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Myanmar - Land of Pagodas

Hello Unregistered,

Interested in Myanmar's temples and pagodas? You've come to the right place. If you want to see the more popular spots Temples in Myanmar or want a bit more adventure, Myanmar has it all. The pictures on this page are random shots of the many off the beaten track pagodas scattered throughout Myanmar. The pictures were taken by one of Teak Door's intrepid adventure seeking travelers during his 2011 Myanmar Adventure.

It's trains, boats, motorbikes and buses if you want to really see the Land of Pagodas. Enjoy the adventure!

On the train. Looking down is a thrill but if you are a bit acrophobic, don't.

Lunch nap for your motorbike driver but you're in no hurry.

Slow boat to Mandalay. No preassigned seating. Lots to eat but pack light.

Buses are great. Many stops for photo opportunities.


A few photos of places seldom seen by most who travel to Myanmar. Take your time and enjoy the experience.

Unusual site. Doubt many folks frequent it but could be during dry season.

Two pagodas at a fork in the road (aka path).

Who knows what the guardian lion is guarding but can't ask for more dedication.

A quiet, tranquil place with seated Bhudda.

What is it? Lets go have a closer look.

Interesting. Seems no one around.

Caution. Close enough. Guardian lions and the bovine not to be messed with.

Must have been same builder as they used for tower in pisa.

Nature reclaiming what man has built. Shame really.

What is it? An abandoned amphitheater. A lap pool. The locals aren't talking.


Time for a break. Then off again. The bus should be repaired by now.

A short tea break with some local cuisine.

And a few snacks for the road. Hmmm....maybe not.