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Ranong - ระนอง

Ranong is 568km from Bangkok, 117km from Chumphon, 508km from Hat Yai, 582km from Kanchanaburi, 296km from Krabi, 532km from Nakhon Pathom, 356km from Nakhon St Thammarat, 725km from Narathiwat, 226km from Phang Nga, 415km from Phattalung, 630km from Pattani, 445km from Phetchaburi, 300km from Phuket, 288km from Prachuap Khiri Khan, 498km from Ratchaburi, 532km from Samut Sakhon, 498km from Samut Songkhram, 549km from Satun, 525km from Songkhla, 648km from Suphanburi, 219km from Surat Thani, 403km from Trang and 659km from Yala.

Ranong Province shares borders with Chumphon, Surat Thani, Phang Nga and also it borders Kawthaung Province in Myanmar.

Not really a lot of reasons for tourists to visit Ranong, (especially as the rainy season last for 8 months of the year) but you will find a lot of people doing visa runs from Koh Samui etc to Victoria Point or Ko Song in Myanmar.

Annual festivals in Ranong Province include the Fishing contest, agro and ecotourism, fresh seafood festival and cultural performances on December the 1st.

If you have any questions about Ranong or the surrounding area why not post them on our Southern Thailand & Ranong Forum.

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Ranong Tourist Attractions

Ranong Town

A member takes a trip to Ranong town and takes some great photos of the port and of course the seafood sellers.

Laem Son National Park

Laemson National Park is situated on the Andaman sea coast in Ranong and Phangnga provinces. It consists of approximately 60km of coastline and 15 islands.

Lam Nam Kraburi National Park

Lam Nam Kraburi National Park covers the area of approximately 160, consisting of Kraburi River, parting Thailand and Myanmar, small islands scattering along Kraburi River and Mangrove Forest by the Kraburi River banks and the National Reserved Forest area consisting of Khlong Set Kuat Forest, Khao Hin Chang Forest, Khao Sam Lam Forest, La-Un Forest Ratchakut Forest and Khlong Lam Liang-La-Un National Forest.

Mu Ko Ranong National Park

National Park Mu Ko Ranong includes the section of beautiful sea and a group of 15,both big and small, islands such as Bang Chak island, Yio island, Sai Dam (black sand) island, Son (pine) island, Payam island, Thalu island, Fai Mai (fire) island, Song Phi Nong island and Kham island.

Koh Phayam

A small as yet unspoilt island about 2 hour ferry ride from Ranong.
Koh Phayam

Namtok Ngao National Park

The general topographic composition of the park are mountainous regions, which includes Khao Daen, Khao Huai Siat, Khao Nom Sao, and can be seen stretching from the northern to southern areas of the land. Khao Nom Sao is not only the highest mountain in the park, peaking at a height of 1,089m above sea level; it also provides a very important watershed for the provinces of Ranong and Chumphon.

Ban Talae Nok

The livelihood of this Muslim community depends on natural resources in the mangrove area and on the self sufficiency basis. The community knows how to manage the tourism site, treat and control solid waste and environment as well as recycle the used products. Tourists will enjoy learning mangrove eco-system, local wisdom and way of life. contract Address: 2/5 Mu 1, Tambon Kamphuan, King Amphoe Suksamran, Ranong Tel: 087 384 8437

Phu Khao Ya (Grass Hill)

Known to local residents by a variety of names and endearingly referred to as Thailand's version of a Swiss pasture, this hill, located in Tambon Ngao on Highway No. 4 (Ranong-Phang-nga) about twelve kilometres from downtown Ranong, is something of an anomaly as it is completely treeless, being covered instead by a thick blanket of grass. Numerous walking trails and good vantage points offering unbroken views of the countryside make this hill the most popular in Ranong.

Namtok Ngao

Located in Tambon Ngao in the vicinity of Khlong Phrao National Park, the steep Ngao Waterfall can be seen from a great distance away because of its commanding height. The area is home to a unique species of crab. Known to locals for years as Pu Chao Fa. This fresh water crab has just been recently classified by the scientific community and added to the world's list of shellfish. These crabs, easily recognised by their white bodies and dark purple mouths, live in crevices or under dry leaves along the banks of the small creeks which run from the waterfall. Interestingly, the biologist who first classified this species, Professor Phaiboon Naiyanet from Chulalongkorn university, named the crab Phricotelphusa Sirindhorn in reverence to Her Royal Highness, Princess Sirindhorn.

