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Chumphon Hotels, Guest Houses, Restaurants, Bars and things to do and see.

Chumphon is 463 kilometers from Bangkok, 483km from Hat Yai, 478km from Kanchanaburi, 363km from Krabi, 438km from Nakhon Pathom, 330km from Nakhon Si Thammarat, 899km from Narathiwat, 604km from Pattani, 340km from Petchaburi, 560km from Phatthalung, 338km from Phang Nga, 582km from Phuket, 163km from Prachuap Khiri Khan, 393km from Ratchaburi, 288km from Ranong, 428km from Samut Sakhon, 393km from Samut Songkhram, 693km from Satun, 670km from Songkhla, 544km from Suphanburi, 193km from Surat Thani, 548km from Trang and 804km from Yala, the Chumphon Province has 6 beaches, you can get here from Bangkok by train or coach, generally this is the stopping off point for people traveling to the islands, Boats leave Chumphon at 07.00 am. and arrive at Koh Tao Koh Nangyuan at 08.30 am. Koh Phangan at 10.30 am. and to Koh Samui at 11.30 am.

Chumphon Airport

If you want to learn more about Chumphon or have a question why not visit our Southern Thailand Chumphon Forum, or if you want to explore Chumphons caves, waterfalls, parks and other outdoor activities check out our Explore Chumphon thread..

Chumphon has several islands off its coast, the most famous of which is Koh Tao, if your looking for Scuba Diving then this is for you.

Chumphon Islands
Chumphon Beaches

Nong Mai Sairi Beach Resort
A TeakDoor member takes a trip to Chumphon, a stay at Sairi Beach, and breakfast buffet at Novotel.

Chumphon's Local Beaches
A TeakDoor member does a tour of the beaches local to Chumphon.

Bang Saphan Yai
Nice quiet beach about 30km from Chumphon.

A Virtual Tour of Phuket

Fame tours and Italian Restaurant

Thai food in Chumphon

Lang Suan Traditional Long Boat Races

The beaches of Koh Tao

Maps of Chumphon

Videos of Chumphon

Things to see and do in and around Chumphon

Chumphon Kite Surfing & Kiteboarding

Beautiful rivers meandering through mangrove forests teeming with birds and other animals,small bays with white powdery sand beaches next to limestone formations containing caves leading to hidden lagoons, scenic nearby islands with lush jungle and coral reefs. These are some of the things that make it a breath taking place for kayaking.

Chumphon Kite Surfing & Kiteboarding
They also do Kayak Trips

The Shrine of the Prince of Chumphon
Jungle Treks
Wat Saplee
Wat Pathiu
Wat Hat Som Paen
Mu ko Chumphon National Park
The Chumphon area is popular with Bangkok residents as it is the Gulf’s nearest southern diving destination offering a wide selection of attractions, both natural and man-made, including spectacular beaches, over 40 permeable limestone islands, picturesque landscapes featuring waterfalls, caves and holy shrines.

Caves In Chumphon

Khao Kriap
Khao Plu
Rup Ror
Tha Lae Thab
Tham Khao Khun Krathing
Tham Khao Ngao


Hat Sai Ri
Hat Pharadonphap
Hat Pha Daeng
Hat Arunothai
Hat Chan Damri


Nam Tok Punyaban
Nam Tok Kapo Forest Park
Nam Tok Ngao
Nam Tok Haew Lome

Scuba Dive Sites around Chumphon

Koh Talu
Koh Ran Gai
Koh Ran Bped
Koh Ngam Yai
Koh Ngam Noi
Koh Lak Ngam

Chumphons Annual Marine Festival

Thailands Weather Forecasts

Hotels in Chumphon

Chumphon Cabana Resort and Diving Center
69 Moo 8 Thung Wua Laen Beach, Pathiu, Chumphon, 86230, Thailand
Tel: (66) 077 560-245-7
Fax: (66) 077 560-247
The Hotel is situated right on Thung Wua Laen Beach and has its own restaurant with buffet Thai Food.
Snorkeling trips and diving trips can be arranged for 680baht to 1,950baht at Chumphon Marine National Park, this does not include the entrance fee to the park.
Room Rates from 800 to 1,600baht per night.

Seabeach Resort
Telephone: 086-2664814, 081-9799447
Room Rates from 300 to 1,200baht per night.

Cleanwave Resort
54 Moo.8 Thung Wua laen Beach, Saphlee, Pathiu, Chumphon, Thailand 86230
Telephone: 66 77 560151

The View Resort
Moo 8, Saphli Rd,Haad Thung Wua Laen. Chumphon Province

Paradorn Inn Hotel
180/12 Saladaeng Road, Amphur Muang, Chumporn 86000
Room Rates 500 to 1,400baht per night.

