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Thai Dessert Recipe Kanom Jark

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Khanom Chak or Kanom Jark ขนมจาก is a traditional Thai dessert or sweet, other popular Thai desserts include Khanom Ar_Lua, Khanom Krok, Khao Niaow Ma Muang, Khanom Chan, Sangkhaya Fakthong, Bua Loi Phuak, Kluai Buat Chi, Banana Crisps - Gluay Tort, Kanom Sod Sai and Khanom Thuay, most Thai desserts are either coconut, mango or banana based, Kanom Jark is coconut based.

Bangsaen is famous for it's Thai desserts and you can read more about Bangsaen's market here.

You can learn to order Thai food in Thai with our free video tutorials, this tutorial is on ordering food at a Thai restaurant, we have many other Thai language tutorials here.

Ingredients for Kanom Jark

* nipa palm leaves for wraps, cut to size
* 3 young coconuts
* 400 grams of sticky rice flour
* 200 grams of sugar, palm sugar is the best
* 1 teaspoon of salt (or to taste)

Making your Kanom Jark

* Break open your coconuts, shred the meat and save the coconut milk from one.
* In a bowl add the coconut meat, sugar, sticky rice flour and salt, mix well.
* Add coconut milk slowly whilst stirring till you have a nice paste.
* Spoon the paste into the nipa palm wraps and place on the BBQ.

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