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Nakhon Pathom - นครปฐม

Nakhon Pathom is 56km from Bangkok, 438km from Chumphon, 907km from Hat Yai, 65km from Kanchanaburi, 788km from Krabi, 755km from Nakhon Si Thammarat, 1,124km from Narathiwat, 1,029km from Pattani, 98km from Petchaburi, 763km from Phang Nga, 814km from Phatthalung, 837km from Phuket, 255km from Prachuap Khiri Khan, 542km from Ranong, 41km from Ratchaburi, 48km from Samut Sakhon, 63km from Samut Songkhram, 948km from Satun, 925km from Songkhla, 105km from Suphanburi, 618km from Surat Thani, 802km from Trang and 1,058km from Yala.

Nakhon Pathom Province shares borders with Suphan Buri, Ayutthaya, Nonthaburi, Bangkok, Samut Sakhon, Ratchaburi and Kanchanaburi.

Nakhon Pathom is often confused with Nakhon Phanom which is in the Isaan Region of Thailand.

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Nakhon Pathom Tourist Attractions

Thai Human Imagery Museum

The museum displays life-like wax/fibreglass sculptures of vivid detail. These breath-taking real-looking human figures of various characteristics and also replicas of important people are displayed in many sections such as the Great Buddhist Monks, former Kings of the Chakri Dynasty, and One Side of Thai Life: Thai Chess, Thai Family, and Abolishing of Slavery, among others.

Don Whai Market

Don Wai Market is located on Phuttamonthon sai 5 Road, Nakhon Pathom. People often call it Don Wai Floating Market, but it isn't floating like the one in Amphawa or Damnoen Saduak. In fact, this market is just on the banks of Tha Chin river behind the Don Wai Temple. Apparently, more than 100 years old now the market is.

A Day Trip to Mahasawat

Nakhon Pathom is criss-crossed by many canals and irrigation ditches. Mahasawat is built along one of these canals which is the life source of the community, and for many, the only way of commuting.

Lam Phaya floating market, a visit

More than 10 years ago, the local community tried to impress 400 visiting merit-makers by arranging a special floating market with 20 paddleboats. This impromptu market was so successful that it became the Lam Phraya Floating Market that it is today.

Stalls on the land sell farm produce, while vendors on boats sell freshly cooked treats such as grilled fish, pork satay, roast duck and salted fish. They also sell traditional desserts such as the famous “Babin” style coconut cake and Teacher Somsong’s moon cake. Also, lots of pork products are available because Nakhon Pathom is the largest pig-raising province.

Besides taking a boat trip down the Tha Chin River, the spiritually minded can also stop off at the 100-year-old Lam Phraya Temple ot pay respects to Luangphor Mongkol Malanimit Buddha image. Visitors can also check out “Air Orchid”, Thailand’s first supermarket for orchids. The market is open from 6am to 5pm every weekend. Call (081) 763 4179 or (081) 6597371.

Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo

Zoo featuring elephant shows, crocodile wrestling shows, a centre of orchid propagation plus tigers and other animals.

Miss Jumbo Procession and Elephant Buffet

Fat Thai ladies, big elephants and a massive buffet, also an elephant football match and many other activities conducted by elephants in this annual event held at Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo.

Sanam Chan Museum

Phrabat Somdej Phra Monkut Klao Chaoyuhua Museum is located in the town of Nakhon Pathom 2 Kms. west of Phra Pathom Chedi. It occupies an area of about 888 Rais (about 355 acres). The palace was constructed by command of King Rama VI in the year 1907 when he was the Crown Prince. Phraya Silprasit supervised the construction which, in the beginning, there were two halls: Phra Thinang Phiman Pathom and Phra Thinang Aphirom Reudi, both halls were granted names on August 27, 1911. Later, the Ratanasingh altar that was housed in Samakki Mukamat Hall was adorned with the royal umbrella on June 7, 1923.

Nakhon Pathom has plenty of Temples, Wats and even has a Palace called Sanam Chan Palace, you can see some videos of these on our Nakhon Pathom Wats thread.

Misiem Yip Intsoi Arts Garden

Located at 38/9, Buddha-monthon VII Road. The entrance is opposite Rajavidhyalai College for which you have to go in another one kilometre. The Garden houses masterpieces of arts created by Madam Misiem Yip Intsoi for educational purposes. It is also available for organizing temporary exhibitions in an out-door gallery style and open-air art gallery for artists to exhibit their works. Open on Friday to Sunday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. For more information, call 623-1742-3 (Bangkok) or tel: 034 213-792.

The Rose Garden

This tourist attraction is located on Petchakasem Road 32 Kms. from Bangkok. It is located adjacent to the Nakhon Chaisi River and occupies an area of 137.5 Rais (about 55 acres). There are a multitude of beautiful floral displays of great variety. AThai-style houses; parts of the area are hotel, lodges, and golf course. It also features an attractive Thai cultural show that commences daily in the afternoon. It is open daily from 08.00-18.00. An entrance fee to the garden for adult is 10 Baht, a child fee is 5 Baht. Admission as well as shows’ fee cost 300 Baht for all. For more information call 295-3261-4.

