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Chiang Mai Dollworks and Museum

The Museum comprises a collection of homemade dolls incorporated into charming displays. Visitors will find dolls in traditional costumes from around Thailand, as well as dolls from many other countries. The Dollworks is worth visiting, particularly for doll lovers and families with children. Furthermore, the charming dolls intricately handcrafted by local artisans make impressive souvenirs and collection items.

Located at 187/2 Moo 9, Ban Dong Khi Lek, Tambon Ma Kham Luang, Amphoe San Pa Tong, a district surrounded by lush green forests and famous for local handicrafts.

Getting There: Take Chiang Mai - San Pa Tong Road, and turn left at km 23. Continue along Ban Rai Road for 5 km. For more information, call 0 5383 7229.