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Time to take you for a wander down Jomtien Beach Road and show you everything it has to offer, from the bars to the restaurants, cheap guest houses to expensive high class hotels.

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You can view a map of Jomtien here and Pattaya here.

We shall start off at the Hanuman Statue in Jomtien, Now my house papers say Jomtien Beach Road, but everybody else say's it is Thappraya Road( not sure who is right), this is about 150 meters from the beach, this is actually a roundabout for those coming out of Jomtien Palace housing estate, unfortunately nobody seems to realise that, Jomtien Palace was built about 17 years ago, this was all low end type holiday homes basically in the middle of nowhere, as Pattaya has expanded into Jomtien these low end holiday homes that haven't been knocked down are in quite a bad state of repair, but over the last 10 years people have been buying up plots of land there and building luxury houses, now when I say luxury we are talking 20 million baht and up, although the gays there seem to have the nicest houses.

We have to remember that Jomtien is more of a family resort but obviously the sex tourists of Pattaya do visit of a day time as the beach is much better than Pattaya's beach.
Jomtien Beach

Pattaya Beach

Also next to the Hanuman is "Papa David Restaurant" this is a gay friendly type of place, and also there is a 7/11, also around this area are about 10 real estate agents, so if your looking at buying or renting a property you are sure to find one, plus there are a couple of visa run places if you need to pop over to Cambodia, the Harley Davidson rental and sales place is also here on the corner.
Papa David Jomtien Restaurant Review
English and Thai Food next to the Hanuman Statue
Jits Place has moved down the road a bit now.
Italian cheap food by the Hanuman Statue
edited 18/1/2007Jits Place and the Italian place are being knocked down, to make way for what I have no idea. She has now reopened just down the road a bit.
edited again, Jits Place has now closed.

If you go round the corner towards where Jits place used to be you will come across the Bakers Oven, this opened August 2008, here you can read about the building and the fitting out of the premises, here you can read about its first month of business and see pictures of the sausages, pies, bacon and other traditional English foods they do.

Across the road from the Hanuman Statue is the Cosy Bar, this is quite popular with the expats living round here late afternoons and early evenings, it used to be run by an English Guy but now he has moved onto bigger and better things, he now runs the El Coyote short time bar round the corner in Jomtien Plaza, now that place is classy, also has a free Sunday BBQ if I remember rightly.

Actually above I called it "Jomtien Plaza", this is a recent change as it used to be known as "Jomtien Complex" and still has both signs up, although the Plaza signs are nice flashy neon signs.
More on the El Coyote Bar here

Next door to the Cosy Bar is the D K Bar, this is an air con short time bar but a bit too close to home for me

Across the road is Mermaids Bar and restaurant.
More on Mermaids Bar Here

For Swedish food in Jomtien complex you cant go far wrong with the Kon Tiki Restaurant.
Kon Tiki Restaurant review

For Short Times there is the Blue Room, nice big air conned place that is painted blue, this was originally opened by an English Guy but a Frenchman bought him out.
The Blue Room Short Time Palace

For Italian Food at Jomtien Plaza there is The Italia Pizza.
The Italia Pizza Restaurant

Most of the European Restaurants at Jomtien Complex are very good, they include the Poseidon restaurant which does German, Italian and Thai food, they are also a Boutique style guest house as well, The Chippy located in The Hide Away Bar is good for English food, L' Olivier is there for French and Thai food, The Enchanted hut has a large Western menu, Budapest Restaurant for hungarian food, Hot Stone Grill must hold the record for putting the most money into renovating a restaurant in Jomtien Plaza, he even had a life installed so he could get upstairs, also at the moment they are doing a all you can eat from the salad bar plus 3 courses for 265baht, La Bistro de ZaZa generally does a 3 course meal where you have a choice of 3 different courses, only a small restaurant so probably best to book in advance.

Another good bar that I only visited today for the first time is Scooby's Bar, this is a single shop house unit so I don't normally bother going to these sort of places, outside is a pool table and a few seemingly willing young ladies, inside is air con and quite nicely done out, the good bit about this place is on Wednesdays and Sundays it does free food, Sundays is just your normal free BBQ all you can eat affair, but Wednesdays are special, yep Indian Food, Chicken Massala, Bombay Potatos, Popadoms, dips etc etc, also they sell cider and guiness amongst other unusual drinks, well for Jomtien anyway.

