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Nan - น่าน

Nan Province is 668km from Bangkok, 853km from Amnat Charoen, 566km from Ang Thong, 597km from Ayutthaya, 903km from Buriram, 489km from Chainat, 623km from Chaiyaphum, 318km from Chiang Mai, 270km from Chiang Rai, 691km from Kalasin, 359km from Kamphaeng Phet, 614km from Khon Kaen, 752km from Korat, 227km from Lampang, 297km from Lamphun, 564km from Loei, 554km from Lopburi, 639km from Mae Hong Son, 687km from Maha Sarakham, 858km from Mukdahan, 912km from Nakon Phanom, 425km from Nakhon Sawan, 611km from Nong Bua Lamphu, 780km from Nong Khai, 176km from Phayao, 465km from Phetchabun, 359km from Phichit, 295km from Phitsanulok, 118km from Phrae, 727km from Roi Et, 819km from Sakon Nakhon, 600km from Saraburi, 526km from Singburi, 961km from Sisaket, 282km from Sukhothai, 950km from Surin, 362km from Tak, 897km from Ubon Ratchathani, 729km from Udon Thani, 474km from Uthai Thani and 191km from Uttaradit and 799km from Yasothon.

Nan Province shares borders with Laos, Uttaradit, Phrae and Phayao.

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Nan Tourist Attractions

Nan Province

A visit to some guesthouses and restaurants in Nan.

Northern Thailand Holiday

A few days vacation in the provinces of Phrae, Nan and Uttaradit, with photos of the hotels, Temples, shopping and other stuff.

Nan Province

A trip to Pak Nai, Sao Din, Wat Phumin plus many restaurants and other tourist attractions.

Annual Rocket Festival

Every year, on Visakha Bucha day, celebrations take place at Prathat Poo Chae, a more than 200 years old prathat on a hilltop in Nan province, Nanoi district.

Becoming a Monk in Northern Thailand

A 3 day party and celebration as someone becomes a monk

The Tamarind Festival

Around March each year is the Nan Tamarind Festival, many processions, food stalls, dancing, floats and even a ladyboy competition.

Nan Traditional Long Boat Races

Lanna style boat races that use a special boat of the Chala style which the boat crafted in the form of Naga or Serpent decorated with stained glass. Generally held in November.

You can find out more about Thai Festivals on our Thailand Festivals page.

There are several National Parks in Nan, these include Doi Phu Kha National Park, Khun Nan National Park, Khun Sathan National Park, Mae Charim National Park, Nunthaburi National Park, Srinan National Park, Tham Pha Tup Forest Park and Tham Sa-kern National Park.

Nan National Museum

The building of the Nan National Museum was actually constructed in 1903 and once the residence of a ruler of Nan. It displays exhibitions concerning the town's history and major structures, evolution of arts in different ages, and numerous ancient objects, the most eminent of which is the Black Ivory. It also provides anthropological information on the northern indigenous people including the several minorities residing in Nan. The museum is open Wednesday-Sunday from nine in the morning until four o'clock in the afternoon.

Ban Huai Kon Border Market

Ban Huai Kon Border Market is in an area of the Ban Huai Kon Checkpoint, opposite Mueang Nam Ngoen, Sayaboury province, Lao PDR., 138 kilometres from Mueang Nan district. The market is open on Saturdays from early morning until nearly noon. Offered products are woven fabric in the Nam Lai design, the handicraft of the Thai Lue people, consumer products such as things from forests, Luk Tao or Luk Chit - Arenga pinnata, etc. The Thai and Laotian people are allowed to visit this checkpoint everyday from 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Thai Lue Village Ban Nong Bua

This village is about 40 kilometres to the north of the town on Highway No. 1080, with an additional 3 kilometres after the left turn into the village in Tha Wang Pha district. The Thai Lue people living at Ban Nong Bua are noted or producing the traditional tribal fabric, an art handed down from generation to generation. It has also been improved in the designs but still retaining the original patterns. The native woven materials have now become a highly popular buy among tourist.Thai Lue Village Ban Nong Bua

Ban Bo Suak Kiln Site and Glazed Ceramics

It is assumed that the ceramic products from Ban Bo Suak were once popular due to their discoveries in the burial grounds of the people in the past, especially along the mountain ridges from Omkoi district in Chiang Mai to Tak and Kamphaeng Phet provinces. It is assumed that the production of the Bo Suak ceramics was originated and developed during the reign of Phraya Phonlathep Ruechai (1528-1559) which was the glorious period of Nan. The knowledge of kilns and glazed ceramics of Nan was influenced from Lanna such as San Kamphaeng Kilns and Kalong Kilns which are kiln sites near Chiang Mai.

