Chumphon Beaches


Hat Sai Ri

This scenic and popular beach is about 20 kilometres from Chumphon by highways no.4119 and 4098. There are bus services from town to the beach. It is a large and curved beach and it is one of the favorites amongst Chumphon people for their relaxation. There are some accommodations and restaurants available along the beach

Hat Pha Daeng

Being 14 kilometres from town by the same route to Hat Sai Ri or 2 kilometres from Hat Pharadon- Phap, this beach has a 10-metre red cliff which has been eroded by wind and rain and has turned to the shape of a curved bridge. It is also one of the best sites to view the sea and is suitable for relaxation.

Hat Pharadonphap

This beach is 12 kilometres from Chumphon by highway Nos. 4119 and 4098. This is a large beach, parallel to the road, which is shaded by coconut trees.

Thung Makham Bay

This scenic bay area consists of Thung Makham Nok and Thung Makham Nai Bays. Using highway no.4119 and 4098, for 27, and 31 kilometres to Thung Makham Nok and Thung Makham Nai Bays, respectively. They are half-circle beaches, adjacent to each other, separated by the line of rocks. With long line of coconut trees and quiet surroundings, these beaches have very fine sand. By the south end, Wat Suwan Khuha Khiri Wong or Wat Pong Pang is located under the shade of the coconut trees. At the back of the Wat facing the sea, is a long cliff of more than 80 metres.

Ao Yai Ai

This bay has the most suitable area to view the panoramic atmosphere of the surroundings at almost 25 metres above sea level. Within this bay area, there are many coral reefs of almost 7 kilometres. Tourists have the opportunity of diving to view these beautiful coral.

Tham Thong - Bang Boet Beach

From town, use Phetkasem Road, turn right at the 426th kilometre for 21 kilometres The beautiful beach in Tambon Pak Khlong is more than 5 kilometres long. The highlights of the area consist of different-shaped limestones and seaside villages, parallel to the road and pine tree line, suitable for easy driving or biking. The beach is extended to Bang Boet in Prachuap Khiri Khan, which is presently the area of H.M.the King's project.

Thung Wua Laen Beach

A beautiful and well-known beach of Pathio, it is most popular among Thai and foreign tourists. Being situated in Tambon Saphli, it is 16 kilometres from Chumphon along Chumphon Hat Thung Wua Laen route. The beach has white, fine sand, with small slope, which is suitable for swimming. Also it is one of the most famous snorkeling spots in Chumphon, with the view of seaweed, sponge, and sea flowers.

Hat Tawan Chai

This is a large long beach parallel to the line of coconut palms. It is the most beautiful beach in this district suitable for relaxation. This beach is in Mu 3, Tambon Lamae. Tourists can get there by car, from Phetkasem Road via Lamae District intersection, then turn left into a brick road and go on for about 7 kilometers.

Hat Sai Ri Sawi

This beautiful beach is located in Tambon Tha Hin. To visit the beach, use Highway no.41 (Chumphon- Sawi route), turn left to Sawi - Bo Kha route for 12 kilometres. This large beach is parallel to the coconut line, suitable for relaxation and it is the venue where the lifestyle of the fishermen is very impressive.

Hat Arunothai

From highway no.4, turn left to highway no.4096 for 6 kilometres. This beach is situated 60 kilometres from Chumphon. Visitors can observe the lifestyle of the local fishermen on this quiet beach. Near the beach, there is the Prince Chumphons Shrine. Nearby is Paknam Thung Tako- the site where fishermen of Thung Tako depart for their voyage to the sea. The view of these fishermen daily routine is very colourful and impressive.