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Fresh Water Fish of Thailand

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For more information on the fish listed below, including photos and videos, just click on the picture or the name of the fish to visit its page, if your interested in more Asian traditional ways of catching fish then this thread on Fish Traps maybe of interest.

Fishing in Thailand

8 new Catfish species recognised in Thailand
Bangkok - Bungsamran Lake
Koh Chang Boat Fishing
Pattaya Fishing Park
Bang Saray Boat Fishing
Chiang Mai Fishing
Jomtien Fishing
Fishing Thailand
A Visit to a Fish Farm
South Pattaya Fishing Park
Another Pattaya Fishing Park
Pattaya - Jomtien Fishing Park
Thailand Fishing Videos

Edible Fresh Water Fish
Click Picture for Recipes

Fancy Catfishing on the River Mekong
Click Picture for 200kilo Chiang Rai Fish

Silver-Shark Barb
Tongue Fish
Glass Sheatfish
Greater Bony Lipped Barb

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Nieuhof's Walking Catfish, Paradise Threadfin, Red Cheek Barb, Red Finned Black Shark, Red Tailed Botia, Red Tailed Black Shark, Red Tailed Snake Head Fish, Red Tail Tinfoil Barb, Nile Tilapia, River Sole, Rohu Fish, Sccobranch Catfish, Schwanenfeld's Tinfoil Barb, Taper Tailed Anchovy, Silver Rasbora, River Abramine, Rock Catfish, Scale Mud Carp, Siamensis Pangasius, Siamese Fighting Fish, Siamese Giant Carp, Siamese Glassfish, Siamese Gyrinocheilidae, Siamese Tiger Fish, Silver Carp, Striped Snakehead Fish, Striped Tiger Nandid, Sumatran Tiger Barb, Swamp Eel, Temmincks Kissing Gourami, Three Spot Gourami, Tiger Loach, Transverse Bar Barb, True Eel, Truncated Estuarine Catfish, Smith's Barb, Snakeskin Gourami, Soldier Croaker, Soldier River Barb, Soro Brook Carp, Spotted Featherback, Spotted Spiny Eel, Stream Barilius, Striped Catfish, Striped Croaking Gourami, Bony Lipped Barb Fish, Twisted Jaw Sheatfish, Whisker Sheatfish, White Lady Carp, Yellow Mystus and Yellow Tail Botia.