Ban Pak Nai Fisherman Village

Pak Nai was originally a village by the Nan River. After the construction of the Sirikit Dam, the village became a part of the water reservoir above the dam with characteristics similar to a large lake surrounded by green mountain ranges. The locals of Pak Nai village are fishermen. There are also restaurants on rafts providing fish from the dam to be tasted such as Pla Kot - catfish, Pla Bu - gobies, Pla Khang – Giant Catfish, Pla Raet - giant gourami, Pla Thapthim - Thai Red Tilapia, etc.

Sin Thao or Rock Salt Pits

There are 2 important salt production venues in Nan. The first one is in the Wa River watershed area, consisting of 2 large pits, while the second one is at the Nan River watershed area, where there are 5 large pits and many tiny ones. At present, the locals still boil the salt by using the traditional method.
A member visits the Ancient Salt Wells.

Sao Din Na Noi or Hom Chom and Khok Suea

Sao Din Na Noi or Hom Chom and Khok Suea is located in Chiang Khong sub-district, 60 kilometres from Mueang Nan. From Na Noi district, there is a crossroad. Go along Highway No. 1083 for approximately 6 kilometres. It is a soil formation into strange shapes, similar to the “Phae Mueang Phi” of Phrae Province. From geological evidence, it appears that Sao Din Na Noi occurred from the movement of the earth’s crust during the late Tertiary Period and the natural erosion of water and wind. Geologists assume that it might be aged during 10,000 – 30,000 years and was once the bottom of the sea. There have been discoveries of stone bangles and ancient axes at this place, which are currently preserved at the Nan National Museum. It reflects that this area was once a habitation place of human beings in the Palaeolithic Age.

Thung Chang Sacrificial Monument and Thung Chang Military Museum

Thung Chang Sacrificial Monument and Thung Chang Military Museum were constructed to commemorate the heroes who sacrificed their life for the country. Their Majesties the King and the Queen attended and conducted the opening ceremony, as well as, placed the wreaths at the monument on 10 February, 1976. Therefore, this date of every year is considered the memorial day when wreaths have been presented and a merit making ceremony has been organised for the heroes up until at present. The monument is located on Highway 1080, Nan – Thung Chang Route, at Km. 84. Moreover, the Thung Chang Military Museum displays military weapons for further knowledge and study.

Nan Hotels & Guesthouses

Boklua View
209 Banbaoloung, Tumbon Bo Klua Tai, Amphoe Bo Kluea, Nan 55220
HP: 081-809-6392

Chompu Phukha Resort
382 Moo 8, Tumbon Pua, Amphoe Pua, Nan 55120
Tel & Fax: 054-791-160

Dhevaaraj Hotel
446 Sumonthewarat Road,T.Naiwiang,A.Mueang, Nan 55000
Tel: 054-710-212 054-751-577
Room rates from 800baht per night.

Eurnkgum Guest House Hotel
319 Moo 3 Ban Suan Hom,T.Pha Sing, A.Mueang, Nan 55000
Tel: 054-775-817

Fa Thanin Hotel
303 Anantaworaritthidet Road,T.Naiwing, A.Mueang, Nan 55000
Tel: 054-757-321

Juthamas Resort & Hotel
114 Moo 3 Nanthung Chang Road,T.Puea, A.Chiang Klang, Nan 55160
Tel: 054-797-044

Nan Valley Resort & Hotel
229 Moo 4 Nan-Thung Chang Road,T.Pha Sing, A.Mueang, Nan 55000
Tel: 054-798-400 054-798-220

329 Moo 5, Tumbon Wo Ra Khon, Amphoe Pua, Nan 55120
Tel: 054-756-587

Sasidara Resort
629 Moo 4, Tumbon Chaiya Sathan, Amphoe Mueang Nan, Nan 55000
Tel: 054-774-483

The City Park Hotel
99 Moo 4 Yantrakitkoson Road,T.Du Tai, A.Mueang, Nan 55000
Tel: 054-741-343 054-741-352 054-773-135
Room rates from 800baht per night.

The Waterside Resort & Camping
293 Moo 10 Ban Mai Pha Kwang, Tumbon Bo, Amphoe Mueang Nan, Nan 55000
Tel: 054-701-001

Wiangsa Paradise Resort Hotel
157 Moo 1, Phrae-Nan Road, Mae Sakorn, Wiangsa, Nan 55110
Tel: 054-775-742

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