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Thai Rhino Beetle - Oryctes rhinoceros

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The Rhino Beetle also known as the rhinoceros beetle is part of the scarab family of beetles, they are also known as the strongest animal in the world for proportional strength, supposedly being able to carry 850 times its own weight on its back.

The larvae feed on rotting wood and in some countries including Thailand the locals feed on the larvae, normally deep fried if you fancy eating a grub, although of course eating insects of all sorts is quite popular in Thailand.

In Thailand and many other Asian countries rhinoceros beetles are kept as pets and used in gambling, they will normally pit 2 rhino beetles against each other and bet on the outcome of the fight.

The Rhino beetle as an adult eats rotting fruit and plant sap, only the males have horns, these horns may make him look fearsome but they only have a weak pinch.

Rhino Beetle up close
Rhino Beetle ready for his next fight
Rhino Beetle Battles a Scorpion
The Strongest Animal in the World