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Suphan Buri - สุพรรณบุร

Suphan Buri is 40km from Ang Thong, 100km from Bangkok, 167km from Chachoengsao, 343km from Chanthaburi, 544km from Chumphon, 1,013km from Hat Yai, 91km from Kanchanaburi, 257km from Korat, 984km from Krabi, 160km from Nakhon Nayok, 105km from Nakhon Pathom, 861km from Nakhon Si Thammarat, 1,230km from Narathiwat, 89km from Nonthaburi, 80km from Pathum Thani, 1,135km from Pattani, 920km from Phatthalung, 869km from Phang Nga, 204km from Phetchaburi, 943km from Phuket, 361km from Prachuap Khiri Khan, 188km from Prachinburi, 648km from Ranong, 147km from Ratchaburi, 277km from Rayong, 286km from Sa Kaeo, 127km from Samut Prakan, 123km from Samut Sakhon, 160km from Samut Songkhram, 102km from Saraburi, 1,054km from Satun, 724km from Surat Thani, 1,030km from Songkhla, 908km from Trang, 413km from Trat and 1,164km from Yala.

Bordering Suphanburi Province are Uthai Thani, Chai Nat, Sing Buri, Ang Thong, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Nakhon Pathom and Kanchanaburi.

Suphanburi has plenty of Wats and Temples, you can learn more about them on our Suphanburi Wats & Temples thread.

If you have any questions on Suphan Buri why not post them on our Central Thailand & Suphan Buri Forum.

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Suphan Buri Tourist Attractions

Dragon Descendants Museum

The museum is built in a shape of a huge fiberglass cloud dragon spraying water and focuses on 5000 years of Chinese history and the migration of Chinese clans from China to neighbouring countries such as Thailand.
Other museums in Suphan Buri include the National Museum of Thai Rice Farmers and the National Museum which exhibits the development of the town from the pre-historical, through Dvaravati, Lop Buri, Ayutthaya, and Rattanakosin periods.
Here you can find more information on the
Dragon Descendants Museum.

Wat Phra Non

Has a large fish sanctuary and park.

Don Chedi Memorial Day

This annual fair is held for 10 days starting in January to commemorate the historic event at Don Chedi in 1592 that led to the liberation of the kingdom from foreign occupation. Fair goers can enjoy watching a mock-up war on elephant back plus performances on stage.

Pu Toei National Park

Pu Teoi National Park consists of a complex mountain range. The forest in this area is the source of many streams such as Leklai Stream, Ongkode Stream, Ongpra Stream, Taduia Stream, and Khamin Stream. The water from these streams flows into the Kraseao Dam in Danchang District, Suphanburi Province.

Bueng Nong Sarai Histrorical Site

The huge lake was involved in the war when King Naresuan defeated the Burmese troops. With water supply that could feed an army of over 100,000 warriors, elephants and horses as well as the better location over the hill away from the enemy, here was the stronghold of the Siamese Army for months. It is pitiful that the lake, at present covering an area of only 29 rai (11.6 acres), is in poor condition.

Bueng Rahan

The large lake is 38 kilometres from Amphoe Mueang. Restaurants and the rest area around the lake makes it a nice place for relaxing.

Tha Sadet Bird Sanctuary

This is 15 kilometres from the town along the Suphan Buri-Don Chedi Route (Highway No. 322).

Handicraft Promotion Centre

This is located at Tambon Don Kamyan on Malaiman road about 8 kilometres from Amphoe U Thong. It has been established to promote the support of cottage and handicraft industries in Suphan Buri and other nearby provinces in the western region. Many fine handicrafts are on display and on sale.

