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Maha Sarakham - มหาสารคาม

Maha Sarakham is 165km from Amnat Charoen, 426km from Ang Thong, 475km from Bangkok, 431km from Ayutthaya, 145km from Buriram, 496km from Chainat, 176km from Chaiyaphum, 725km from Chiang Mai, 805km from Chiang Rai, 44km from Kalasin, 495km from Kamphaeng Phet, 73km from Khon Kaen, 216km from Korat, 636km from Lampang, 704km from Lamphun, 278km from Loei, 414km from Lopburi, 1,029km from Mae Hong Son, 210km from Mukdahan, 265km from Nakhon Phanom, 521km from Nakhon Sawan, 687km from Nan, 234km from Nong Bua Lampu, 239km from Nong Khai, 711km from Phayao, 313km from Phetchabun, 570km from Phrae, 423km from Phichit, 392km from Phitsanulok, 40km from Roi Et, 172km from Sakon Nakhon, 368km from Saraburi, 447km from Singburi, 274km from Sisaket, 451km from Sukhothai, 177km from Surin, 530km from Tak, 213km from Ubon Ratchathani, 188km from Udon Thani, 525km from Uthai Thani, 510km from Uttaradit and 115km from Yasothon.

Maha Sarakham Province is in Isaan and shares borders with Kalasin, Roi Et, Surin, Buriram and Khon Kaen.

Maha Sarakham does have a couple of local festivals each year, the Phrathat Nadun Homage Paying Festival which is the offering of alms, paying homage to Phrathat Nadun and practicing meditation, also the Maha Sarakham Bun Boek Fa Festival and Red Cross Fair which includes a procession from each districtís educational institution, miniature replica of Mae Phosop, Goddess of Rice, processions of 12 traditions and products of each district.

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Maha Sarakham Tourist Attractions

Kosamphi Forest Park

Covering a total area of 125 rais (50 acres) in Tambon Hua Khwang by the Chi River, the park was established on October 1, 1976. The shady park is home to different big trees such as Yang, Tabaek (Lagerstroemia floribunda Jack) and Kathum (Anthocephalus chinensis (Lamk.) A. Rich.ex Walp.) whose canopies connect to each other. With natural pond and scenery, this park is home to many different kinds of bird, big herd of crab-eating macaque, as well as rare golden crab-eating macaque.
Attractions in the park include.
Kaeng Tat. Rapids in Chi River is situated at north and east of the park. Base rock covers a wide area in the river. When the river descends between November and May, the shallow water allows rapids to appear.
Lan Khoi. The terrain is occupied by toothbrush trees. Today, over 200 of them are bended into different shapes.
Crab-eating macaque. The animals make this park their home. There are two kinds of crab-eating macaques in the park, the grey and golden macaque.
How to get there, From Maha Sarakham City, take highway 208 for 28km. At Kosum Phisai Intersection, get into asphalt road and keep going for another 450 meters.

Bueng Bon

The lake packed with elephantís ear plants is a nice place to picnic for people in Kosum Phisai and nearby . Situated in Tambon Hua Khwang, 100 metres from Kosamphi Forest Park, the lake is 2.50 meters deep and acquires total area of 120 rais (48 acres).

Khong Kut Wai Fish Sanctuary

Situated 10km from Maha Sarakham City, the lake is home to over 100 species of freshwater fish. It is a nice place where people can enjoy feeding the fish and relax.

Kaeng Loengchan

This big reservoir is situated back of Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University , some 3 kilometres from Maha Sarakham city. Around the area is a fishery station which breeds and distributes different kinds of fresh water fish to provinces in the region. Beautiful scenery around the reservoir attracts a number of people to enjoy their spare time here.

Hat Wangko

The 500-metre-long beach on the bank of Chi River is situated in Ban Tha Duea, Tambon Nong Bon. Tourists can get there via Kosum Phisai-Tha Phra-Khon Kaen Road. With clear and shallow water, the beach is a good place for relaxing. Facilities available on the beach include, beach beds, speed boat, banana boat, jet ski, donut ski, life vest and etc.

Chi Long Forest Park

Chi Long Forest Park is at Ban Wang Wa, 10km from town on the way to Kosum Phisai. The park is on an island that was formed by a course divergence of the Mun River, a main waterway of the Northeast. The island is covered with shady rubber trees and a road circling it makes sightseeing very enjoyable.

