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Sa Kaeo

Sa Kaeo is not a major tourist destination and most visitors are more than likely to be traveling onto Aranyaprathet - Poi Pet which is about 70km away for a visa run, you can read more about Cambodia in our Cambodia travel forum.

If you are traveling from Bangkok to Sa Kaeo you can go by train or catch a bus at either Ekkamai or Mo Chit bus stations, it is about 245km so is about a 4 hour journey.

Sakaeo is 242km from Ang Thong, 150km from Chachoengsao, 148km from Chanthaburi, 217km from Chonburi, 174km from Korat, 127km from Nakhon Nayok, 249km from Nonthaburi, 255km from Pathum Thani, 86km from Prachinburi, 258km from Rayong, 245km from Samut Prakan, 184km from Saraburi, 286km from Suphan Buri and 218km from Trat.

Sa Kaeo Province shares borders with Chanthaburi, Chachoengsao, Prachin Buri, Nakhon Ratchasima and Buri Ram. To the east it borders Banteay Meanchey and Battambang of Cambodia.

If you want to learn more about Sa Kaeo or ask a question why not visit our Eastern Thailand and Sa Kaeo Forum.

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Sa Kaeo Tourist Attractions

Pang Sida National Park

Pang Sida National Park covers area of 844 square kilometres, being a Thai national park you will probably be charged more than the locals, it has several waterfalls and is popular for bird and butterfly watching.
Pang Sida National Park

Ta Phraya National Park

Tapraya National Park is close to Pang Sida National Park and is part of Phanom Dong Rak Mountain Range located in the eastern side lying towards the west. It covers 2 provinces, that is, Sa Kaew and Buriram Province.

Sa Kaeo Boat Races

Sa Kaeo annual boat races is a 2 day event with decorative long boats and other festivities.

Phet Pho Thong Cave

Phet Pho Thong Cave is a large 4 chamber cave in Klong Hat District.

Khao Chakan Mountains

Khao Chakan has 3 mountains, here you will find monkeys, bats and caves, also at the base is a botanical garden.

Tham Hat Sai Kaeo

This small cave is part of the same mountain range as Tham Phet Pho Thong. Tham Had Sai Kaeo offers a 25 m cliff, where rappelling activities are offered. The cave contains impressive stalagmites and stalactites, in striking shapes and figures which visitors will enjoy.

Prasat Khao Lon

This temple is on Khao lon in Ban Charoen Suk, Tambon Thappharat. The architectural style of this site is similar to that of Prasat Khao Noi. There were four towers (prang). However, only the central one is still existed. To the northeastern part of the temple are two large ponds which are connected to the temple by an ancient roadway. Traveling to this temple is by using highway No.3068 (Ta Phraya Buri Ram), and then turning left to Ban Charoen Suk. It is about 28 kilometres from Ta Phraya.

Prasat Khao Noi

This site is situated in Wat Khao Noi Si Chomphu, Tambon Khlong Nam Sai, which is 12 kilometres to the south of the city. This ancient venue is on the 80 metre hill. With the stairs of 254 steps, this site is composed of three towers (prang). However, only the central one has been remained. It has been registered in year 1935 by the Department of Fine Arts as the national ancient site. Some sandstone lintels and statues were found, and they are now displayed at the Prachin Buri National Museum.

Sa Kaeo Sa Khwan

These two ponds are located in Tambon Sa Kaeo on the western side of town. Before approaching the city, turn right at 246th kilometre. It is believed that these two ponds contain sacred water once used for the coronation ceremony. The name of the province (Sa Kaeo) had been derived from this venue, whereby Somdej Chaophraya Maha Kasatsuk (King Rama I later) went to fight with the Cambodians, and stopped at this site to use sacred water to swear for the fighting courage.

