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Uthai Thani - อุทัยธานี

Uthai Thani is 635km from Amnat Charoen, 119km from Ang Thong, 219km from Bangkok, 156km from Ayutthaya, 460km from Buriram, 42km from Chainat, 340km from Chaiyaphum, 500km from Chiang Mai, 591km from Chiang Rai, 569km from Kalasin, 167km from Kamphaeng Phet, 498km from Khon Kaen, 309km from Korat, 408km from Lampang, 479km from Lamphun, 448km from Loei, 111km from Lopburi, 733km from Mae Hong Son, 525km from Maha Sarakham, 692km from Mukdahan, 790km from Nakhon Phanom, 50km from Nakhon Sawan, 474km from Nan, 464km from Nong Bua Lampu, 664km from Nong Khai, 497km from Phayao, 233km from Phetchabun, 357km from Phrae, 163km from Phichit, 179km from Phitsanulok, 544km from Roi Et, 697km from Sakon Nakhon, 157km from Saraburi, 83km from Singburi, 621km from Sisaket, 238km from Sukhothai, 507km from Surin, 234km from Tak, 679km from Ubon Ratchathani, 613km from Udon Thani, 297km from Uttaradit and 581km from Yasothon.

Uthai Thani Province shares borders with Nakhon Sawan, Chainat, Suphan Buri, Kanchanaburi and Tak.

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Uthai Thani Tourist Attractions

Tak Bat Thewo Festival

This religious event of Uthai Thani is organised in the evening of Ok Phansa (end of Buddhist Lent) on the first day of the waning moon of the eleventh lunar month at Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri. It is also in line with the Buddhist chronicles when the Lord Buddha returned to earth from heaven and gave Dharma. On the day of Tak Bat Thewo, 500 monks will walk down from the top of Khao Sakae Krang to receive offerings from residents and visitors to the ceremony, which creates an amazing spectacle and has made this tradition become well known nationwide.

Mueang Boran Bueng Khok Chang

Mueang Boran Bueng Khok Chang, Tambon Phai Khiao, is surrounded by a city ditch and earth wall. Ancient ruins, pottery, stones for pulverizing herbs, metal tools, and yellow beads, as well as three ancient Khmer inscription stones were found here. At present, this historical site is a forest garden, covered with large trees, but the city ditch has become shallow. The discovered artefacts are kept in the Local Historical and Cultural Museum, in the Non-formal Education Centre, Uthai Thani, near the City Hall.

Huai Rabam Forest Garden

Huai Rabam Forest Garden is located in Tambon Rabam, 78 km. from the provincial town, with an area of 11,740 rai (18,784,000 square metres). This reforestation is under responsibility of the Thai Plywood Company Limited. There are also teak, eucalyptus, and casuarinas junghuniana Miq. forests. Visit the plot of newly planted forest. A reception house with a capacity of about 30 persons is available for staying overnight but visitors have to bring their own food.

Tham Khao Khong Chai

Tham Khao Khong Chai is a mountain in Tambon Lan Sak, with a height of 353 metres. In front of Khao Khong Chai, there is a shallow, spacious cave in a form of a large tunnel. It is believed that this cave used to be a habitat of pre-historical humans because they found stone tools and shards of pottery. A flock of bats live in the cave and fly out in the evening to find food. If climbing up the high cliff, it is possible to find the caves above, such as Tham Thong Chai, Tham Maha Sombat, Tham Pet, and Tham Lom. Nearby, another mountain with beautiful caves is located. The large land in the middle of the valley covers an area of a temple and Lan Sak Witthaya School.

Khuean Thap Salao

Khuean Thap Salao is a large irrigation dam, obstructing Thap Salao Stream to create a reservoir with an attractive view, with an undulated mountain range as a background. In the south of the dam, there are deciduous dipterocarp forest and planted forest garden. Local people often come on weekends for recreation.