There are also many Gay bars in Jomtien Complex so all the above restaurants are gay friendly, some of the bars include names like The BJ Bar and The Bondi Bar, The Festival Boy Bar, coming out of Jomtien Complex and heading towards the Beach is the Bamboo Bar.

Actually all the places on the way to the beach do okay business wise due to the closeness of the View Talay Condos, must be a couple of thousand rooms in each one and each one has 2 buildings, ok the one on the corner of Soi Theprasit they have an extra 500 meter walk to get to this part of the street, but that aint far.

The View Talay condos also have some good restaurants, for Italian food Secret Garden is quite good.
Italian food at View Talay

Slowly making our way towards the beach we have the Take Care Bar, it's okish I suppose, this is part of the Jomtien Plaza Complex.
More on the Take care Bar here

Of course you could always go into Jomtien Complex and visit the Las Vegas Bar for some food or watch some naked pool, they also have young ladies available for short time and rooms aswell, the rooms and bar are air conned so it is quite nice.
Naked Pool Videos here, guests you do need to be a member to view the videos on this board

Further down towards Jomtien Beach is the Indian Kitchen Restaurant, I have been there quite a few times and it is generally pretty good food, both the Curry and Tandoori are excellent.

Opposite the Indian on the left side is a 7/11.
Another meal at The Indian kitchen
A meal at Indian Kitchen Jomtien Plaza

YU? Club Jomtiens 2nd GoGo Bar

For Spanish Food there is the Tapas21

Woaw's Bar is okay for a few cheap beers and also has a pool table, open fronted bar so no air con.

Further down the road is The Number One Restaurant, this is quite nicely done out and serves English, European and Thai food.

D.Ds & Dai's House and Restaurant is further down on our left, nice place good but expensive high end food and also has some rooms for rent, recommend the clams in Garlic and butter.

Down the road a bit is Image Limousine, they have nice luxury cars and charge 1,500baht to take you to Suvarnabhumi Airport, they can be contacted on 038 756 658, plus all their cars are black.

Champions a gogo I go to a couple of times per month, nice aircon, a couple of big projection screens, the girls don't wear knickers and spend a lot of time topless, also most importantly cheap beer and spirits, quite popular after about 3pm.

Notice the We Are Number 1 Sign outside? well they certainly are in Jomtien as they are the only go go bar there is here.
More on Champions agogo can be found here

The Country Road Bar is done out the same as every other bar in Thailand that is called Country Road Bar, ie a wooden theme, this isn't as popular as the KR Bar probably because it is an extra 50 meters away from the beach.

The KR Bar is now extremely popular, their prices are cheap and they give out free popcorn, also have Tiger Draught Down stairs the bar has 2 pool tables, upstairs it has quite a few more tables, the good thing about sitting downstairs is that there are glass panels in the ceiling around the upstairs pool tables, probably the best bet is to get a couple of the girls wearing skirts to have a game against each other upstairs while you enjoy a quiet beer downstairs, the bar is done out quite high tec, ie lots of stainless steel and does look quite nice, also you get offered cold towels when you first go into the bar.
The KR Bar in Jomtien (A couple of Jomtien bars)
More on the KR Bar in Jomtien here

Now when you get to Dong Tan Police Station this is big decision time, if you turn right you will be going to the Gay beach, so some of you may want to turn left, so off we go to the left and the long walk down Jomtien Beach Road, Jomtien Beach is 7 kilometers long and the road runs along about 6 kilometers of it, maybe slightly less.

Next to the police station is a 7/11.

The inside views of Jomtiens sub police station, guests you do need to be a member to view videos on this board (Jomtien Jail - Dong Tan Beach)

On the corner is Jomtien Plaza Condotel, now this place is nice and really expensive, the condos start from the 6th floor, so you get a lift to the 5th floor, this is glass so you get a nice view of the sea as you go up, then walk into the massive reception area to the next set of lifts and go up to the floor you want, again a glass back but the views are not of the sea.

Jomtien Palm Beach web site here, room rates from 4,000baht per night

In front of this is the old KFC which has now been Taken over by "Kaffa Restaurant and Bar" at present it is under renovation.