Buffalo Villages

The Buffalo Village is situated on Suphan Buri-Chai Nat Road, Amphoe Si Prachan. This tourist attraction wishes to pay tribute to this particular aspect of Thai culture and history and inspire the public to appreciate this cute beast and its mighty contribution to Thailand in the past. Interesting places in the compound are Farmer Village, His Majesty the Kings New Theory on Managing Agricultural Land Project and Thai-Style Teak Wood Houses. For more information, contact Buffalo Village at tel: 0-3558-2591-3, fax: 0-3558-1676 or visit

National Museum, Suphan Buri

The museum features important historical evidence of Suphan Buri town since ancient times. Exhibitions feature development of the town from the pre-historical, through Dvaravati, Lop Buri, Ayutthaya, and Rattanakosin periods.

Banharn-Jamsai Tower

Located in the downtown area on Nang Phim Road, this country's first and highest view point tower overlooking Chaloem Phatthara Rachini Park allows tourists to enjoy a bird's eye view over the province at a height of 123.25 metres.

Krasiao Dam

With a length of 4.25 kilometres and height of 32.5 metres, this countryís longest earthen dam is built on Krasiao Stream in Tambon Dan Chang. Its reservoir, with a maximum water storage of 240 million cubic metres, is also a major fish-breeding site. From the dam, tourists can enjoy a picturesque view of the vast reservoir stretching to Khao Phu Toei. Papaya Salad or Somtam and roasted chicken shops are available nearby the parking lot. For more information, call Krasiao Dam Office at Tel. 0 3559 5120.

Tham Weruwan

The cave is in the compound of Wat Wang Khan, 14 kilometres away from Amphoe Dan Chang, and one kilometre from the entrance of Phu Toei National Park. Concrete stairs of 61 steps allow visitors to access the cave entrance easily. With electric lighting, tourists can enjoy exploring the cave and witness the beautiful formation of stalactites and stalagmites. The cave houses a Buddha image in the Pa Lelai posture. In the temple compound, district official have set up a bamboo garden in honour of Their Majesties where over 10 bamboo species are grown.

Lao Si-Lao Khrang Weaving Group

Villagers of Ban Thung Kan Lueang, Tambon Pa Sakae, have retained weaving textiles in an antique pattern inherited from their ancestors. The village is the last place in the province that keeps the Lao Si-Lao Khrang textile pattern alive. Until now, the colourful woven textiles of the last century have remained. Visitors can also enjoy the Bai Si Su Khwan welcoming ceremony. On the third day of the waxing moon of the third lunar month, the villagers will hold a welcoming ceremony for rice or Su Khwan Khao, and bring harvested rice into the silo.

For more information, please contact Mrs Somchit Pharueang at Tel. 08 9926 2864.

Soilless Culture Center

Located at Mu 6, Tambon Wang Nam Sap on Highway 340, the countryís largest soiless plantation acquires an area of 200 rai. Visitors can enjoy exploring modern culturing technology applied for local vegetables and temperate vegetables on soiless plantation. The vegetables are grown on sponge, sand, pebbles sawdust, or on a hydroponics system. As the vegetables are grown without pesticide, and chemicals, the consumer can enjoy it safely. The centre also feeds different kinds of freshwater fishes. Visitors can enjoy selecting fresh chemical-free vegetables and One Tambon One Product items. The centre opens daily from 8.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m. A guide service is available. For more information, call Bangkok office at Tel. 0 2435 0400, Suphan Buri office at Tel. 0 3556 2200 to 1, 0 1930 0000.

Biotechnological Pest Control Centre

Located near the Agricultural Promotion and Development Centre. The centre educates farmers about agricultural methods to control plant pests by natural resources rather than chemical treatment. Farmers can learn to protect their crops by using insects, herbs, and microorganisms. The centre comprises a nursery for attacking insects, hydroponics plant house, and chemical free demonstration plantation. For more information, call Tel. 0 3548 1126.

U Thong National Museum

The museum is located on Malai Maen Road, next to U Thong District Office and U Thong Sueksalai School. It exhibits archaeological evidence and art objects from different periods found in Suphan Buri. The first building exhibits the finding of U Thong City in both pre-historical and Dvaravati periods as well as Buddha statues of the Dvaravati style. An exhibition in the second building features ethnic groups and beads found from such periods. Outside is a mock-up house in the style of the Lao Song ethnic group featuring traditions, clothing, and tools.
The museum opens on Wednesday to Sunday, from 8.30 a.m.-4.00 p.m.
Admission is 150 baht.
Tel. 0 3555 1040 for more information.

