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Koh Larn is a small Island about 7kms off of the coast of Pattaya, the journey by boat takes around 45 minutes, Koh Larn translates into English as Coral Island, the Island is just over 4.5kms long and just over 2 kms at its widest point, so nothing is very far away, there are 2 other islands close by, these are Koh Khrok, which means mortar and Koh Sak which translates as pestle.

If you want to learn more about Pattaya or have any questions feel free to use our Pattaya Forum.

Getting to Koh Larn from Pattaya

To get to Koh Larn you need to go to Bali Hai Pier in South Pattaya at the very end of Walking Street, here you can get the boat that does trips to Koh Larn Na Ban Pier for 20baht each way or you can charter your own boat or speedboat for the day, You can also take your motorbike across to Koh Larn but will be charged 100baht each way, as you pass out of Pattaya Bay you will see Pattaya Lighthouse on your left.
More on South Pattaya's Walking Street can be found Here.
There are many things to do at Koh Larn including there Shooting Range
where you can rent guns and fire at targets.

There is also a Love Boat Cruise from Pattaya to Koh Larn, this costs 2,500baht per person on a large catamaran and includes wine, spirits, beer and food, more about the Pattaya Love Boat here.

You can also do a day trip from Bangkok to Koh Larn either by minibus from Victory Monument or coach from Eakkamai Bus Station, this TeakDoor member done a day trip from Bangkok to Koh Larn.

Beaches on Koh Larn

Thonglang Beach
This is a small beach, not as nice and peaceful as Ta Yai, but nowhere near as busy as Tawaen Beach, has a couple of banana boats and jet skis for the more adventurous.

Hat Ta Yai
Nice small beach about 10 minutes walk from Na Ban Pier, very clean and quiet, can only be gotten to by motorbike taxi or boat, the road is too narrow for sawng taews, has a small open air Thai restaurant that serves beer and Thai food.

Ta Waen Beach
This is one of Koh Larns longest beaches at about 800 meters in length, has many restaurants, souvenir stalls, accommodation, jetskis, banana boats, para sailing, if your into commercialised beaches then this is the one for you,
you can even get your hair beaded and braided here aswell as foot and
physical massages etc.

Sangwan Beach

To be added

Thien Beach
Tien beach is on the west of Koh Larn, bit of a walk from Na Ban so probably best to use a taxi, the sea is nice and clean as is the beach, also has a few restaurants and other places to spend some time at.

Samae Beach
One of Koh Larns most developed and busiest beaches, the water and beach is clean and there are many restaurants here, it also has rental places for jet skis, fishing boats, banana boats and even ATVs and normal motorbikes, probably Koh Larns best beach if there is a group of you that are going to Koh Larn for food and drink.
You can also get a ferry from Bali Hai Pier directly to Samae Beach, this costs 150baht for the return trip, or you can walk or get a taxi from Na Ban.

Nual Beach

Nual Beach is on the southern end of Koh Larn, nice clean small beach mainly catering to Russians, has a small resort with bungalows.

One of our members takes a trip to Koh Larn and stays at the Nurai Resort which is between
Na Ban and Hat Ta Yai and another stays at the Choosri Resort.
Another member spends a few days on Koh Larn staying at Lareena Resort in Na Ban.
Another Koh Larn Vacation.

The ferry times from Bali Hai Pier - Pattaya to
Na Ban - Koh Larn.

2.00pm *not in service at the moment*

The ferry times from Koh Larn - Na Ban to Bali Hai - Pattaya.


Ferry Times to Tawaen Beach.

Pattaya - Bali Hai Pier to Koh Larn Tawaen Beach.
The fare each way is 20baht.

Koh Larn - Tawaen Beach to Pattaya - Bali Hai Pier.


Ferry Times To Samae Beach.

Pattaya - Bali Hai Pier to Koh Larn - Samae Beach.
The return fare is 150baht.

Koh Larn - Samae Beach to Pattaya - Bali Hai Pier.

Hotels and Guesthouses on Koh Larn

If you want to stay overnight on Koh Larn there are several hotels and Guesthouses around the Na Ban area.

RimTalay Resort
Quite close to Ta Yai Beach. Has air con, hot water, tv and fridge.

Sin U Rai Resort
Wooden bungalows with Air-conditioner, TV, Refrigerator, in between Na Ban and Ta Yai.

BoonCheun Resort
On the outskirts of Na Ban, rooms come with TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, fan, water heater, vacuum bottle, balcony and start from 1,200baht per night.

Choosri Resort
Just outside of Na Ban village and has fan rooms starting at 400baht per night.

Koh Larn Map

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