The Kaffa Restaurant does Thai and Japanese food, very large menu with Thai dishes around the 120baht per dish.

Seating is outside or inside in the air con.

The building next to this is Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel and resort, this is the one that caught fire a few years ago and caused over 100 deaths due to the fire exits being locked so guests couldn't sneak out without paying, this place also has a bowling alley which is hardly ever used, got to be a better place than trying to drive into Pattaya and parking there for a game of bowls, Palm Beach Hotel also has a swimming pool and a few hotel type restaurants.

Rooms at Jomtien Palm Beach Hotel start at 1,200baht per night and go up to 10,000baht per night, generaly they will call you Sir or Madam at those sort of prices, yep pretty expensive.

In the evenings between Soi 1 and 5 you can find just about every street food stall imaginable, from fruit stalls to BBQ squid to noodle soup stands, so if you are after cheap food then this is the place.

The Jomtien Palm Beach restaurant is next along our trek and our first stop at Jomtien beach Road Soi 1, here they do Thai and European food although I have never tried the European food there, last time I was there they were doing a Steak Promotion, all in all quite a nice quality restaurant.
A meal at Jomtien Palm Beach Restaurant (Jomtien Palm Beach Restaurant)

After this is a TMB currency exchange.

The Euro Star Bar and Restaurant is pretty famous for it's German food, it also has a live webcam feed looking out to the road, the restaurant itself is on the corner of Soi 1, if you travel down this soi all there is a couple of houses and a small hotel which is owned by Eurostar, the hotel has a small swimming pool and is quite nice, also the Sunlight Hotel and the Sunlight Sea Food Restaurant are down there, the Sunlight Hotel charges between 300 and 500baht per night, you can contact them on 038 429108, the restaurant mainly does Thai and Chinese food.
Thailands live webcams can be found here

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Jomtien Beach Road Soi 1, videos and pictures

And that is Jomtien from the Hanuman Statue to Jomtien Soi 1, next we wander onwards towards Soi 2.

Soi 2 of Jomtien Beach Road really doesn't have a lot going for it, a few T Shirt stalls, souvenir stalls and stuff like that, also a couple of corrugated shack type places that serve Thai food and cheap beer., and one has a pool table, going further down the Soi there are a couple of guest houses, one being Rojana Guest House, further along there are quite a few shop houses that have been made into cheap apartment places for Thais, the room divisions are made from plywood and rent is probably around 1,500baht per month, so if your looking for a really cheap holiday in Jomtien then this is for you.

Souvenir stalls and T Shirt stalls just the thing you travel halfway round the world for.

Yep Soi 2 really has no reason at all to walk down it, just some cheap Thai restaurants, laundries and that sort of thing.
Noy Bar Beer and Restaurant Jomtien beach Road Soi 2.

But walking between Soi 2 and 3 you will come across the El Toro Steak House, he has only recently moved from Pattaya to Jomtien, but if his food is as good as it was in Pattaya then this place is definatly worth a visit, his old 2nd Road Pattaya place was big and generally you would have to wait for a table, the owner is German so it is quite well run, next door on the corner of Soi 3 is the adidas and Puma shop, the prices they charge it must be the genuine article.

Jomtien Beach Road Soi 3 is a good place to find cheap guest houses around the 350baht and upwards sort of prices per night.

As you can see in this picture the beginning of the Soi has a few T Shirt stalls etc, tattoo parlours, and a few open style type bars and cheap open air Thai food restaurants that generally the locals eat at, also a couple of foot and oil massage places.

To give you an idea of the type of Thai Food restaurants here are 2 links.
Cheap Thai Food (Low end Thai restaurants)
More Cheap Thai Restaurants (Low end Thai restaurants; part two)

GP guest house and 7 Holiday apartments are 2 of the many guest houses down this soi.

Some other guest houses on Soi 3 are;

ChatChai Guest house

038 757 383

Youri guest house

038 232 980

Watsana guest house

081 064 1166

New Siam guest house

038 757 398

Between Soi 3 and 4 along the Beach Road are a few seafood stalls, and numerous junk stalls, the seafood looks ok though.
Every Thai Food Stall you can think of is here with pictures, click this link.

