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Chiang Mai Ban Kham Un Museum

Situated on the right side of km. 4, opposite Mae Sa Snake Farm in Amphoe Mae Rim, this private museum of Thai art is owned by an accomplished artist-cum collector family. True to the nature of the family, the museum presents a warm and inviting atmosphere for both families and art lovers. It contains contemporary art, as well as rare ancient objects from the Ban Chiang Era (dating back 5000 years). It also boasts old furniture such as tables, chairs, mirrors, and carved Chinese-style beds from the Ching Dynasty. In the museum, light, shadow and reflection are well utilized to produce a holistic composition of beauty and serenity.

The museum building is a golden teak house built in the mid-1800 in the traditional Thai style. In fact, the house used to be situated in an art centre in Uthai Thani, but it was threatened by floods and was therefore moved. Thai wooden houses are traditionally made without nails -- they use wooden pegs instead -- and so it was saved from the impending floods by being literally disassembled and moved piece by piece to its present location.

The Museum collections include works by the family members as well as others. Visitors will be treated to all manner of art, ranging from picture portraits, landscapes, and sculptures; to woodcarvings, silverwork, pottery and laquerwares. The Museum grounds are home to beautiful trees and flowers, a pavilion for guests to escape the sun, and a souvenir shop full of interesting items.

The Museum is open every day 09:00-16:00. Admission is 30 baht for children, and 100 baht for adults. Call 0 5329 8068 for more information.