Chong Klam Bon Wildlife Breeding Station

Located at Tambon Nong Mak Fai, this site has an area of approximately 430 Rai. To get to this area use the same route to Pang Sida National Park, pass Tha Krabak Reservoir for about 500 metres, turn left for about 3 kilometres. Under Wildlife Sanctuary Bureau of Forestry Department, this sanctuary has been established since 1983, initiated by H.M.the Queen Sirikit to conserve rare and wild animals, such as wild birds and mammals. This sanctuary also conducts studies and researches on wild animals, and disseminates information, and knowledge on wildlife.

Sadok Kok Thom Castle

This sand stone castle which was built in the 10th Century A.D. is in Ban Nong Samet, Khok Sung Sub-district.


La-lu is in Ban Khlong Yang, it covers an area of 800 acres which is covered in earth pillars due to different soils and erosion, the locals do tours for tourists using Thai style tractors.

Members Visits to Sa Kaeo

Pak Chong to Poi Pet

A visa run on a 125cc motorbike to the Cambodian border.

5 Reasons to Visit Sa Kaeo

It's pretty difficult to list 5 reasons to go to Sakaeo.

Sakaeo & Aranyaprathet

A visit to some of the ancient temples and wats along the border area.

Aranyaprathet - A bit of History

A nice look at the Aranyaprathet border crossing over the last 30 years.

Khao Chakan, Amphur Anniversary Parade and Festival

Annual event with parades, noisy trucks, drinking and evil monkeys.

Tham Phet Pho Thong

Situated at Ban Khao Lueam in Amphoe Khlong Had, visitors will enjoy trekking to the cave through Chan Pha Forest, which is preserved by the villagers. Throughout the year, the cave is well ventilated with natural breezes and fresh mountain air. The inside of the cave is separated into 4 zones.

Zone 1 – Entering the cave mouth, visitors will be fascinated by a spacious oval area, naturally decorated with creamy white rocks.
Zone 2 – Descend from the tunnel to a large hall, where the sun shines through from the north. The area is pleasant with good air ventilation, and a cool breeze.
Zone 3 – Walk to ‘the pearl hall adorned with diamonds’. This spacious hall is the cave’s highlight, where stalactites and stalagmites form a pearly, oval Chedi decorated with glittering sand. Throughout the cave, the walls and ceiling are decorated with golden Bo leaf–like patterns, caused by rust formation as water trickles down through the rock. This cave is amazingly beautiful and interesting.
Zone 4 – This zone is dubbed ‘the castle gate of the cave’. Smooth creamy stones are found at the cave mouth. In addition, there is an interesting stalactite and stalagmite formation which looks like a Buddha statue.

For further information, contact Tambon Khlong Had Administration Office, tel. 0 3751 2142, 08 9936 3880, 08 6101 1539.

Bang Fai Rocket Festival

Sa Kaeo Hotels & Guesthouses

Baan Rai Chai Khao
33/1 Baan Khao Nan Ta, T. Phra Phloeng, A. Khao Chakan, Sakaeo 27000 084-014-2285, 081-047-5222

Chantra (จันทรา)
299 Mu 16 Suwanason Road (Tel: 0 3724 1711-3 Fax: 0 3724 1332), 85 rooms: 420-730 baht

Good View Lake Country Resort
47 Moo 1 Srakeaw-Chanthaburi Rd., T. Khao Chakan, A. Khao Chakan, Sakaeo 27000 037-243-941-2, 086-380-5701

Great Inn Hotel
25 Tesaban 7 Rd., T. Sakaeo, A. Muang, Sakaeo 27000 037-421-078, 081-863-7673

Kawee Hotel
241 Suwannasorn Rd., T. Sakaeo, A. Muang, Sakaeo 27000 037-241-216

Kawee Villa Hotel
2 Moo 2 Soi 1 Tesaban 19 Rd., T. Sakaeo, A. Muang, Sakaeo 27000 037-241-217

Kawi Hotel (กวีโฮเต็ล)
43 Mu 2 Suwanason Road (Tel: 0 3724 1216), 52 rooms: 220-380 baht

