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Garden Fence Lizard - Calotes versicolor

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The Ging Gaa - กิ้งก่า - Oriental garden lizard - Eastern Fence Lizard is found all over Thailand and most of South East Asia, they are reasonably tame and easy to catch if you want to keep one as a pet, or if your wife/girlfriend is from Isaan you may find that she wants to put it on a skewer and BBQ it, although the largest I have seen in Thailand is about 10inches so not much meat on them, in Ceylon they have been found up to 16inches long.

During the breeding season the males become highly territorial and discourage intruding males by brightening their red heads and doing "push-ups". Each male tries to attract a female by inflating his throat and drawing attention to his handsomely coloured head. About 1020 eggs are laid, buried in moist soil. The eggs are long, spindle-shaped and covered with a leathery skin. They hatch in about 67 weeks. They are able to breed at about 1 year old.

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Western Fence Lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis) or Blue Belly

The Western Fence Lizard is found in places such as California and are most likely not considered a food item there.

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