Khao Pathawi

Khao Pathawi, in Tambon Taluk Du, is a small mountain range with a length of approximately 750 metres and a height of 253 metres. It is quite high and steep, formed by rocks of different heights situated one behind another to the top. Surrounding the mountain, there are about 30 small and large caves, such as Tham Prathun, Tham Bandai, Tham Ang, Tham Phutthaprawat, Tham Buddha Prawat (Lord Buddha’s Biography), Tham Pla (Fish Cave), and Tham Khangkhao (Bat Cave). Stone tools and pre-historical human skeletons were found. The ground in front of the mountain is covered with shady trees and there are a lot of monkeys.

Wat Uposatharam (Wat Bot Manorom)

Wat Uposatharam formerly named Wat Bot Manorom, is sometimes called Wat Bot. It is an old temple on the Sakae Krang Riverside, on Ko Thepho, in the Mueang Municipality area. From the municipal fresh market, cross the bridge to the temple which is on the east side of the river. The interesting things to see include mural paintings in the ordination hall and wihan, which were made in the early Rattanakosin era. The paintings in the ordination hall were elaborately made, depicting the biography of Lord Buddha from the time when he was born until he died. More on Temples and Wats in Uthai Thani here.

Local History and Cultural Museum

This local museum is at the Uthai Thani Provincial Non-formal Education Centre on Si Uthai Road near the city hall. On display are prehistoric human skeletons, clothes, regalia of city lords, and a room of Thai house and wood models. Advance reservation is necessary.For more information, please call 0 5651 1511.

Botanical Garden

In the garden, there are useful local plants and various species of plants; such as Sadao Pa whose fruits and leaves can be made into an organic repellent, Ton Sabu whose fruits can be used in bathing, washing hair and clothes, Rang Chuet which has a medical property to sober up. Some plants are poisonous such as hair of Chang Rong which can make people’s skin painfully itch when touching. Ya Nong – upas trees - has a poisonous sap which hunters in the past applied to the end of their darts that used for hunting.

Ban I Mat-I Sai Hill Tribe Cultural Centre and Karen Village

This hill Tribe centre has a house with a raised lower floor, a thatched roof and bamboo walls. This is a replica of a Karen house for tourists to see and there is also a room displaying tools and utensils of Karens. There is accommodation available and a cultural performance if advance notice is given. Moreover, there are hill tribe volunteers taking visitors to see nearby areas. For more information, please contact Tel: 0 5652 0723, 0 5651 2026. The Karen village near here is Chao Wat Yang Daeng Village that strictly adheres to old traditions. It leads a simple lifestyle and has a peaceful atmosphere. The interesting event of this village is the New Year Festival that is held on the full moon night of April. Getting There: From Amphoe Ban Rai, take Highway No. 3011 (Ban Rai-Phu Bon) for about 17 kilometres.

Other attractions in Uthai Thani you may want to visit include The Old City of Uthai Thani, Ban Khok Mo Weaving Village, Muang Boran Ban Ka Rung, Tham Khao Wong Forest Park, Thung Yai Naresuan Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary and Khao Plara, more Uthai Thani Tourist Attractions.

Uthai Thani Guest Houses & Hotels

Avatar Miracles Hotel
654 Moo 3 T. Baanrai, A. Baanrai Uthai Thani 61140
Tel: 056-596-164

Baan Suan Chalum Resort & Hotel
3/3 Moo 5 T.Sake Krang,A.Mueang, Uthai Thani 61000
HP: 081-252 4592

Eve Avataa Hotel
454 Tambol Baanrai, Amphor Baanrai, Uthai Thani 61140
Tel: 056-596-164

Huai Khakhaeng Country Home Resort & Hotel
102 Moo 8 T.Kork Kwai, A.Ban Rai, Uthai Thani 61140
HP: 081-867-4967

Iyara Park Hotel and Resort
55 Moo 4 T.Hat Tanong, A.Mueang, Uthai Thani 61000
Tel: 056-516-333

336 Sri Utai Road, Muang Uthai thani, Uthai Thani 61000
Tel: 056-511-647

199 M.8, T.Banrai, A. Banrai, Uthai Thani 61140
Tel: 056-586-309

River Marina Resort & Hotel
110 Moo 4, Thasung District, Mueng city, Uthai Thani 61000
Tel: 056-502-647

Uthai River Lake Hotel
8 Moo 5,Koh tepo,Amphur Muang Uthai Thani Uthai Thani 61000
HP: 089-162-8188

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