Jansom Chumphon Hotel
188/138 Saladaeng Road, Thatapao, Chumphon 86000

Tha Taphao
66/1 Tha Taphao Road.
Telephone: 511479, 511953
Room Rates from 300 to 500baht per night.

Si Chumphon
127/22-4 Saladaeng Road.
Telephone: 511379
Room Rates from 150 to 300baht per night.

Wang Thong Hotel
50 Moo 3. Wang Phai.
Telephone: 511896
Room Rates from 100 to 160baht per night.

Nam Tai Hotel
130/5 Saladaeng Road.
Telephone: 511412, 511808
Room Rates from 100 to 160baht per night.

125/24-5 Saladaeng Road.
Telephone: 511144
Room Rates from 100 to 150baht per night.

176/1-2 Saladaeng Road.
Telephone: 511776
Room Rates from 130 to 180baht per night.

Saeng Fa
77-79 Saladaeng Road.
Telephone: 511166
Room Rates from 100baht per night.

Jaroen Phong
130/3-4 Saladaeng Road.
Telephone: 511143
Room Rates around 100baht per night.

Chumphon Palace Hotel
328/15 Pracha u-thit Road.
Room Rates from 450baht per night.

Suan Pha Daeng
102 Moo 1, Hat Sai Ri.
Telephone: 521143
Room Rates from 250baht per night.

Sai Ree Lodge
100 Moo 4, Hat Sai Ri.
Telephone: 502023, 511953
Room Rates from 700baht per night.

Porn Sawan Hotel
110 Moo 4, Pak Nam.
Telephone: 521521-6
Room Rates from 700 per night.

Chumphon Sunny Beach Resort
Hat Arunothai.
Room Rates from 550baht per night.

The Runs 'N Roses lodge

They have three rooms available for guests. The rooms are simple but nicely decorated with local handicraft material and wall paintings. All rooms have fans and mosquito nets. The rooms have a shared (Thai style) bathroom.
Room Rates from 600 to 1,000baht per night.

Chumphon 99 Bay Resort
9 Moo 4, Pak Nam.
Telephone: 541481
Room Rates from 150 to 300baht per night.

Tawat Hotel
Khao Ngoen Road. Lang Suan.
Telephone: 541341, 541569
Room Rates from 150 to 500baht per night.

Jane Hotel
127/5 Khao Ngoen Road. Lang Suan.
Telephone: 541330
Room Rates from 150 to 300baht per night.

Tusita Resort
259/9 Moo 1, Paktako, Tungtako, Chumphon, 86220
Room Rates from 7,000 to 23,000baht per night.

Guest Houses in Chumphon

Khiddys's Guesthouse and Belgian Restaurant
14/10 Moo 8 Apakort Rd. Saplee. Pathiu Chumphon 86230
Telephone & Fax: +66 (0) 77 - 560300
Serves Thai and Belgian food in its Restaurant.
Room Rates from 300 to 400baht per night.

Farang Bar and Guest House
Thatapao Road.

68/10 Thatapao, Chumphon, 86000, Thailand
Telephone. +66 77 503001/503179
Has a couple of rooms for rent and does breakfast and snacks.

Restaurants and Bars in Chumphon

Spaghetti House
Near Ocean shopping centre.
Italian, Pizza and ice cream.

Puean Djai Restaurant
Near to the railway station.

Papa SukiYaki
Kromluang Chumphon Road.
Japanese Restaurant.

Papa Seafood
Kromluang Chumphon Road.
Thai Seafood Restaurant.

Suan Rin Restaurant
Kromluang Chumphon Road.

282/12 Poraminthara. Mankha Road.
Telephone: 511707

Chua Kui Ki
59-61 Saladaeng Road.

118 Krom Luang Chumphon Road.
Telephone: 511531

Tang Sun Ki
Tha Taphao Road.
Telephone 511120

Ar Lim
Saladaeng Road.
Telephone: 511907

Jansom Cafe
Jansom Hotel.
Telephone: 502502

Tha Taphao Cafe
Tha Taphao Hotel.
Telephone: 511479

Paradorn Cafe
Paradorn Inn
Telephone 511 598

Pa Pa Cafe
Next to Ocean Shopping Mall.
Telephone: 511802

Hat Sai Ri.
Telephone 521429

Sai Ree Cafe
Sai Ree Lodge.
Telephone 502023

Khao Ngoen Road.

Lum Nam
Lang Suan Road.
Telephone: 541230

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