Well this afternoon I decided to have a lunch hour as we were waiting for stuff to dry, so as I was in Ban Chang I decided to nip off to Phayun Beach for a seafood dish.
They got about 10 restaurants there on the beach if you turn right into it, and these are on the beach OK I admit they are all rather ramshackle and not that greatly run but the sea food is fresh, well I hope so I shall tell you tomorrow if I have any unusual bowel movements.

So today I decided to try out the Kow Son Poo Nim Restaurant, the only bit I understand of that is soft crab, maybe kow son is interesting rice, I don't particularly like rice so I aint interested in that.

The chairs were probably the wrong sort to use on a sandy, as you sat on them they sank 6 inches into the sand, probably be a bit disconcerting if you was drunk, and if you was drunk and paranoid you would probably think the world was swallowing you up.

Here is the view from my table.

The main dishes started from 30baht for fried rice with shrimp, me being a big spender ordered Yam Krung/ spicey prawn salad, I have to admit it wasn't what I expected, yes it has prawns and salad in, BUT.

it also had seaweed, mango, cashew nuts, carrots, cabbage, what it didn't have was lime or chili in it, now I ordered the rice to tame down this bottom burning culinary experiance, obviously I didn't bother eating any of the rice, also the prawns were done in batter, defineately wern't what I expected, still it was alright I suppose once I trashed the seaweed, the bill came to 115baht and he gave me change as though the bill was 100baht, probably wondered why I didn't eat the rice and felt embarrassed, the young waiter after serving me then sat on the table next to me while I was eating with a small mirror in his hand bursting his spots, I have to admit I didn't finish the meal, nothing wrong with the food, but the food wasn't what I wanted and isn't something I would order, and then the thoughts of did this young spot bursting man prepare my meal, Yes I struggled thru half of it and had to give up.