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    Pattaya Jomtien

    Pattaya Cosy Beach

    Cosy Beach is situated between Pattaya Beach and Hu-Gwang Bay, so quite a way from Jomtien beach and all the hustle and bustle of touts, jetskis and other annoyances of a similar nature, infact it is quite nice and peaceful so makes a nice change from being pestered all the time.

    Hu-Gwang Bay (Small Sandy Bay Near Pattaya)

    The whole area around here is quite nice, with places like the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, Royal Cliff with its classy restaurants, won't find any back packers or mongers in this area.

    The Cosy Beach Hotel, I noticed they have a Russian language version for their website, also the welcome sign on the front of the hotel is also in Chinese, so probably find quite a mix of obnoxious tourists in the hotel, then again with room rates from 2,000baht per night it may keep some of them out.

    To get to Cosy Beach turn into Pratumnak Soi 1 up by Buddha Mountain, and just follow the signs for Cosy Beach Hotel, further down the road it splits off and you can take either to get to the hotel and the beach, Cosy Beach Hotel must beone of the most sign posted hotels in Thailand with tonnes of direction signs for it, so you can't miss it.

    In the local area of Cosy Beach is a main road full of shops, bars and restaurants, all quite high end places with high end prices, these include even an Indian Restaurant of all things.

    Only trouble of course is if you don't have your own transport you will end up having to use the local taxis there, ie going from there into Pattaya and of course getting back to the area, and those guys down the ends of the Sois off of Pratamnak Road charge like wounded bulls, we got a taxi from Cabbages & Condoms to Bali Hai Pier, maybe 2 to 3 km, for 4 of us that was 200baht, weren't no way he was going to come down in price either, they got you by the balls, make those Phuket taxi rip off merchants look like merciful angels, well, almost.

    Royal Indian Hut Restaurant (Royal Indian Hut /Pattaya /Jomtien)

    A view of the beach looking south, down there there is about 30 deck chairs, most were empty so that's one deck chair merchant who isn't doing so well.

    And looking north taken from the same spot, so you can see the beach is quite small, probably less than 50 people on it in total so the hordes haven't found it yet which is a good thing, soon as they do it will be over run with touts selling all kinds of crap, from fake sunglasses to BBQ prawns that will have you shitting through the eye of a needle.

    The tide is out but you can see the buoyed off swimming area just incase a jetski or speed boat turns up for some reason.

    At the top of the cliff overlooking the beach is like a small park area, there are a few market type stalls selling tourist stuff, nothing much of interest, also this Thai style restaurant, they got prawns, ribs and fish in that display cabinet, looked pretty good to me.

    A Thai style bar, looks a bit tatty but it is selling the good quality booze rather than bottles of Lao Khao and Sangsom.

    The seating area for the bar and I assume the restaurant, got to be a great place to watch the sun go down and enjoy a nice breeze, maybe tomorrow night.

    Although you wouldn't want to get too drunk and fall down the cliff, that may hurt a bit

    Cosy Beach Hotel
    • 400 Moo 12 Soi Rajchawaroon, Pratamnuk Road, Pattaya, Chonburi 20260, Thailand
    • fax: (66 38) 250 799, (66 38) 250 192
    • tel: (66 38) 418555

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    I often stay there when sailing at the club.

    Bit tired and worn, but for those that partake it's girlfriend friendly.

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    I used to stay there with the family all the time. Nice huge free form pool, a lap pool, and a private beach. But its totally full of Ruskies now. The staff hate them as they dont tip, so the service has gone down the pooper.

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    I stayed there once, about 7 years ago, coinciding with the peak holiday time for Russians - never again. I didn't recognise the beach from your photos Dog but that is probably because every square inch was covered by oiled Russian blubber. Horrendous sight reminiscent of a painting by Hieronymus Bosch.

    The hotel is a tad tired. The facilities are equally jaded and the swimming pool full of Russians was as attractive as a waterhole full of migrating wildebeeste. The day there began with one of the most unedifying sights I've ever witnessed: a breakfast buffet stripped of every morsel by a ravening horde of the most graceless people in the world only 40 minutes after service began. Trays were soon replenished by the staff but these were more or less denuded by the herd within moments of arrival amid much jostling and pushing. My wife and I simply sat drinking our coffee in fascinated horror. We checked out 3 days early, I recall, unconcerned by the lack of refund which was a minor irritation compared to staying in the place a moment longer.

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    Good thread Dog.


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    Over there.

    That shit'd kill you sitting out unrefrigerated wouldn't it?

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    If you want to stay in that area, the Dynasty Resort is a lot better. The Cosy Beach has zero charm. The restaurants in that area seem to be catering exclusively to Russians. I much prefer the beach at Pratumnak soi 5.

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    There used to be very steep steps going from the road down
    to the beach.

    I don’t know if they have maybe changed that to a winding step-way
    effort or not. I’m talking maybe 17 years ago - yeah, long time ago.

    I remember I carried the wife, on my back, up those stairs,
    (just to show her how big and strong I was).

    Wouldn’t do it now of course, apart from me being 17 years older,
    she’s about 17kg heavier.
    You know nothing Jon Snow.

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    Shiloh, Tennessee
    Well, these pictures were Ruskie free ao they were very nice. Good post DD!

    Shiloh Jim

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    Its quiet at the moment, as its off season for Russians, but in a few months the beach will be packed with them, and lose its charm.

    As with all the beaches in that area, the parts that are free of deckchairs are never cleaned and are filthy, at the moment the beach at the bottom of soi 6 is a total mess with litter everywhere.

    Such a shame city hall does not take care of the beachs

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