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Satun - สตูล

Satun is 973km from Bangkok, 523km from Chumphon, 98km from Hat Yai, 988km from Kanchanaburi, 276km from Krabi, 948km from Nakhon Pathom, 233km from Nakhon Sri Thammarat, 303km from Narathiwat, 208km from Pattani, 851km from Petchaburi, 366km from Phang Nga, 134km from Phatthalung, 453km from Phuket, 693km from Prachuap Khiri Khan, 549km from Ranong, 904km from Ratchburi, 939km from Samut Sakhon, 904km from Samut Songkhram, 125km from Songkhla, 1,054km from Suphanburi, 372km from Surat Thani, 140km from Trang and 237km from Yala.

Satun Province shares borders with Trang, Phatthalung and Songkhla. To the south it borders Perlis of Malaysia.

If you want to visit Langkawi Island in Malaysia you can board boats from Tam Ma Lang Pier, which is located 5km from town. For information contact the Thai Ferry company tel: 0-7472-2143, 0-7473-0050-1, fax: 0-7471-1782 or Satun Travel and Ferry Company tel: 0-7471-1453, 0-7472-1960.

Satun Province has 3 national parks as listed in the following, Thale Ban National Park, Mu Ko Phetra National Park and of course the most famous of them all is Tarutao National Park.

There are many places worth a visit in Satun, the islands such as Ko Lipe, or maybe the National Museum, or if your looking for something more cultural then there is the Satun Central Mosque.

If you have any questions about Satun or the surrounding area why not post them on our Southern Thailand & Satun Forum.

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Satun Tourist Attractions

Ko Bulon Le

Ko Bulon Le is located 22 kms. from Pak Bara Pier. The beach is white and the water here is suitable for swimming. Diving and snorkeling can be done around Ko Ayam and Ko Hin Khao, where one can get a great view of the sunset. At night a group of hermit crabs and smaller crabs populate the beach.

Ko Li Di Lek

Ko Li Di Lek is located 5 kms. from the Office of Moo Ko Phetra National Park (Ao Nun), or 7 kms. from Pak Bara Pier. The National Park Protection Unit is located on this island. The island offers a white sandy beach and crystal clear water. The island also has mangrove forests and various kinds of marine animals. Tourists wishing to camp on the island must bring their own tents and food as there are no restaurants. Ko Li Di Yai, nearby Ko Li Di Lek, has bird nest concessions operated by the private sector and is off-limits to visitors.

Laem Than Yong Po

Laem Than Yong Po and Hat Sai Yao are located at the estuary of Satun Bay and can be reached by boarding a boat for the 1-hour trip from Ko Nok Customs Office or at a pier behind Satun Central Market. Travelling by bus is also possible by riding a bus for 7 kms. to Che Bi Lang Pier, then turn left and continue another 15 kms. to Tan Yong Po. Laem Than Yong Po is a promontory jutting into the Andaman Sea. Tourists are lured here by the fascination of the fishermens' village and a powdery, white sand beach fringed with a large area of coconut grove.

Satun Freshwater Fisheries Office

Satun Freshwater Fisheries Office is at Moo 7, Tambon Kamphaeng. The Fisheries Office is a nursing home of rare Kradan turtles that can be only be found here in all of Thailand. It is open from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., Monday-Friday. For more information, call 0-7478-1299.

Khao To Phaya Wang Park

Khao To Phaya Wang Park is located in Satun metropolitan area on Khuha Prawet Road. Surrounded by a small, limestone hill with a cave and a brook, it is teeming with various kinds of trees, which makes the public park peaceful and suitable for recreation.

Namtok Ya Roi

Namtok Ya Roi is a waterfall which runs from Hua Kraming forest. It is a nine-level waterfall, each possessing a swimming basin. To get there, take Highway No. 4148 (Khuan Sato-Wang Prachan) for 7 kms., then turn right for 700 meters.

Namtok Ton Plio

Namtok Ton Plio originates from the Chin Mountain. It is a large waterfall that comes down several levels and has an all-year-round water flow. To get there, drive on Highway No. 1484 (Khuan Sato-Wang Prachan) for about 12 kms. from the park headquarters, then take a laterite road at the junction for another 3 kms.