Phu Muang Forest Park

The park is located in Mu 5, Tambon Chorakhe Samphan, 40 kilometres from Amphoe Mueang. You can go via Highway 321 and get onto highway 3342 at kilometre 128-129. Drive for another 500 metres, the park entrance will be on the right.
Phu Muang Forest Park acquires a total area of 1,725 rai (690 acres), which is covered by mixed and bamboo forests. Its attractions include:
Nature trail The 1.5-kilometre trail leads you through forests packed with various kinds of trees such as Makha, bamboo, etc. Ancient elephant kraal The earthen elephant kraals date back to 1,500 years ago. There are a total of three kraals covering an area of 10 rai (4 acres).
Laterite Base of Draravati Building The laterite foundation dates back to the Draravati period. It is presumed to have been a venue for royal rituals before catching wild elephants.
Namtok Phu Muang This waterfall was mentioned in the literature Khun Chang -Khun Phaen. With fivetiers, it cascades by the elephant kraal and laterite foundation.
Lush forest on the mountain range, Khao Phra, has various kinds of tree and stony field where cycads dot around.
Permission for staying overnight should be arranged in advance. For further information, please contact Phu Muang Forest Park, Tel. 0 1943 5188.

Suphan Buri Hotels & Guesthouses

Khum Suphan Hotel
28/2 Muenharn Road, Muang, Suphanburi 72000
Tel: 035 522 273-6

Sri u-thong Grand Hotel
19 Nangpim T.Ta Pee Liang A.Muang Suphanburi Thailand 72000
Tel: 035 501 293

Tungdindum Resort
199/2 Moo 4 Ban Khong, U-thong, Suphan Buri 72160
Tel & Fax: 035 595 792

Wang Yang River Park Resort
28/1 Moo 6, Tumbol Wangyang, Amphur Sriprachan, Suphan Buri 72140
Tel: 035 548 870-2

Sport and Health Hotel
Irrigation Rd., Rua Yai, Mueang, Suphan Buri 72000
Tel: 035 555 112-3

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Suphan Buri Tourism

More Suphanburi Tourist Attractions

Thai Rice Farmers National Museum

Located on Phra Phanwasa Road, in the compound of Muang Suphan Buri District Office, the museum building is a blend of a traditional Thai house and farmerís granary.
The museum interests visitors through its rice farming exhibition. The ground floor exhibition features the history of rice farming, equipment, farmerís life, and rice-related topics from the past.
Interesting evidence include potsherds found at Ban Bang Pun, Tambon Phihan Daeng, Amphoe Mueang , Suphan Buri, which may prove the existence of the Royal Ploughing Ceremony during the Ayutthaya Period. A library for researching about the exhibits is available.
The first floor is an exhibition of the role of Thai kings and their royal patronage from the past till the present in supporting and developing rice farming. A photo gallery features significant events in Suphan Buri when the Crown Prince visited demonstration of padding fields at Bueng Phai Khaek, Tambon Don Pho Thong in Amphoe Mueang in 1986.
The Crown Prince made compost, sowed grain, and harvested the produce by himself.
The equipment used during the events is displayed.
The museum opens from Wednesday to Sunday (It is closed on Monday, Tuesday and public holidays), from 9.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m. Call Tel. 0 3552 2191 for more information.

The Western National Theatre of Suphan Buri

Located on Highway 340 in the compound of the Western Art and Cultural Centre, Suphan Buri, the regional theatre is established for promoting and supplying knowledge about local cultural performances, music and classical dances of western provinces.
It also serves as a venue for cultural exchanges at an international level.
The public can enjoy regular performances by the College of Dramatic Arts in this 850 seated theatre on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Saturday of each month.
Admission fees are 40, 60, and 80 baht. For reservations and more information call Tel. 0 3553 5112, 0 3553 5118.

