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    Speedboat return journey - Ao Nang to Phuket

    Since a few of you enjoyed the photos that I took on the speedboat between Bang Rong (Phuket) and Ao Nang, I'm posting photos that I took on the return journey between Ao Nang and Bang Rong.

    Alternatively, just re-read my previous post, starting at the last photo and work backwards...

    I didn't realise the sexual excitement that seems to have resulted from shots of some throbbing Honda 4-strokes - so on this return journey, especially for Spin, I snapped off a few more piccies of these beasts.

    On this return journey, the boat was much busier, packed mainly with tourists. I counted about 45 people on the stretch between Ao Nang and Koh Yao Noi/Yai

    As we left Ao Nang (Had Nopparat pier), we passed the royal palace high on the hill

    BTW, the 'dude' with the shades who's trying to look cool is actually sitting right on top of one engine housing, directly ontop of the label that says 'do not fcuking sit here cos the housing will crack' - which it did...

    Our first port of call after 25 minutes or so was at Koh Yao Noi, where most of the passengers disembarked, only to be replaced by a similar group (is it called a gaggle of tourists??)

    We stayed at Koh Yao Noi for about 10 minutes, before racing off across the narrow (1km) channel that separates the island from it's bigger brother, which lies just to the south.

    The passengers were a typical mix of Swedish and American tourists, and it looks like Gaddaffi's wife slipped in there as well.

    Here's the pier at Koh Yao Yai. We stopped for just a couple of minutes. This island, although it's bigger than it's neighbour, is less touristy, (if Yao Noi can be termed 'touristy' when compared to the nearby delights of Patong and Ao Nang)

    Finally, we raced the last leg of the journey over to Bang Rong pier on the north-eastern coast of Phuket. There's a lovely view of the limestone karks jutting out of Phang Nga bay.

    All in all, the journey from Ao Nang to Bang Rong took about 75 minutes.

    Now here's my only niggle about the whole journey.

    I mentioned in my previous thread that I wear my own life jacket when I go on boat trips like this. I'm a good swimmer, but sudden sea swells can arise very quickly, or the boat can hit some underwater object and sink rapidly. It has happened - on several occasions and people have died.

    When I joined this speedboat at Ao Nang, I saw many smaller tourist speedboats waiting to take passengers over to nearby Railay Beach. All boats were furnished with life jackets that was slung over each passenger seat.

    On the speedboat to Bang Rong, I saw no sign of any life jackets. Granted, these may exist - but it certainly was not obvious where they were kept and there were no signs to show where they were. The boat, although looking in good condition, did not appear to carry any indication of maximum passenger numbers, as was clearly written in Thai on the Railay boats.

    I did a quick calculation on the revenue that each trip generates when fully loaded, (it was standing room only between Yao and Bang Rong, with at least 50 passengers. Each trip generates about 30,000 baht (locals who live on Yao Noi/Yai seemed to get a discounted price).

    So with a return trip every day ==> 60,000 baht, the operators do not seem able to afford some signs to indicate where the life jackets are kept.

    Anyway, to be honest, it was a very enjoyable journey, and I'll do the return trip back to Ao Nang on Friday, with my trusty life jacket of course!


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    Probably keep the life jackets locked away to stop the tourists stealing them, just ask him for the key if the boat starts sinking, should be alright

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    That's some fine looking Hondas.

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    beautiful area

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    Good pics again, and nice commentary.

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