Dun Lamphan No-hunting Area

Situated in Amphoe Na Chueak, 60 kilometres from Maha Sarakham City, the area features two forest types namely deciduous dipterocarp forest and peat swamp forest which is nourished by streams all the time in particular spots. The area is rich in endemic and rare species for both flora and fauna. The most famous endemic species found here is Mealy Crab Thaipotamon chulabhon Naiyanetr, 1993, or Pu Thunkramom (named by HRH Princess Chulabhorn). A bit bigger than ricefield crab, this kind of crab is quite colourful in purple, orange, yellow, and white. Now, this endemic crab is enlisted as protected animals. This No-hunting area is also good for bird watching and studying the ecological system. For more information, call 08-1817-9441, 08-1799-5795.
How to get there, Dun Lamphan No-hunting Area is situated on highway 219 (Borabue- Na Chueak-Phayakkhaphum Phisai), some 3km from Amphoe Na Chueak Office.

Pottery Village

The villaged is situated in Tambon Khwao, 4 kilometres from Maha Sarakham city via highway 23 (Maha Sarakham-Roi Et). The villagers here have inherited an ancient method of pottery from their ancestor. From water pots to cooking pots, they have diversified their products into various design to cope with modern living style.

Ban Phaeng

Ban Phaeng village is famous for making reed mats. It is 38km from town (Highway No. 208). The mats are local products that are used widely in Thailand. The village does extensive reed farming and has set up a reed-mat-making co-operative to demonstrate the process of making mats and sell them at very affordable prices.

Phra Yuen Mongkhon and Phra Ming Muang

Phra Yuen Mongkhon and Phra Ming Muang Buddha images are the most important Buddha images of the province. They are at Tambon Khan Than Rat on Highway No. 213, about 14km from town. The images are in the Dvaravati style and are made of red sandstone. It is believed that they can make rainfall in the rainy season. Legend says a man built the Ming Muang image, while a woman built the Yun Mongkhon image.

Ban Nong Khuean Chang

Ban Nong Khuean Chang is at Mu 7, Tambon Ban Song Khon. This village is renowned for making quality silk and cotton materials. It is 12km from town on the Maha Sarakham-Kosum Phisai Road. Turn left at the 12-km marker onto Highway No. 1027 and drive for another 2km.

Phra That Na Dun

Phra That Na Dun, or the Buddha Monthon of Isan, is the area where historical and archaeological findings that proved the magnificence of the ancient city of Champa Si were made. Artifacts found here are now on display at the Khon Kaen National Museum. The most important piece is the stupa (pagoda) encasing the holy relics of Lord Buddha in gold, silver and bronze caskets. The site is from the Dvaravati period of the 8th-10th century. This model for Phra That Na Dun comes alive every Makha Bucha Day.
How to get there, From Maha Sarakham City, use highway 2040 via Amphoe Kae Dam and Wapi Pathum, turn right into highway 2045 to Amphoe Na Dun. Prathat is 65km from Maha Sarakham City.

Ban Isaan Museum

Ban Isaan Museum is another interesting place that shows the way of life of the Isaan people. It is located a short way from Phra That Na Dun. The museum is a research project of Maha Sarakham University. It comprises model houses of the various tribes in the region and there are exhibitions displaying household items.

Isaan Arts and Culture Research Institute

Isaan Arts and Culture Research Institute is in Maha Sarakham University. The institute has exhibits on Isaan arts and culture. Of particular interest are displays on the origin of weaving, the development of local fabrics, basketry and woodwork, metalwork, the development of pottery, household items, animal traps and related tools, musical equipment, literature, ancient language inscriptions, and contemporary art of students, as well as various media on regional arts and culture for sale.

Isaan Arts and Culture Centre

Isaan Arts and Culture Centre is in Maha Sarakham Rajabhat Institute. The centre has exhibits on the origin of Isaan art, Isaan literature on dried palm leaves and handicrafts such as weaving and fabric designs.

Maha Sarakham Guest Houses & Hotels

Pattana Hotel
45/6 Rim Klong Somthavil Rd., Tumbon Talat, Amphoe Muang Maha Sarakham 44000
Tel: 043-725-888

Taksila Hotel
1227/68 Somthawilrat Road, Tumbon Talat, Amphoe Muang Maha Sarakham 44000
Tel: 043-711-922

Taksila Grande Hotel
1227 / 68 Somthawilrad road, Thumbol Thalad, Amphoe Muang Maha Sarakham 44000
Tel: 043-713-333

Newpattana Hotel
1227/68 Somthawinrat Road, Tumbon Talat, Amphoe Muang Maha Sarakham 44000
Tel: 043-719-900-5

Vasu Hotel Maha Sarakham
10 Chaloem Prakiat Rama IX Road, Tumbon Talat, Amphoe Muang Maha Sarakham 44000
Tel: 043-740-950-5

Talabthong Resort
102 Moo 17, Tumbon Kaeng Loeng Chan, Amphoe Muang Maha Sarakham 44000
Tel: 043-777-534

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