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Captain Sensible has a brilliant future in Thailand
Captain Sensible has a brilliant future in ThailandCaptain Sensible has a brilliant future in Thailand
Nonsense. If you like tourist type stuff where you are bussed in with a load of other folk with camera's dangling from their necks and silly holidaymaker hats and then shown the tourist attraction and then bussed out, back to your hotel, then yeah, Thailand stinks.
On the other hand if you are a bit more adventurous and flexible then Thailand has a great deal to offer. I reckon you could spend 20 years in Kancanaburi province alone and still not see it all. Check the Kanchanaburi thread.
I think that is prolly why Thailand is so popular with the young backpacker.
Of course it depends on what you are into. I aint into butterflies but I still find them relatively interesting.

The point you raise about two prices is surely worthy of debate as well. As is any discrimination.
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