Chumphon Islands


Ko Maphrao

This is a small island with 50-metre long, beautiful beach, including the coral reef in the west. Visitors who wish to visit this island should obtain permission from the Provincial Office 15 days in advance because of the monopoly of the business in the sparrow's nests of the island.

Ko Mattra

This is a big island which is only 45 minutes away. In front of the beach, there are many rocks. Visitors can spend their time snorkelling to see the corals around the island. On the island, there are facilities such as accommodations, restaurants, and fresh-water bathing services. This island is in the area of Chumphon Islands National Park.

Ko Ngam Yai and Ko Ngam Noi

Being in the south of Ao Thung Wua Laen, seventeen kilometres from the shore, there are coral reefs, rocks, and underwater caves. These venues are considered to be one of the best diving spots. For further information, please contact Chumphon Cabana Resort at Tel: 0 7756 0245 - 7 or 0 2472 1825.

Ko Thalu

Being a small limestone island with two big caves, around the island, there are viewing points for corals and sea flowers.

Mu Ko Chumphon National Park

Having been announced in 1989, this National Park covers the total area of beaches and islands of 198,125 rai (1 acre = 2.5 rai).

The Parks Office is 21 kilometres from town. Using highway no.4001, turn right to Hat Sai Ri, then turn right again for 8 kilometres. The Tourist Information Center is connected with the wooden-bridge walkways for nature study of plant and animals. Visitors can travel by boat or can stay overnight in their tents near the office.

The beautiful beaches in the park include Hat Thung Makham and Hat Sai Ri in Amphoe Mueang, Hat Arunothai in Amphoe Thung Tako, Hat Tong Khrok in Amphoe Lang Suan. In the sea are more than 40 islands such as Ko Chorakhe, Ko Ngam, Ko Samet, Ko Maphrao, Ko Mattra, Ko Thong Lang, Ko Langka Chio and few islands in Amphoe Thung Tako. On some islands, there are diving sites, fine white sand beaches and corals; such as Chorakhe Island in the northern part of the park. Ngam and Lanka Chio Islands have many sea sparrow's nests. Around Ngam Island, there are perfect coral reefs which are the interesting sites for diving. Thong Lang Island has white and beautiful beach. Tourists can hire boats to travel along these islands at the appropriate price. Contact at Tel: 0 7755 8144.

Ko Chorakhe

Although “Chorakhe” means “crocodile” in Thai, visitors to this charming, respite some 11 kilometers offshore from Ao Thung Wua Laen, need not worry as the island gets its namesake from its shape, not its inhabitants. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the island by boat, but visitors will be rewarded for their efforts with peace and quiet, two small beaches to choose from, and excellent snorkeling conditions. Offshore fishing is also reported to be good.

Ko Khai

A small, mountainous island with the distance of 4 kms. from Hat Bo Mao, Ko Khai is surrounded with many short, attractive beaches. The island’s beauty, however, lies below the surface of the crystal clear water. It is encircled by colorful coral reefs teeming with fish and other marine life. It is counted as one of the best fishing place in the district.

Ko Phithak

This island is in Tambon Bang Nam Chuet and is one kilometer from the shore. The island has beautiful rocks and many fishing villages. When the tide is low you can walk from the shore to the island.