species found in the Northeast.

Namtok Pricha Suksan

This waterfall is on Phu Phan mountain range, 17 kilometres away on the Sakon Nakhon-Udon Thani route and 10 more kilometres on the left. The waterfall is a rock plateau with water coming down like a slide. It is suitable for swimming.

Nong Han

Nong Han is a large freshwater lake with an area of 123 square kilometres. It is where many waterways converge and is also a major agricultural and fishery centre of the province. Nong Han's shorefront has been developed into a public park. In addition, there is Sa Phang Thong, an ancient pool believed to have been constructed at the same time as Phra That Choeng Chum.

Sakon Nakhon Guest Houses & Hotels

Akkarasom Resort
147 Moo 11 Baan Nongbua Samakkhi, Tumbon Phang Khwang, Amphoe Mueang Sakon Nakhon 47000
HP: 081-261-0393 HP: 087-096-4000

Boonyakiet Hotel
479 Laengmuang-Kalasin Road, Tumbon Thatcherngchoom, Amphoe Mueang Sakon Nakhon 47000
Tel: 042-743-722

Chomdao Hotel & Resort
166 Moo 3, Tumbon Sa Wang Daen Din, Amphoe Sawang Daen Din, Sakon Nakhon 47110
Tel: 042-722-544-5

Methee Resort
322 Moo 11 Sakonnakhon-Udonthani Road, Tumbon Phang Khwang, Amphoe Mueang, Sakon Nakhon 47000
Tel: 042-744-188

Rai Phuphan Resort
12/3 Ban Maipattana, Tumbon Srang Kho, Amphoe Phu Phan, Sakon Nakhon 47180
Tel: 042-981-016

Siwasom Resort
368 Leang Muang Sakol-Kalasin Road, Tumbon Thatcherngchoom, Ampho Mueang, Sakon Nakhon 47000
Tel: 042-743-936

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