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    Quote Originally Posted by Mendip View Post
    I guess the inference is that long term immunity will be hard to achieve and you can certainly catch it more than once.
    And this is the issue, even with a reliable vaccine it appears the immunity will be short lived so we either accept living with it a la Sweden or masks and distancing are the future and international travel is going to be more expensive and a fooking nightmare.

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    Originally Posted by Klondyke
    Why not to trust the Russian vaccine when it is the same as the one from Oxford, isn't it?
    Quote Originally Posted by Cujo View Post
    He already told you why. And what makes you think it's the same as the Oxford one.
    Oh, and fuck off klongdick.
    Oh sorry, were you again distracted? Did you miss the news from Bojo about the vaccine robbery?

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    Inside your head
    Not many would get the choice of country of origin anyway.
    It'll be whichever vaccine gets the nod from the med authorities in your country. Unless some enterprising country were to set up some kinda medical tourism vaccine package deals.

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    No loss of smell nor taste senses for me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Troy View Post
    Did those suffering flu symptoms in January also lose their sense of smell and taste? I had a very dry throat and flu that kept me in bed over a weekend in late January. It got onto my chest enough for me to take cough mixture and decongestants. No loss of taste though...

    I tick all the boxes mentioned above ...

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