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Trang - ตรัง

Trang is 828km from Bangkok, 378km from Chumphon, 148km from Hat Yai, 842km from Kanchanaburi, 131km from Krabi, 802km from Nakhon Pathom, 123km from Nakhon Sri Thammarat, 355km from Narathiwat, 260km from Pattani, 705km from Petchaburi, 221km from Phang Nga, 56km from Phatthalung, 312km from Phuket, 548km from Prachuap Khiri Khan, 403km from Ranong, 758km from Ratchburi, 793km from Samut Sakhon, 758km from Samut Songkhram, 140km from Satun, 176km from Songkhla, 908km from Suphanburi, 226km from Surat Thani and 288km from Yala.

Trang Province shares borders with Krabi, Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Phatthalung and Satun.

Trang Province has many Food Festivals each year, much too many to list on this page, if your interested in food and Trang then check out our Trang Food Festivals page.

From Bangkok you can get to Trang by bus, train or air, for cheap flights to Trang Nok Air is worth a call.

If your going to Koh Mook small coaches provide transfer services from Trang airport or train station to Ko Mook (Kuan Tungku Pier) (about 40 minutes). After that boat transfers to the island are also available. The journey to the island will take approximately 10 minutes by speed boat or 30 minutes by long tail boat. Alternatively, private rental boats are another option for transfer to Koh Mook.

If your going to Koh Libong a long-tail boats takes around 30 minutes from Had Yao port. The best time to visit the island is from October to May. Between October - December, it's quieter and it provides the best light for photographers. Between January – February the water is clear and calm making it the best time for diving and snorkelling. From March – April the weather is at it's hottest, attracting the sun seekers and beach lovers.
From Koh Libong tourists can travel to Koh Kradan and Talay Trang appox 1.20 hours by long-tail boat which costs around 1,500 Baht per trip.

There are 46 islands in Trang province and Trang has 4 main piers for boats to the islands, they are Pak Meng Pier, Ban Chao Mai Pier, Klong Son Pier and Kuan Thung Kuu Pier, so there are plenty of beaches for you to explore till you find the one that suits you. For more info on the beaches and islands in Trang check out our Trang Islands & Beaches page.

If you want to learn more about Trang and the surrounding areas in Southern Thailand why not post your questions in our Southern Thailand & Trang Forum.

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Trang Tourist Attractions

A Trang Vacation

A stay at the Anantara, Si Kao, a trip to Le Khaokob Cave, a botanical garden and of course the hot springs.

Koh Hai

A trip from Phuket to Trang, on the boat to Koh Hai with visits to the beaches and of course the Emerald cave.

Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony

Diving enthusiasts unite…literally! Each year dozens of couples travel to Pak Meng Beach in Trang province of southern Thailand to get married…underwater! This unique underwater wedding ceremony actually follows the procedures of a traditional Thai wedding; the proper wedding ceremony is held on the beach in a traditional Thai style while the registration procedure takes place underwater off nearby Koh Kradan. In 2007 they opened up the ceremony to allow Gay Couples to be Blessed.

Hat Chao Mai National Park

The coastline of Trang in total extends for over 120 km. And has historically been inhabited by sea fishermen whose houses were built at the mouths of streams and rivers flowing into the sea. These people had an simple easy life, fishing and harvesting produce from there surroundings. The coast of Trang is dominated by beaches of the finest quality sand, clear water and a plentiful unspoilt coastal forest.

Khao Pu - Khao Ya National Park

Situated in Phattalung and Trang Provinces, the park is named by local "Bha Brommajan" (Virgin Forest). There are camp on trees along the river, at the low land. The park is plateau and surrounded by steep mountain. The park's attraction are; Tham Ruen Thepnimit, Tham Wang Nai Phud and Tham Kon Than Long Sra Caves; Khao Kram and Rian Thong Waterfalls and Sra (pool) Nong Manora.

Mu Ko Phetra National Park

The topography of the park is dominated by Limestone rocks which were deposited in a shallow sea around 470 million years ago, during the Ordovician period. This rock unit was laid down over a very long period of time and as a result in places it is over 2,750m thick. Limestone rock is impermeable but is soluble in water. Thus over a long period of time water seepage through natural fissures results in the fissures enlarging to form a variety of structures and eventually caves. This process results in some fantastic landforms being observed at Phetra National Park.

Khuan Tamnak Chan Public Park

The park is located approximately 24 kilometers from the city. Encompassing an area of 250 rai, the park offers spectacular surroundings and a magnificent view of the sea and Kantang District. Having been developed to grow large trees and decorative plants, the park is equipped with tourist facilities that include resting pavilion and a parking lot.

Hot Spring

Thailand's hot springs are not located only in the northern region, but also in the south. At Mu 7, Tambon Bo Nam Ron, the hot spring is accessible via a road from Kantang (kilometer 10 marker). This natural hot spring has a constant temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. It is growing in importance as an attraction for tourists concerned with their health.

