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  41. predicament... female stalkers
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  47. Choir
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  52. Palau Seribu (AKA 1000 Islands) - Return to Pramuka Island
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  64. An Indonesian Wedding
  65. Bogor, a mountain retreat an hour's South of Jakarta
  66. Damn Jakarta Traffic....
  67. What better reason to visit Jakarta - Golf and footy w/ the bintangs; open invitation
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  90. Is this a Jakarta Sweatshop ?It's for cards and wedding invitations.
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  95. fred's thread
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  97. Tana Toraja Funeral
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  99. KW didnt go Paragliding in Puncak (but MrsKW did!)
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  134. Idul Fitr 2014
  135. Lamborghini CEO Reports Indo Slut Dewi Persik to Police for Defamation
  136. Indonesia executes six by firing squad for drug trafficking
  137. Bali 84 Hard copy scans.
  138. Indonesian Solar Eclipse Tourism March 2016
  139. Anyone know what's happened with the visa waiver?
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  146. Indonesia executes four drug traffickers
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  148. Bali
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