Namtok Than Sawan

Namtok Than Sawan is a five-level waterfall located at Tambon Khuan Kalong, 12 kms. from Khuan Kalong District Office. Drive onto the road that lies in front of the Industrial Estate Office junction, which passes the Khuan Kalong district, then drive onwards to Soi 10

Namtok Panan

Namtok Panan is at Tambon Thung Nui, 39 kms. from town. The waterfall originates from Ka Ming Mountain. It has a year-round supply of water and is surrounded by a pleasant forested area.

Namtok Wang Sai Thong

Namtok Wang Sai Thong is on Ro Po Cho Road (Thung Nang Kaeo-Wang Sai Thong Road). The waterfall can be reached by taking the Satun-La-ngu Road at Ban Ko Ta junction, Tambon Kamphaeng. From there, it is about 26 kms. to Namtok Wang Sai Thong. Namtok Wang Sai Thong is also accessible from Wa Bridge in Thung Wa district, Tambon Pa Kae Bo Hin. This route is 19 kms. The highlight of this waterfall is the pool of water in each limestone basin that resembles a blooming lotus when water falls down to that level. The area has large shady trees and is suitable for relaxation.

Namtok Than Plio

Namtok Than Plio is at Moo 7, Tambon Thung Wa, 14 kms. from the District Office. The two-level waterfall originates from Lung Khroe Mountain in Trang-Satun. The lower level is a basin that is 40 meters wide and 50 meters long. The waterfall is surrounded by lush vegetation and various kinds of trees. To get there, drive off the Thung Wa-Pa Lian Road at the 35-km marker, continue onwards for 8 kms. to Ban Thung Yao Nui in Tambon Thung Wa.

Old Buildings on Buri Wanich Road

Old Buildings on Buri Wanich Road Located on Buri Wanich Road in Satun municipality area, the 600 meter long row houses provide a pedestrian walkway that is shaded by the upper floor. The front of the concrete walled houses consist of three parts: the Roman styled color glass arch at the top, the wooden board Venetian blinds in the middle, and the solid concrete bottom.

Satun Festivals

Satun Kite Flying Competition

1st Feb; Kite parade, decorated and well-known kite competitions, sales of and exhibitions about kites, as well as various cultural performances.

Thailand Gulf to Andaman Relay Run

1st March; The Thailand Ocean to Ocean Relay Run starts from Hat Kaeo, Amphoe Singh Nakhon, Songkhla on the Pacific Ocean and finishes at Pak Bara Pier, Satun on the Indian Ocean (Andaman Sea), a total distance of 157.3 km.

Tarutao-Adang Fishing Cup

Mid April; A fishing competition and procession of model fish.

Marine and Forest Clean Up

End of October; Cleaning up various islands including the sea to prepare those islands to welcome visitors from around the world.

Satun Hotels & Guest Houses

Bundhaya Resort
509 Moo.3 Tammalang district Muang Satun 91000
Tel: 074-750-248-9

Idyllic Concept Resort
Sunrise Beach, Lipe Island Satun 91000
Tel: 081-802-5453

Langu Phupha Resort
389 Tumbol Kumpang, Langu District , Satun 91110
Tel: 080-540-8114

Lipe Resort
P.O. Box Satun 91000 Satun 91000
Tel: 074-750-291

Mountain Resort
57 Moo 7 Koh Lepeh , Laem Son Beach , T.Ko Sarai , Mueang Satun 91000
Tel: 074-728-131

Pansand Resort
33 Moo 3 Koh Bu Lon , Pak Nam , La Ngu , Satun 91110
Tel: 075-218-035

Pinnacle Satun Wangmai Hotel
43 Satuntani Road, Piman, Muang, Satun 91000
Tel: 074-711-607-8

Sita Beach Resort
Moo.7 Koh Sarai District Muang Satun 91000
Tel: 074-750-382

Varin Beach Resort
Pattaya Beach, Lipe Island T.Koh Sarai, Muang Satun 91000
Tel: 074-728-018

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