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Doi Fahhompok National Park


The temperature in this area is approximately 25 degrees Celsius all the year round; it is about 14 - 19 degrees Celsius on November to February, the highest temperature is 39 degree Celsius on April and heavy rain on May to September approximately 1,184 mm. of rain all the year round.

224, M.6 Pong Nam Ron Sub-district, Amphur Fang Chiang Mai Thailand 50110
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Tourist Attractions

Doi Pha Hhom Bhog

Doi Pha Hhom bhog, the second highest mountain in Thailand, is about 2,285 meters above sea level. Lying at the top of the mountain is a plain area which causes by geological condition; there have thin layer of soil and stratum of granite lays underground, and heavy blowing wind all the year round. From that place, traveler can see wonderful sceneries such as Fog Sea and the road on the ridges of mountains along with Thai-Burmese border. The road is constructed in accordance with adding national security between the two countries. The forest is rainforest and the source of water so that makes the place have the best natural environment and different kind of biological organism, for examples, there are rare species of plants and animals such as Impatiens jurpioides T. Shimizu, Imperial Butterfly, and Kaiser Butterfly.

Huai Bon Cave

Huai Bon Cave is a big cave, 20-30 meters wide, which consists of many wonderful stalagmites and stalactites. There are two entrances distant 150 meters from each other, no dangerous areas for traveler, and also many small caves, about 10, nearby. It locates 12 km. from Fang District. Traveler can go on foot 4 km. from Hot-mineral Water Pond.

Huai Hean Waterfall

Huai Hean Waterfall locates in north of Huai Hean Stream, and three kilometers from Huai Bon Cave. It is a big waterfall which consists of seven levels.

Huai Mae Jai

Huai Mae Jai is a stream, which has clean water all the year round and also been appropriate for recreation, located about 300 meters from Hot-mineral Water Pond.

Na Ma Uen Waterfall

Na Ma Uen Waterfall locates in the middle of a dense forest in Mae Sao Sub-district, Mae Eye District. It is a big waterfall which consists of three big levels. All of the waterfalls are the same—that is, there are water flows all the year round and great number of productive nature, all of which enable moss and fern derive from the rock and boulder along the streams.

Pong Nam Dang Waterfall

Pong Nam Dang Waterfall, which is beautiful, and has water fall all the year round, locates in the same area of Mae Fang National Park Management Office (Mor For 3) Mae Soonnoi Village, Mae Soon Sub-district, Fang District.

Pu Mern Waterfall

Tard Mok Waterfall

Tard Mok Waterfall locates four kilometers from Mae Eye District, close to tarmac road. The beautiful scenery of the waterfall consists of glassy vapor spreading all over the cliff look like covered by fog.

Tat Mert

Fang Hot Spring

There are many hot-mineral water ponds in the about-10-rai area (16,000 squares meters). The water is hot-mineral about 90-130 degrees Celsius because of the hot condition from underground. The largest pond has hot steam rising 40-50 meters above the ground. There are many travelers come to recreate in this area, for example, sauna and taking a bath on mineral water. It locates in the same area of Mae Fang National Park Office.

Doi Phahompok Nature Trail

Pong Nam Dang Nature Trail

Pong Nam Ron Nature Trail