The corner of Jomtien Beach Road Soi 4 there is suprisingly another 7 11 store.

More junk stalls including rubber rings for your children to float off into the sea, although the beach vendors rent out lorry inner tubes which the kids would probably prefer anyway.

Also along Jomtien beach you will find these dotted all over the place, yep 800baht for taxi ride to Bangkok, a lot of the times though you get a private car, trouble is some of these are real old bone shakers.

The most famous restaurant on Soi 4 is The MoonShine Place run by an American who has been here forever, the place is air con and has a pool table and is quite famous for it's Tex Mex food, well it's the nearest you will get to Mexican food in Jomtien.
Dining at the Moonshine Place

Between Soi4 and 5 the only semi professional business there is the Siam Commercial Bank ( this has cash points, pass book updates and of course currency exchange), the rest is just filled with tourist stalls.

Jomtien Beach Road Soi 5 is quite a busy Soi, a few cheap guest houses like GI Guest House, J B Guest House, Oasis Guesthouse, bars and restaurants, including the Simple Simon Restaurant and Bar is there if you are after some traditional English food, they make their own English pies and sausages there as well, they also do a nice roast dinner, it is quite a nice open fronted double shop house.

Going down Soi 5 you will come to the Jomtien Thani, another mid range to expensive hotel, prices range from 1,100 to 1,900baht per night, Christmas and New year there is a compulsory dinner party, well the only compulsory thing about it is that you have to pay for it even if you don't want to go, they have a roof top swimming pool, gym, sauna, etc etc.

Every year in December they have the Tozen World Watercross King’s Cup 2006, this is an internationally attended jet ski race with big money prizes.
More on jet ski racing here.

If you just want to look at pictures of Jomtien beach then click the link below.
Jomtien Beach and the Sea (Jomtien Beach - Next to Pattaya Beach)

Anyway I shall make my way further down the Beach tomorrow.

Well I am back and have traveled a bit further towards South Jomtien, still got a long way to go yet though, the main spots of interest between Soi 5 and 6 are 2 restaurants, the Surf House which has a Thai and European Food menu, this place has an air con section and lot's of outdoor seating with a tropical garden type setting and orchids everywhere, it also has a Bakery next door for cakes and that, tourist season and in the evenings it is hard to get a seat as this place is very good value for the money it charges.

Just before Soi 6 is Surf Beach Hotel, this has a sea food restaurant where you get to choose which sea animals you want killed for your evening meal, also does European food.

Jomtien Beach Road Soi 6.

Next we are on the corner of Soi 6, suprisingly there is a 7/11 there, down Soi 6 there are a couple of bars, smile massage and 1 European restaurant.

Between Soi 6 and 7 the main place is Opal House, this is a hotel and has a restaurant and bakery, I used to eat at this restaurant all the time, till the bad experience....

Room Rates at the Opal House start at 500baht per night, so this would be classed as a cheap hotel in Jomtien, all the usual amenities for that price range, ie air con, tv, hotwater etc.

Opal Restaurant also has a small selection of German food on their menu.
Opal Restaurant Review (Opal Restaurant in Jomtien)

Jet Ski Racing at Jomtien Beach (Jomtien Beach World Jet Ski Kings Cup)

Soi 7 is quite a busy little Soi with lots of accommodation for rent.

This is the Tientong Condotel, weekends during high season it is packed solid as the rates are so good, plus it has secure parking.

Also there is the Siam Garden Village which has various rooms etc for rent starting around the 600baht per night price range, and also has a nightly all you can eat buffet for 99baht, "Pizzas "R' Us" is also down here and they also do local delivery, Sirikorn House has rooms for rent and is next door to the DoDO Beer Bar.

The next Soi is called Soi White House and is named for the Hotel at the end of the Street called White House Resort, here rooms start at less than 1,000baht per night but they also have some suites, this hotel has all the usual stuff, air con, mini bars, tvs, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, and even a cocktail bar, be warned that if you take a companion back to the Hotel for the evening there is an extra 500baht charge.

On the corner of Soi Whitehouse is yet another bloody 7/11, on the other corner is Cafe Sunshine, this place is quite nice and the food is passable, nice place to sit and do some people watching as they walk down Jomtien Beach Road.