Thai Soang village

Located at Ban Ko Rad, Tambon Bang Pla, which is 9 Kms. south of Amphoe Bang Len, via the Bang Len-Don Toom route. The village is home to Thai Soang or Thai Soang Dum (Thai Soang usually wear black dresses) or Lao Soang, who migrated from Ban Nong Prong, Amphoe Khao Yoi, Petchaburi, who have a distinct culture and tradition of their own. The village also features interesting handicraft like weaving and rattan ware.

Thai Farmers Lifestyle Museum

Thai Farmers Lifestyle Museum is a house of Uncle Reungchai and Aunt Payom Chamniyom. It is located at Ban Lan Laem, Mu 4, Tambon Wat Lamud. The house-cum- museum displays equipment, utensils, and tools, used in rice farming. Also within the house compound is a handicraft-training centre that trains townspeople to make various products from Water Hyacinth (Pak Tob Chawa). To visit, please contact tel: 034 296 086 in advance.

Ancient City of Kamphaeng Saen

This is an ancient town that is worth visiting. It is located at Mu 5, Tambon Thung Kwang. The ancient town dates back to the Dvaravati period and is believed be as old as Muang Nakhon Chaisi, but is smaller in size. Situated 24 Kms. north of Nakhon Pathom town on Malaiman road, it can be reached by car. At present, it is used as a Boy Scout’s camp. The old town is believed to have been constructed by Nakhon Chaisi’s former rulers to control a trading route along canals and rivers to promote the town into a seaport-trading centre. The development as well as the deterioration of the two towns must have been almost at the same time. The interesting attractions of Ancient City of Kamphaeng Saen include unchanged ditches and earth dikes surrounding the ditches. Within the Ancient City area, there are small earthern mounds, ponds, and large trees that are homes to various kinds of birds.

Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen Campus (Botanical Garden)

Located on Malaiman route or 21 Kms. from Nakhon Pathom town. In the university compound, there are number of projects to educate farmers and the general public that include scaled-down projects such as an agricultural technology project, an irrigation system initiated along with the Royal project, an Entomological Park where various species of butterflies are housed, a pilot vegetable plantation plot, and Suan Saen Palm (garden of a hundred thousand palms), which collects various kinds of ornamental palms. For more information contact Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen Campus, Nakhon Pathom tel: 942-8010 ext. 3104.

Nakhon Pathom Guest Houses & Hotels

Venus Inn
On the main highway and mainly used as a short time hotel.

Rose Garden Riverside
Km 32 Pet Kasem Road, Sampran, Nakhon Pathom 73110
Tel: 034-322-544

Parndhevi Riverside Resort & Spa
29 Moo 3 Buddha Monthol Sai 7 Road, Tumbon Hom Kret, Amphoe Samphran, Nakhon Pathom 73110
Tel: 034-220-815

Momchailai River Retreat
54 Moo 6, Tumbon Klong Nok Krathung, Amphoe Bang Len, Nakhon Pathom 73130
Tel: 034-301-648-9

The Royal Gems Golf Resort
170/148 Moo 3 Salaya-Banglane Road, Tumbon Salaya, Amphoe Bhuddha Monthon, Nakhon Pathom 73170
Tel: 02-429-8151-4

Whale Hotel
151/79 Ratchawithi Road, Phrapathom Chaedee , A.Mueang , Nakhon Pathom 73000
Tel: 034-280-213 034-253-864

Salaya Pavilion Hotel and Training Center
999 Buddhamonthon 4 Road, Salaya, Nakhon Pathom 73170
Tel: 02-441-0568

River Hotel
1156 Phetkasem Road, Tumbon Sanam Chan, Amphoe Mueang Nakhon Pathom 73000
Tel: 034-280-440-5

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Nakhon Pathom Tourism

Tha Na Market

Located by the Nakhon Chaisri River in Nakhon Pathom, this market is nearly 100 years old and is home to many good food shops.

At Jiamjan Pochana, its irresistible Steamed Duck in Gravy is cooked with the special recipe that has been passed on for four generations. The meat is very soft and lean. Kaitod 33 Rian also boasts great fried chicken, while Tik Pochana’s highlights are Fried Snake-Headed Fish with Mango and Sour and Spicy Soup with Shrimp.

People can also relax on plastic chairs by the river while eating seafood or feeding fishes.

If you love antiques or retro items, there are many shops at the Tha Na Market to please your taste. Recommended souvenirs are Mae Lek spice mixture and pomelos.

The Tha Na Market is open every day, but is usually much more bustling on weekends. For more information, call 0 3475 2847.

Bang Luang Market

In 1903, Chinese immigrants set up this market on the western bank of Tha Chin River in Nakhon Pathom with 68 wooden shop houses facing each other. Because many old shops are now preserved for public view, visitors will be able to conveniently glimpse into the past. An old cinema with wood benches is here with old projectors for interested audience. Old-style dental-care equipment is also on display at a now-closed dentist’s place. A Chinese grandpa has still practised his Chinese medicine for people. He has made diagnosis by feeling the pulse of his customers.

The market is also full of delicious food choices including Dried Shrimp – Chinese Chive Rolls, Dumplings, and Satay.

A boat ride along the Tha Chin River is available at the market at just Bt30 per person.

The Bang Luang Market is open between 9am and 5pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and official holidays. For more information, call 08 9882 2233 and 08 9171 2075.