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Sing Buri - สิงห์บุรี

Sing Buri is 463km from Amnat Charoen, 40km from Ang Thong, 142km from Bangkok, 71km from Ayutthaya, 382km from Buriram, 53km from Chainat, 276km from Chaiyaphum, 562km from Chiang Mai, 643km from Chiang Rai, 491km from Kalasin, 218km from Kamphaeng Phet, 421km from Khon Kaen, 231km from Korat, 460km from Lampang, 631km from Lamphun, 466km from Loei, 33km from Lopburi, 785km from Mae Hong Son, 447km from Maha Sarakham, 614km from Mukdahan, 712km from Nakhon Phanom, 101km from Nakhon Sawan, 526km from Nan, 463km from Nong Bua Lampu, 587km from Nong Khai, 549km from Phayao, 232km from Phetchabun, 408km from Phrae, 214km from Phichit, 230km from Phitsanulok, 456km from Roi Et, 619km from Sakon Nakhon, 79km from Saraburi, 543km from Sisaket, 287km from Sukhothai, km from Suphanburi, 429km from Surin, 286km from Tak, 601km from Ubon Ratchathani, 536km from Udon Thani, 83km from Uthai Thani, 348km from Uttaradit and 503km from Yasothon.

Singburi Province is in central Thailand and shares borders with Nakhon Sawan, Lopburi, Ang Thong, Suphanburi and Chainat.

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Sing Buri Tourist Attractions

Singburi Royal Trophy Long-boat Races

Races of long boats – large craft held in October: 55 rowers, medium sized – 40 rowers, small craft – 30 rowers, sales of tasty food from stalls, local sports competitions, sales of local products at reasonable prices and OTOP products.

Sing Buri Fish Festival

Fish sculpture contest held in December, fresh fish exhibition, food from fish contest, special dishes from great chefs, OTOP and varieties of industry products are also available.

In Buri National Museum

This museum is situated inside a temple called Wat Bot. It exhibits several old objects such as King Rama Vs palanquin, large shadow play figures, various styles of Phat Yot (monk ranking ecclesiastical fans), a Green Stone Buddha Image, and an ancient sugar cane crushing machine.
Admission fee is 50 baht.

Wat Bot

This is an old temple constructed in an unusual style having iron rails as the core of the lower part. The window and door panels of the chapel were carved exquisitely by the best artisan of Sing Buri, a man by the name of Chuen Hathakosol, who devoted 10 years of his life doing this piece of work.

Wat Phra Non Chaksi

This temple is 4km. south of the town along the Sing Buri-Suphan Buri route. It houses a huge Sukhothai-style reclining Buddha image, which is revered by the local people and renowned for its large size, almost 46 meters long.

Wat Na Phrathat

This temple, first called Wat Hua Muang by the villagers, is located 1km west of Wat Phra Non Chaksi. It houses an ancient brick pagoda which was built during the ancient Khmers glory. The pagoda was later renovated during the early Ayutthaya period. This area is assumed to have been the ancient site of Sing Buri.

Wat Pho Kao Ton

This temple is near the Monument of Bang Rachan Heroes. It was the base where the Bang Rachan villagers resisted the Burmese attacks. A replica of the ancient fortress, identical to the original, was constructed. In a chapel, there is the statue of Phra Achan Thammachot, who was both a monk and a leader of the Bang Rachan's heroes.

Wat Phikun Thong

This temple in Tambon Wihan Khao, Amphoe Tha Chang, is 9km from Wat Phra Non Chaksi. Visitors come here to pay homage to the statue of Luang Pho Phae, a famous former abbot of the temple. The temple also houses Thailands largest sitting Buddha image, 23 meters wide and 42 meters high, made of concrete and decorated with golden mosaic.

Wat Phra Prang and Ancient Kilns

This ancient site is located in Tambon Choeng Klat, Amphoe Bang Rachan, 17km west of the the town. The temple contains an old pagoda of the Lop Buri style assumed to have been constructed during the reign of King Narai the Great. The pagoda measures 15 meters high and has some Buddha images at its base. Not far from the pagoda, 3-4 ruined ancient kilns have been discovered. They were used for firing earthenware during the Ayutthaya period. The kilns were relatively large and once produced jars, bowls, mortars, pots, gable tops, and floor tiles.