Ko Chang

With an area of 18 square kilometres and 80 homes on the entire island, Ko Chang welcomes visitors with a quiet, unspoiled tropical island ambience. Like Ko Phayam, boats can be chartered from the Ranong Pier. The island can be reached within 1 hour by long-tail boat. There are four beaches on the west of the island. Private bungalows are available.

Hot Springs and Raksawarin Arboretum

Located about 2 kilometres east of the provincial office, the hot springs have been a popular tourist spot ever since King Rama V visited Ranong in 1890, and named the road to the hot springs 'Chon Ra-u', meaning 'hot water'. There are three natural spring pools. The temperature of the water in the pools remains constant at about 65 ωC. The water is both potable and suitable for bathing. Doctors routinely prescribe bathing in the pools for both medical treatments and as a relaxing way to ease stress and tension. Surrounding the hot springs is a deep shaded forest called 'Raksawarin', where resting pavilions and wash rooms have been provided for the visitor's comfort. Nearby Wat Tapo Tharam also provides bathing rooms for visitors who want to enjoy the healthy mineral water from the thermal springs.

Hat Chan Damri

Located about nine kilometres from downtown Ranong along Highway No. 4004 (Ranong-Pak Nam), this small beach and pier, and a nearby hillside viewpoint offer good vantage points from which to witness seafaring life along the mouth of Ranong's principal river. From here visitors can see across to Victoria Point of Ko Song in Myanmar of further out to the many other islands, big and small, which dot the Andaman Sea. The hilltop viewpoint is a particularly good location for watching Ranong's sunsets. The Jansom Thara Resort, situated above the beach, offers boat trips to some of the islands.

Khao Fa Chi

Named because of its resemblance to a traditional Thai food cover, Fa Chi hill is located off of Highway No. 4 in Tambon Bang Kaeo. The hill provides an excellent vantage from which to see two rivers, the Kra Buri and the La-un, converge. The many river islands formed where these two rivers meet makes the scenery fascinating to behold. Sunsets are often breathtaking. To reach Fa Chi hill, turn left at Km. 580 onto the paved road, and continue for three kilometres. Two kilometres further, near the bridge which crosses the La-un River, history buffs will find the remains of a Japanese military based complete with a warship wrecks, underground tunnels and the remains of a railway line. Japanese soldiers used this area as a port of sending support to Burma during the Second World War.
Japanese History in Ranong

Ranong Hotels & Guesthouses

Andamanburi Resort
1/12 Moo 1 ,T.Kohpayam ,Muang , Ranong 85000
Tel: 077-828-096

Baan Chueng Kao Resort
26/25 Moo 1 Petchkasem Rd.,T.Bang Rin, A.Mueang, Ranong 85000
Tel: 077-835-900

Bam Boo Bungalow
56/1 T.Ko Phayam, A.Mueang, Ranong 85000
Tel: 077-820-012

Jansom Hot Spa Ranong
2/10 Moo 1 Petchakasem Road ,Tambon Bangrin, Ampher Muange , Ranong 85000
Tel: 077-835-317 077-811-774

Mr.Gao Bungalow
47 Moo 1 T.Ko Phayam,A.Mueang, Ranong 85000
Tel: 077-823-995

Pathu Resort
29/5 Petkaseme Rd., Bangrin, Muang, Ranong 85000
Tel & Fax: 077-823-749

Ranong Tips

Tindee Hotel (old name Royal Princess), best hotel in town, about 1500 baht a night, geothermal water piped into bathroom. Swimming pool is nice.
Suta Bungalows, about 380 baht, only 12 of them. Comfy, but a bit small, TV, aircon, fridge, towels,hot water shower.
Sir Dol Pub, good live (Thai) music.
Suporn's Hideaway, good pizza, has pool tables.

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Ranong for Visa Run

From Happy Dave
I have done 2 visa runs from Samui to Ranong in my Ford Escape. The drive from the main Surat Thani-Bangkok highway to Ranong is really beautiful, the road meanders and winds up into the hills through beautiful green countryside. However Ranong is a first degree 'dump' so i would advise anyone to get out asap. I use a very nice resort right in the town centre called DAHLIA.
It has 19 bungalows which are only 12 months old and all are self contained with a/c and tea/coffee making facilities and plenty of parking space. All this for 500baht per night.
Right next door is an Australian owned bar/restaurant serving very good reasonably priced food. They will deliver any order to your DAHLIA bungalow.
If you are there give it a try, its perfect.