A picture of the street, on the right you can see the green sign, that is the Big Prawn Russian Restaurant, during the day time the bars and restaurants are pretty empty down this Soi, but late afternoon and early evening and tables are put out into the street and the place starts to buzz, one of the most popular expat bars is the TopLine Bar, other bars on Soi White House include, Bla Bla Bar, Papillion Bar, Jin Beer bar, amongst many others.

The Denmark Hotel is doing a day and night buffet at the moment, again all you can eat for 99baht. They charge between 400baht and 1,200baht per night but only have 11 rooms, Phone 038 756588.

My favorite restaurant down there is The Admirals Pub and Restaurant, nicely done out, good service, and most importantly good food.
Admirals pub and restaurant review (The Admirals Pub and Restaurant)
Mode tailor Food and Drink in Soi White House (Jomtien - Mode Tailor Food and Drink)

Other Bars down there are Shooters Bar Beer, Toto and Lulu Bar, Erling Beer Bar, 54 Beer Bar, My Beer Bar, plus many others, also if you want to book a diving trip you will find Mermaids down here., also has a couple of tailor shops if you are in need of a suit being made.

Traveling further South towards Soi 8 we have 2 more big restaurants, the most famous of which among the expat community is of course the Jomtien Boat House Hotel, Wine and Grill, boutique style rooms, high class fittings, the restaurant is probably considered the best European food on Jomtien Beach Road, but this place aint cheap, also they have Elvis Presley Impersonators performing there and live bands etc etc, the dining can be had in air con or out on the veranda.

Rooms cost from 800baht per night.

Moving further onto Soi 8 is Silver Sands Villa, this has tennis courts, swimming pool and rooms for rent, out the front it has a parked van that has been turned into a currency exchange, next door to that is Silver Spoon Restaurant, Thai Chinese and European Food, they do do nice cocktails there.

And here we are at Soi 8, nothing of interest down there at all as it is just a residental dead end street.

Heading onto Soi 9 we have the Rim Talay Restaurant, generally Thai sea food, I normally find it quite disappointing for the prices they charge, they have a small playground there to keep the children amused.
More on Rim Talay Restaurant in Jomtien Here (Rim Talay restaurant in Jomtien)

Moving closer to Soi 9 we come to Jomtien Garden Hotel and Resort, this has swimming pool and tennis courts for their guests.

Making our way on again we come to Wandee House which has rooms for rent, and then we get to Casa Jomtien which is quite a nice small private housing estate, on the corner here is yet another 7/11.

Here we have Cafe Sunset, a pizza place and Mainzer Grill Garten all in the same block.

The Kebab Place in Jomtien I have been to many times and I love there kebabs, they also do cheap gin and tonics.
Kebab Restaurant in Jomtien (The Kebab Place in Jomtien)
Another review of the Jomtien Kebab Restaurant (The Jomtien Kebab Place)

Next door is the Nitelife's Fish and Chip Restaurant, I wasn't impressed, does have a pool table though and satelite tv for the sports, trouble is I think it is American owned so if your not American you may not be into the sports they will be watching.
There Food Review (Night life restaurant, the best fish and chips in town)

Behind these places they have the Jomtien Paintball War Games Site, Jomtien Paintball World can be contacted on 038 232 796.

Well we finaly get to Soi 9 and find yet another 7/11 on the corner.

Soi 9 has 3 Farang run places, the first is Tequila Kitchen and Bar, you can contact them on 038 233 710, this is also a guest house, the bar is quite nicely done out but I haven't eaten there yet, opposite that is Rich Man Poor Man Guest House, you can contact them on 038 233 414, they also do food here including Pizza,Next is Drunks and Dare-A-Licks Beer Bar, not sure what that is all about but you can contact them on 038 756 338.

100 meters down Soi 9 you will come to the Maesriruan Restaurant, this has a big parking area across the road and is one of the most popular Thai restaurants in Jomtien, it's actually quite nice with loads of inattentive waiting staff, as you can see in the picture below it is a pretty big open air restaurant.

I shall add more to this tomorrow as I venture further South down Jomtien Beach Road.