Old Court and City Hall

These two European style buildings are located on Wilaichit Road by the Chao Phraya River in the town. Both are constructed at the same period, some 90 years ago during the reign of King Rama V. They are still in perfect condition.

Wat Sawang Arom

Wat Sawang Arom is located in Ban Bang Mon, Tambon Ton Pho, in the Municipality of Mueang Sing Buri, about 2km from the old City Hall toward the Chao Phraya River. The temple is a center of arts concerning education, construction of the Ubosot (ordination hall), Wihan (image hall), Sala (pavilion), and particularly the sculpture of Buddha images, which has been passed down from the Ban Chang Lo School in Thon Buri district. Within the temple compound, the Nang Yai Museum has collected more than 300 perfect and playable ‘Nang Yai’ great shadow puppets. Phrakhru Singhamuni, the past abbot, gathered some of the figures from the late Ayutthaya period. The others were given by Khru Pia, leader of a shadow play troupe who is well-versed in supervising and voicing the great shadow puppet play and has continued to pass down such performing art. For a show, the Nang Yai puppets are divided into 4 sets: The Great Battle (a battle against the Demon King - - Ravana), The Mongkut – But Lop Battle, The Naga Noose, and The Wirun Chambang Battle. Here, there is a demonstration of a Nang Yai play.
The museum is open on Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m., and on Saturday and Sunday from 8.30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. For those interested in the show, contact in advance at Tel. 0 3654 3212, 0 3654 3237, 08 1851 6205, 08 1802 6085.
To get there: Take Highway 308 (Sing Buri – Ang Thong, the old route) to Km 94, about 3 km from the town of Sing Buri.

Singburi Temple

Sing Buri Guest Houses & Hotels

72 Hotel
9/15 Mu 7, Werachon Road, Amphoe Mueang, Sing Buri
Tel: +66 3651 1759, +66 3651 1938

Baan Phak Bang Ra Chan Sang San Yao Wa Chon
Amphoe Bang Rajan, Sing Buri
Tel: +66 3653 5661-2, +668 9083 6528

Sweet Home
201 Moo 5, Tambon Muang Moo, Amphoe Mueang, Sing Buri
Tel: +66 3653 9265 ,+66 3652 3255

124 Moo 1, Tambon Bang Man, Amphoe Mueang, Sing Buri

Homestay Baan Tha Kham
Bang Rajan
10 Moo 5, Amphoe Bang Rajan, Sing Buri
Tel: +66 3653 5478

City Hotel
151/29, Rob Mueang Road,Tambon Bang Mun, Amphoe Mueang, Sing Buri
Tel: +66 3651 1189, +66 3651 2254

Chao Phraya Garden
184/13 Sing Buri-Lop Buri Road, Tambon Bang Raman, Amphoe Mueang, Sing Buri
Tel: +66 3651 1348, +66 3651 1957

249/4 Pho Kao Ton, Tambon Bang Phutsa , Amphoe Mueang, Sing Buri
Tel: +66 3651 1732

Sing Buri Hotel
882/18 Khun San Road, Tambon Bang Phutsa, Amphoe Mueang, Sing Buri
Tel: 0 3651 1752, 0 3651 1653

Chao Phraya Hotel
954/37, Khunsan Road, Amphoe Mueang, Sing Buri
Tel: +66 3651 1776

Sing Buri Palace
982/9, Wilaichit Road, Tambon Bang Phutsa, Amphoe Mueang, Sing Buri
Tel: +66 3652 0904-5, +66 3653 0717-8

Grand Leo
198 Mu 7 Tambon Bang Man, Amphoe Mueang, Singburi
Tel: +66 3652 2777, +66 3652 2888,

Rungarun Fishing Park and Resort
119/2 Mu 3, Amphoe Phrom Buri, Sing Buri
Tel: 0 3659 9111, 0 3653 7897

124 Mu 1, Tambon Bang Man, Amphoe Mueang, Sing Buri

Rung Aroon Resort
139 Moo 3, Tumbon Rong Chang, Amphoe Phrom Buri, Sing Buri 16120
Telephone 036-599-111

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