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» Thai Food for the First Time Tourist

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Thai Food you will find on the Streets of Thailand

Hello Unregistered,

This page was put together to list Thai food that a tourist is likely to come across and to help stop any nasty suprises, ie was that really rat soup with noodles, only kidding, rat soup is quite rare and expensive so we haven't listed that, but common things that you may come across and wonder what it maybe and even if it really is edible.

For ordinary everyday Thai food why not check out our recipes on the TeakDoor Thai Recipes section, plenty there to keep you busy and full whilst waiting for your Thailand holiday adventure to begin.

Thai Meats

Gai Ob or Oven Made Chicken
Gai Tord or Fried Chicken
Moo Yang or BBQ Pig
Gai Yang or BBQ Chicken
Sai Grok or Thai Sausage
The Noodle Soup Guide

Thai Fish

Pla Too or Mackerel
Pla Daeng or Red Snapper
Pla Duk Yang or BBQ Catfish
Pla Muak or Thai Squid
Pla Ra - Fermented Thai Fish

Thai Nuts

Tua Tom or Steamed Peanuts
Tua Tord or Fried Peanuts
Tua Bark Ar or Open Mouthed Broad Beans
Thai Cashew Nuts
Gowland or Chestnuts

Thai Sweets and Desserts

Khanom Thai Sweets
Ar Lua Recipe
Kluay Buat Chi or Bananas in Coconut Milk
Kluay Tord or Banana Crisps
Patango or Thai Donuts

Thai Fruits

Ma Muang Green Mango
Farang or Guava Fruit
Katorn or the Lolly Fruit
Grapes and Thai Wines
Rambutan Another Thai Fruit
Star Fruit
The Thai Sala Fruit

Thai Vegetables

Khao Pod or Corn on the Cob

Thai Condiments

Nam Prik