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Tokay Gecko

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Tokays are named after the noise they make and are the bulldogs of the gecko world, they seem to hold no fear of anything, if you have one latched onto the end of your finger or any other part of your anatomy, the best bet is to submerge it in water until it lets go, if you have one in your house and want to get rid of it, tease it with a broom or brush, once it bites onto it take the broom and gecko and leave them outside, eventually he will let the broom go.
Tokays are probably not the best Thai pet as many Thai people hold these geckos in fear and respect, suprisingly they don't eat them either.
Tokay Geckos are found all over South East Asia and are supposed to live in rain forests and places like that, sadly I think the lure of the lights in towns and cities is too strong for them as it makes easy catching of insects for them.
The male tokay can grow up to 40cm and will generally live for 7-10 years.

A thread on TeakDoor members problems with the Tokay Gecko.

*EDIT 2011* I have just found an article from the Thai Zoos webpage on the Golden Tree Snake, the article is as follows: Chrysopelea ornata It is a teratorial snake with a round head. It can move very rapidly. Its body is in light green color with the black stripes throughout its body. Its head has many black stripes until it looks like that its head is in black color. The color under its chin is white, and the color under its belly is light green or light yellow. In additions, there are a lot of black spots under its tail. This type of snake can be found in the area with the altitude of more than 550 meters in Thailand, China, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Indochina, Malaysia, Philippines.The Golden Tree Snake eats lizards, chameleons, birds, rats, some smaller snakes, and insects. Sometimes it will force and steal food from the gecko, so Thai people misunderstand and think the green snake eats the geckos liver. But actually the green snake tightens round the geckos body so the gecko opens its mouth and then the snake steals and eats the bits of meats or insects in the geckos mouth or on the geckos teeth. The snake does not get into the geckos mouth to eat the geckos liver. If the geckos size is not so big, the snake may eat the gecko.

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