A Trang Holiday

Leaving Khao Sok in Surat Thani in the early morning, a stop at Tham Le Khao Kob, then the waterfall Roi Chan Phan Wang, 100 levels, thousand palaces and onwards from there.

Chao Mai Cave-Chao Khun Cave

This is a stalagmite/stalactite cave in To Nae Mountain, near Ban Chao Mai. It can be reached by a 15-minute boat trip from Hat Yao. A small rowboat can take travelers to explore the cave and proceed through to a verdant mangrove forest.

Tham Khao Kop (Khao Kop Cave)

A canal from the Banthat Mountain Range is divided into 3 waterways upon reaching Khao Kop, with 2 going around the mountain and the other flowing through the cave under the mountain. An amazing natural wonder, the main attraction at Khao Kop is this stream which flows through the cave.

Namtok Phrai Sawan

A medium-sized waterfall with 17 sub-levels, Phrai Sawan Waterfall is ideal for relaxation. The fall has rubber boats available to take visitors on a 5-kilometer raft trip around the waterfall. It can be reached by taking the Trang-Phatthalung Road to the kilometer 17 marker, then turning right onto the Ban Ka Chong-Ban Hat Lao Road and proceeding for 20 kilometers. At the directional sign for the Waterfall turn left and proceed for another 4.5 kilometers.

Namtok Ton Te

This waterfall is located 45 kilometers from the city. Originating in the Banthat Mountain Range, the waterfall drops 320 meters down to the rocks. Assorted tropical flora covers the surrounding area. The waterfall is accessible by car throughout the year. To reach the waterfall, take Trang-Phatthalung Road for about 17 kilometers, turn right onto the Ban Kachong-Ban Hat Lao Road (Highway No. 4124) for about 27 kilometers and finally make a left turn and proceed for another 1 kilometer.

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Khao Pina

This unique mountain is hollow all the way to the top resembling an overturned pan. At the foot of the mountain is Wat Khao Pina, a temple where a reclining Buddha image is enshrined at the cave entrance. Concrete stairs allow visitors to see the caves beauty, with options of 3 trails. With lush forests and a tranquil environment, the area is perfect for relaxation.
The mountain is in Tambon Na Wong, 45 kilometers from the city on Phetkasem Road. There is a 2 kilometer road which branches out from there to the mountain.

Tha-le Song Hong (lake of Two Rooms)

Located to the northwest of the province is a large lake surrounded by limestone hills. A mountain in the middle of the lake divides it in half resulting in the name Thale Song Hong. With an awesome view, crystal clear water which allows perfect viewing of the many fishes underneath, the lake is a perfect spot for fun and relaxation.
Thale Song Hong is in Tambon Bang Di, 8 kilometers from the district center. To get there, take Phetkasem Road (HuaiYot-Krabi) to Ban Phraek, then turn right and proceed for 12 kilometers.

Khao Chong Wildlife Development and Conservation Promotion Station

Thailand's first nature and wildlife study place, the Station is covered with large trees, streams and waterfalls like Ton Yai, Ton Noi and Ka Chong. Its nature study trail is a walking trail that is ideal for studying nature up close, with signs along the trail providing information on the environment. The Museum and Exhibition Building has exhibitions on nature and natural resource conservation. The Station is located approximately 21 kilometers from the City on the Trang-Phatthalung Road. More information can be obtained from the station at Mu 7, Tambon Chong, Amphoe Na Yong, P.O. Box 4, Trang.

Trang Hotels & Guest Houses

CoCo Cottage Hotel
109/77 Moo 9 T.Khok Lo, A.Mueang, Trang 92000
Tel & Fax: 075-224-387

Coco Cottage Resort
109/77 Moo.9 Tambol Koke-Lor., Muang Trang 92000
Tel & Fax: 075-224-387

Koh Mook Charlie Beach Resort & Hotel
164 Moo 2, Koh Mook, Kantang Trang 92000
Tel: 076-356-032

Koh Mook Sivalai Resort
Koh Mook T.Koh LiBong Trang 92110
HP: 089-723-3355
Tel: 075-207-952

Koh Ngai Resort
142/1 M.4 Tambol Mai-Fad , Amphor Sikao Trang 92150
Tel: 075-206-924-26

Koh Ngai Villa Hotel
112 Rama VI Rd.,T.Tubteang.A.Muang Trang 92000
Tel: 075-210-496

Le Dugong Libong Resort & Diving Center Hotel
15 moo 5, T. Koh Libong, A. Kantang, Trang 92110
HP: 087-972-7228

Libong Beach Resort & Hotel
Koh Libong Ban Lhang Khao, A.Kantang, Trang 92110
Tel & Fax: 02-531-2465

Thumrin Hotel
99 Sathani Road,T.Tubteang, A.Muang, Trang 92000
Tel: 075-211-011

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