Kawi Villa (กวีวิลล่า)
557 Mu 2 Behind Sa Kaeo Health Centre, Sathani Rotfai Road (Tel: 0 3724 1217), 12 rooms: 400 baht

Market Hotel
105/30-32 Ratutid Rd., , Aranyaprathet, Sa Kaeo 27120 037 232 302, 037 233 088

Pang Sida National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติปางสีดา)
27 kms. north of Sa Kaeo Town (Tel: 01-947 5948 Bangkok Tel: 579 5734, 579 7223), bungalows: 500-600 baht

River Resort & Spa
405 Suwannasorn Rd., A. Muang, Sakaeo 27000 037-421-111 Fax: 037-220-500

Ruenkeaw Resort
1/7 Tessaban 18 Rd., Soi Pramong, T. Sakaeo, A. Muang, Sakaeo 27000 037-242-141

Sa Kaeo Hotel (สระแก้ว)
206 Mu 2 Suwanason Road (Tel: 0 3724 1024-5), 42 rooms: 230-350 baht

Sang Chan Hotel
27 Tessaban 7 Rd., T. Sakaeo, A. Muang, Sakaeo 27000 037-241-913, 037-220-243

Srikit Gardenhome Resort
29/1 Thetsaban 14 Rd., T. Sakaeo, A. Muang, Sakaeo 27000 037-220-766-7

Travel Hotel
206/1 Suwanasorn Rd., T. Sakaeo, A. Muang, Sakaeo 27000 037-241-024-5

Aranyaprathet Hotels & Guesthouses

Aran Gaden Hotel 2
110 Ratutid Rd., T. Aranyaprathet, A. Aranyaprathet, Sakaeo 27120 037-231-070

Aran Mermaid Hotel
33 Thanawithi Rd., T. Aranyaprathet, A. Aranyaprathet, Sakaeo 27120 037-223-655-65

Baan Suan Resort
14 Suwannasorn Rd. Aranyaprathet-Rongklua Km. 3, T. Aranyaprathet, A. Aranyaprathet, Sakaeo 27120 037-230-271-3, 081-663-9507, 086-841-8388 Fax: 037-230-274

Chai Suk Hotel
23/1 Suwanasorn Rd., T. Aranyaprathet, A. Aranyaprathet, Sakaeo 27120 037-231-175, 037-231-612

Indochina Hotel
154 Moo 6, Thanavithee Rd., T. Baanmai Nongsai, A. Aranyaprathet, Sakaeo 27120 037-232-588 Fax: 037-223-324

Inter Hotel
108/7 Chatasing Rd., T. Aranyaprathet, A. Aranyaprathet, Sakaeo 27120 037-231-291, 037-231-848

Great Inn House Hotel
273 Thanawitee Rd., T. Baanmai Nongsai, A. Aranyaprathet, Sakaeo 27120 037-223-432-6

Maneeburapa Garden & Resort
15/1 Suwannasorn Rd. Km.2 (Right Zone), T. Aranyaprathet, A. Aranyaprathet, Sakaeo 27120 037-230-072

Nice Grace House
26 Suwannasorn Rd., T. Aranyaprathet, A. Aranyaprathet, Sakaeo 27120 037-233-117

Thup Thong Kum Hotel
364 Moo 2 Thanawitee Rd., T. Baanmai Nongsai, A. Aranyaprathet, Sakaeo 27120 037-231-167, 037-231-550, 037-231-679

Wangprapa Resort
70/5 Wangplatong Rd., T. Aranyaprathet, A. Aranyaprathet, Sakaeo 27120 037-222-690-1, 037-233-150

Sa Kaeo Festivals

Sa Kaeo has several annual festivals, these include the Khlong Hat Sweet Rose Apple Fair in January, the Eastern Cultural Fair and Red Cross Fair in February with various processions, Miss Red Cross Contest, Thai evening attire displays, local cultural demonstrations, singing contests, Red Cross and local community booths, and the Cantaloupe Festival in April.

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