Between Jomtiens Beach Road Soi 9 and 10 there isn't a lot of interesting stuff, a family mart, a 7/11, quite a bit of jungle and land that hasn't been developed yet, ie nothing worth going there for, going down Soi 10 you will find that it is basically a residental street.

On the corner of Soi 10 is the Sea Breeze Hotel, air con rooms, swimming pool etc, in the 1,000 to 2,000baht range per night.

Also on the corner are a few Restaurants, at least 2 of these are Dutch run, the Holland House and the Tulip House, both very nicely done out and the food is pretty good as well, also the Rici Pub and Dark Knight Bar are there, Rici Pub also rents out rooms.

Getting closer to Soi 11 you will find the Tawangthong Pub and Restaurant which is an open upper end Thai food place.

Also Villa Navin is here with room rates from 1,500baht per night and upwards.

Plus of course Jomtien Beach Condominium, wish I had bought a few of these when they were first built

And here we are at Soi 11 of Jomtien Beach Road, this is a very narrow residental road but does have a hotel there, Sea View Villa.

From Soi 11 to the next Soi is about 100 meters, the next Soi is Soi Wat Boon, this has a Siam Commercial Bank on one corner and the Grand Jomtien Palace on the other, the Grand Jomtien Palace is in the 2,500baht and up price range for the night.

The Grand Jomtien Palace.

If you asked a Thai what Soi Wat Boon was famous for they would say the Temple at the end of the Street adjoining Sukhumvit Road, if you asked a Farang the same question they would say the Winchester Club which is now known as the Blind Beggar, since Bill was forced to leave the country this place isn't as popular as it used to be, Sundays they still have the free buffet lunch and also serve food during the week, but this place is famous due to its discrete location and the availability of rooms for rent by the hour and ladies to rent by the hour, all in air conditioned comfort, the Blind Beggar is about 200 meters from Jomtien Beach road.

The Blind Beggar has now changed hands and is called the Winchester Gun Club.
The Temple in Soi Wat Boon (Wat Boon Temple/Jomtien)

Further down Soi Wat Boon you will come to the Cross Roads Deli and Snack Bar, now this place does a really cheap and good English breakfast.
Cheap English Food in Jomtien (Cross Roads Deli Snack Bar/Jomtien)

The rest of the Soi consists of Laundries, a couple of small massage places, a few out of the way guest houses and a couple of foreign owned and run small bars and restaurants.

Moving further South down Beach Road we come to the Octagon Bar and Restaurant, got to admit this is the first time I have seen this place but it does look quite smart, I think it must be relatively new.

Next we come to Wat Maikatingtong Temple, not really much of interest there.
Jomtiens Beach Road temple (Wat Maikatingtong Temple/Jomtien)

The next 2 Sois don't have a name posted but I believe they belong to the Welcome Jomtien beach Hotel, this hotel is at the end of these Sois, the room rates start from 1,300baht per night and they make it compulsory to pay for Christmas and News eve parties even if you don't want to go.

On the corner as you go in to the first Soi there is a TMB Bank.

As you can see most of the Shop Houses have businesses running so it's not quite a ghost town.

These 2 Sois have many guest houses and restaurants, from the dutch run Double Dutch Bar Restaurant and Guest House, Regal Guest House, S.P Guest House, Jomtien Beach Place to original names like Our Place, also laundries, Thai food restaurants and massage places fill the 2 Sois.

Coming out of the second soi you will find on the corner Pizza Service.
A review of Pizzas in Jomtien (Pizza Service on Jomtien Beach road)

Between here and Soi 12 there is absolutely nothing of interest, Soi 12 is just a residental Street so no reason to go down there unless you have friends living there, although P K Country Home is down there with rooms for rent, the resort has a swimming pool, spa, gym and sauna.

Tomorrow I shall go further South, the walks between Sois are now getting longer

Soi 13 on Jomtien Beach Road is just an undeveloped dirt track Soi with no redeeming features.

Moving on towards Soi 14 there is the Holiday Tower Beach Resort.

In between Soi 13 and 14 is a couple of open air shack type Thai restaurants, but set back slightly from the beach down Soi 14 is this massive building being finished off.

Soi 14 is famous for 3 things, Jomtien Fishing Park which has fish up to 20 kilos that I have seen, the bungee jump and of course the Jomtien Cozy Inn Hotel, suprisingly as this Soi is quite out of the way many married ex pats tend to take there new found friends there for an hour or 2.

