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Thai Scorpions - แมงป่องไทย

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Lets get to the most important bit first, if you get stung by a Thai scorpion it is extremely unlikely that you will die, that is as long as you don't have an allergic reaction, most books I have read compare a scorpion sting to a bee sting, most people I know that have been stung by a Thai scorpion say it is extremely painful, ie more painfull than a bee sting, the only way to resolve this is for a volunteer to be stung by both, sadly nobody has come forward yet.

Thailand has many species of scorpion, the largest being the Forest Scorpion (Heterometrus spinifer) which lives for about 7 years and grows to about 7 inches, this one likes to live in burrows in forest areas, but you will be able to find scorpions all over Thailand either alive and kicking or on a food stall waiting to be deep fried for somebody to snack on.

Generally when people get stung by scorpions it is during picking something up and the scorpion is on the underside, ie a gardening implement or branch, as there are a lot of poisonous and dangerous insects and animals in Thailand and Asia in general it is worth being a bit carefull on what you pick up and move.

Scorpions are predators and will prey on almost anything smaller than them that they can catch, from insects, frogs to baby mice, they generally hunt at night and are solitary creatures.

In the first video is Suang Puangsri from the small village of Fark Ta in the Uttaradit region, he spent 10 years serving up fried scorpions to hungry customers, being Buddhist he decided this was wrong and to pay for his sins decided to set up home with 4,600 scorpions.
If you are in Fark Ta you can stop by and see his scorpions and also buy a carved animal figurine which is what he makes for a living nowadays.

The second video is none other than Thailand's Scorpion Queen Kanchana Kaetkaew, she holds a couple of world records for her endeavours with scorpions, one of which was for holding a 7 inch scorpion in her mouth for just over 2 minutes.
Her latest world record was spending 33 days in a glass tank at Royal Garden Shopping Mall in Pattaya with 5,000 scorpions, during this time she was stung 13 times.
Her husband, Boonthawee Siangwong is known as Thailand's "Centipede King" and set his world record by spending 28 days with 1,000 centipedes, so they are quite well matched.

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