Ban Yamaratcho

This group of traditional Thai houses on stilts is located on Muen Han Road, near the Acha Si Mok Bridge, not far from the Chaophraya Yommarat Hospital.
It was honoured and awarded for good urban architecture conservation. The house once belonged to Chaophraya Yommarat (Pan Sukhum), the regent of King Rama VIII. King Rama V had visited this house twice and named it Yamaratcho.

The house now comprises of two chamber hallss, a central hall, and a new living room. Presently it belongs to the Phraya Sunthornsongkheam Fund. Contact Chaophraya Yommarat Hospital for permission to visit this traditional house at Tel. 0 3550 2784 to 8, 0 3552 4088.

Bueng Chawak

Bueng Chawak was originally a part of Tha Chin River. After a period of times, a part or the river branched off to form a crescent shaped lake that took up some areas of Doem Bang Nang Buat district, Suphan Buri province, and Hankha district, Chai Nat province.

Old Market by Tha Chin River (Sriprachan Market)

Chinese community and old-fashioned market with wooden shophouses remain in Thai original style.

Kao Hong Market

With its history tracing back more than one century ago, this market has combined three trade areas together. The oldest area is known as Talad Lang. It sprang into operations after a tragedy struck a Chinese merchantís family.

Its founder Hong or Boonrod Liangwanich survived the robbery at his bustling raft shop-cum-house but his wife was killed.

Following that tragic incident, Boorod moved his shops to a riverside plot of land in Suphan Buri and erected a watchtower to prevent his place from bandits and robbers. The tower has holes for guns to fire out.

Some 30 years later, Talad Klang and Talad Lang were set up. Together, they are known as Kao Hong Market. If visitors want to learn about the marketís long history, they can browse into the Kao Hong Market Museum where utensils of the old days are also on display.

Many wooden structures in the market have reflected local wisdom. For example, one of them has transparent holes at the exact positions on the roof and the floor of the second story. Curtains are then used to control whether the occupants wish to let the sunlight in.

Kao Hong Market is open from 9am till 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. For more information, call 0 3558 6408.

Samchuk Market

This old market in Suphan Buri is world famous because with its great heritage conservation, it has won an award from the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco). Till this day, 19 patterns of gingerbread work have still adorned old local houses and shops here.

Visitors are promised exceptional experiences when browsing around. This riverside marketplace even has a museum telling about the Samchuk community and its market. There is a long history for the visitors to learn about. The red old post box in front of the market was erected since 1911.

Old toys, old games, and old-style dishes are available here. If you are nostalgic, you are bound to fall in love with this place. At the Silp Thammachat photo shop, you can even have your pictures taken with a camera aged over 100 years old. Other shops are also equally fascinating.

A boat tour is available at just Bt59 per person.

The Samchuk Market is open from 8am to 5pm daily. For more information, call 0 3557 1571 or visit

Agricultural Promotion and Development Centre

Located in Tambon Phlapphla Chai. Visitors can go through U Thong-Dan Chang Road for 6 kilometres and turn left across a bridge at the sugar factory. Keep on for 10 kilometres, the centre is on the left.
As the centre was established to develop agriculture and plants, visitors can be excited by new technologies such as tissue culture, nursery, and plant distribution.
The centre has 7 computer-controlled nurseries. For more information, please contact Tel. 0 3555 1399 ext. 217,227

Affinit Orchids

Located at Mu 9 Tambon Chorakhe Samphan, the orchid nursery grows orchids of different families for study and sale such as Dendrobium, Cattleya, Vanda.
Motorists can reach there via Highway 321 and take Highway 324 for 5 kilometres. Then turn right at kilometre 46-47, continue for another 200 metres.
The nursery opens daily from 8.00 a.m.-5.00 p.m. Group visitors please contact in advance at Tel. 0 1649 8585 and 0 2974 0886.
More information is available in the website