The Cozy Inn Hotel.

The Fishing Park, rods can be hired here and bait bought here or you can bring your own, big fish are released back into the lake, quite often they have fishing competitions here as well, also has a small restaurant.

Heading down Jomtien Beach Road yet again towards Soi Chaiyapruk 2 is the Swan Beach Resort at a starting price of 1,350baht per night and then the Marine Beach Hotel.

Opposite Soi Chaiyapruk 2 is a sub police station and a tourist information office, these are actually on the beach side of the road.

The main restaurant in this Soi is Kanyas Romantic garden Restaurant.
To read more about Kanya's romantic Garden Restaurant on Soi Chaiyapruk2 click this link (Kanya's Romantic Garden Restaurant/Jomtien)

There are also a few houses that have been converted into guest houses like Angels Guest House, also has Top Bakery which is a German Bakers for your fresh bread, a foot and oil massage place plus a couple of Thai Restaurants.

Getting back onto Beach Road we have a Family Mart, Yorkies Pork Platter, a 7/11 and Deano's Wine Bar and Bistro, the most important of these to my mind is of course Yorkies Restaurant and their Butchers, Obviously it is British owned and run so they make their own pies, sausages, scotch eggs, etc, they also have rooms available for rent from 500baht per night and parking round the back so you don't need to leave your car on the main road, the restaurant is very good and does the the BIG ENGLISH BREAKFAST, also does Sunday Roasts and everything else you would expect from an English Restaurant.

Next we come to Dolphin Place, this is a well done out restaurant and also has rooms for rent.

Jomtien has its own Nang Nual Restaurant, there are 2 more Nang Nual Restaurants in Walking Street, South Pattaya opposite each other, all 3 have air con and outside seating, they all have live seafood and also do great steaks, Nang Nual is definitely worth a visit.

Soi 15 is next and this part of Jomtien has lots of unused land, Soi 15 is just a tiny Soi with nothing down there.

Jomtien Beach Paradise is the next place, this is a RCI affiliated place, ie a timeshare place, not sure how they get round that as timeshare is illegal in Thailand, but, where there is a will there is a way I suppose.

Dragon Beach Resort looks quite nice.

And then it is Soi 17, only thing down here is a hotel or resort called Coconut Beach.

Nothing that interested me between Soi 17 and 18.

Between Soi 18 and 19 is the Anantaya resort and Seafood Restaurant and the 44 storey Jomtien Metro Condotel, The Anantaya Resort looks pretty upmarket and expensive.

Soi 19.

The Sigma Resort Club Hotel just past Soi 19 on Jomtien Beach Road has everything, snooker tables, restaurants, swimming pool, tennis court, prices start at about 1,200baht to 4,000baht per night and can be booked thru

We are now the end of jomtien Beach, this Thai Restaurant called Suttangrak Pattaya is pretty damn good, has live bands during the weekend etc.
More on the Suttangrak can be found here, including pictures (Suttangrak Pattaya Restaurant)

Jomtien Chalet is next heading further South, this place has nice big gardens and used to have a restaurant in the train carriages, unfortunately these have fallen into disrepair and are not used anymore, accommodation here is between 1,000 and 2,500baht per night.

Beautiful Uncle restaurant, from here this is where the road turns away from the Beach, this place is quite famous and has been there for years, generally considered a Thai Seafood Restaurant.

A review of Lung Sawai Thai Seafood Restaurant.
The last Restaurant on Jomtien Beach Road, read more and look at more photos here

Jomtien even has an ATV motorcross track (jomtien - ATV Motorcross track opens)

Well we are now at the end of Jomtien beach, the next beach is called Hat Sai Torng or Golden Beach, and is a nice small quiet beach.
Hat Sai Torng Pictures and the Sea Falcon International Restaurant (Hat Sai Torng - or Golden Beach)
The beach at Golden Beach (Hat Sai Torng - Golden Beach - Jomtien)
A party and Indian food at Hat Sai Torng (Indian food at golden beach)
Going further towards Sattahip is the militry run White Sand Beach (Sai Keaw Beach Restaurant)