Tham Khao Plu Hot Spring

This place is one of the most popular tourists spots in Lamae District. It is in Mu 2, Tambon Suan Taeng, 7 kilometers away from the district center along Highway 41. There are 3 hot spas here at the foot of the mountain slope. In the vicinity, there are also 4 caves with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Wildlife such as squirrels, pig-tailed monkeys and birds of different species are scattered around the area. Available of the private cabin to relaxing in the hot spring bathtub and pool area in the shade of trees. For more information, please contact to Tambon Suan Taeng Administration office Tel : 0 7752 0136.

Phato Canal Rafting

Forests in Phato is the origin of many canals which are lined with evergreen forests, and fruit orchards. Owing to the various rapids in this area, the adventurous activities have been then organized in Phato canal all year round. Through these types of activities, visitors are able to witness some interesting animals such as: langurs and hornbills. Besides, there are fruit orchards of durians, coffee, and mangosteens. For those interested in trekking, visitors can have the choice of camping, or elephant riding. The Festival of Phato Canal rafting is best during February and April.

Tham Khao Phlu Wildlife Conservation Area

About 3 kilometres from Pathio along highway no.3253, the area is covered with limestone mountain range in beautiful shapes, parallel to the road. This is the habitat of 3 flocks of southern langurs. They will come down to find food in the evening.

Khao Kriap Cave

This is one of the most beautiful caves in the south. It is 85 kilometres from Chumphon along highway no.4 (Chumphon - Lang Suan), and turn right for another two kilometres. There is a Buddhist temple at the foot of the Khao Kriap hill. Inside the cave, there is also a Buddha image besides the stalactites and stalagmites.

Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park

Located at Moo 7, this venue is 65 kilometres from Chumphon by turning right at Lang Suan crossroad for another three kilometres. This garden is beautifully decorated with flowers and the statue of the Princess' Mother, the highlight of this garden. Not far is Tham Khao Ngoen, of which there is the inscription of King Rama V's initials. Another inscription on the wall is No.108 which was the Ratanakosin Era when he visited the Malaya Peninsula in 1889. Also, there is a Chedi in front of the cave.

Tham Thip Prida

This area is a rocky mountain with a stream flowing past the front. This mountain has about 40 beautiful caves, some of which contain pools. These caves are in Mu 2, Tambon Khao Khai. Tourists can easily get there through Chumphon- Sawi Route up to Khao Beep intersection, Thung Tako District. Then, go along Khao Beep- Khao Thalu Route for about 16 kilometers, turn left into a brick road and travel for 4 kilometers more until you arrive at Huai Kaew intersection. Then, turn left into a village road and travel for 6 kilometers more, you will be at ThamThip Prida. The total distance from the city center is 70 kilometers.

Khlong Phrao National Park

Being the origin of rivers and canals in Chumphon, this Park covers the area in Amphoe Thung Tako, and Amphoe Mueang. Use highway no.41 to Lang Suan Crossroad, turn right for 15 kilometres. In rainy season, the best vehicle to use is 4-wheel drive. There are many natural attractions such as Namtok Thap Chang, a 2-level, middle sized waterfall which is the most beautiful in the Park. The Parks area is suitable for overnight, bird watching, and trekking for nature study. For further details, please contact the Natural Resource Conservation Bureau, Forestry Department, at Tel: 0 2579 7223.

Khao Chao Mueang

This mountain is next to Hat Sai Ri along the coast for 2.5 kilometres. On top of this mountain, there is a pavilion for view watching. And further from this area around one kilometre away there is an open area where a panoramic view of the various islands in the sea can be viewed.

Khao Phang Forest Park

Situated at the border of Amphoe Mueang and Tha Sae, this park is 12 kilometres from Chumphon along highway no.4 (Chumphon - Tha Sae route). In the park, there are many kinds of plants. At the front, are the parks gate and Prince Chumphons Shrine. The top of the mountain is both the cut-edge cliff suitable for hangliders and the view-point for Chumphon town.

Namtok Kapo Forest Park

Located in Tambon Salui, this waterfall is 13 kilometres from Tha Sae, along Phetkasem Road, between 466th 468th kilometre, or from Pathomphon Crossroad, by Petkasem Road for about 30 kilometres. The park has the area of 7,010 Rai of shaded forests and small waterfalls, suitable for relaxation.

Chumphon Horbicultural Research Center

It is the training center for MAWA coconut planting. This plant is the breed from the African and Malaysian ones. The Center has the area of 1,700 rai (1 acre = 2.5 rai). The office and residence are at the front, while at the back is the planting area for pepper, coffee, cocoa and coconuts.

Namtok Heo Lom

Located at Ban Bok Fai, Mu 3, Tambon Pak Song, about 16 kilometers from the District Office of Phato along the Lang Suan-Ratchakrud Highway (Highway 4006) : These scenic falls are a perfect fresh water adjunct to Chumphon’s beaches and islands. From the bottom of the falls, two-hour rafting tours down the scenic Bok Rai River can be arranged between November and April. For additional information contact the Phato District Office at 0 7753 9040. (To reach the waterfall turn left off Highway 4006 at Km. 11 , and continue for another 8 kilometers until reaching the fall’s entrance.)

Heo Lom Waterfall

This waterfall is located at Ban Bok Fai, Tambon Pak Song, in Kuan Mae Yai Mon Wildlife Sanctuary. From Amphur Mueang, use highway no.4 to Lang Suan Junction, turn right to highway no.4006 (Lang Suan - Ratchakrut route), pass Phato to the 11th kilometre and, turn left for another 8 kilometres. The most suitable vehicle to be used is 4-wheel drive. From Heo Lome Forest Guard Unit, there is a trek for 500 metres, pass the origin of Phato Canal, and fertile evergreen forest. The waterfall is more than 80 metres high, surrounded by various kinds of trees. It is a venue for relaxation, trekking for natural study, and bird sanctuary.

Namtok Thap Chang

This is the most beautiful waterfall in Khlong Phrao National Park, situated at Mu 5, Tambon Tako. Amphoe Thung Tako. It is surrounded with various varieties of trees, and many different types of animals live here. To get there, travel along highway 41 until you come to a police booth at Sammai, Lang Suan cross-road. Then turn right into a brick road and go on for another 15 kms. The waterfall is about 65 kms. from the city center.

Suan Nai Dum

Situated on Hwy 41, 54 km from the town of Amphoe Thung Tako, the orchard produces good quality fruits such as tangerine, papaya, dragon fruit, and Mayong Chit (marrian plum). The orchard is a perfect highway stop, ideal for taking a break from a long drive. A restaurant, coffee shop and souvenir shop are located in a beautiful lush green area. Remarkably, the orchard offers a unique toilet.

The toilet at Nai Dum’s Fruit Orchard won the award from the Nation’s annual toilet competition in 2006. In addition, it had been proclaimed by the Ministry of Public Health to be a Thai public toilet learning centre, which is regularly visited by students and organizations. Mr Dum, the orchard owner, had the intention to develop this public toilet to be a pleasant place for visitors. Therefore, his idyllic and hygienic toilet is surrounded by nature; with flowers, trees and miniature waterfalls.