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A Great Selection of Hotels to be found in Hue

Author: Anja Merret

When you visit Central Vietnam to experience life in Hue you will find that your selection amongst available hotels is big considering how small this lovely city is. Not even half a million residents in a city that has at least 92 hotels according to Tripadvisor. It is said that  Hue hosts 12 000 visitors per day.

It is also quite surprising to find that the city and immediate surrounds is served by seven excellent 5 Star establishments.  The city itself has the Imperial Hotel and Celadon Palace while La Residence may be found along the Perfume River.

A little further out from the center of the city is the Pilgrimage Village. It's called a Boutique Resort and Spa and has a great many facilities with a selection of tours on offer as well for visitors wanting to see the many sites the area has to offer.

Of course a 5 star hotel is not within the budget of the average traveller. And for the more budget conscious there is a great selection of accommodation at very affordable prices. You may find a room from $7 at the Hue Backpackers in the center of the city. Or your budget may reach further than that. In that case there are numerous excellent hotels available in an extensive price range.

A really comfortable room with modern bathroom facilities and small lounge area will cost you about $60 and can sleep up to three people. Take away the lounge area and a similar room will be about $40.

Or spend even less at a more basic but still comfortable 2 star hotel which will cost you in the region of $20 per night. There are great deals to be had. To list all here would be too cumbersome. There are excellent travel and hotel booking sites to help the penny wise traveller make a suitable selection as well as general info sites on budget hotels.

Whatever your choice you will find life in Hue to be quite easy on the budget should you need to watch those pennies. And most travellers do need to do just that which is what makes South East Asian countries such as Vietnam so attractive for tourist.

A great selection of affordable hotels as well as friendly people, wonderful cuisine, historic sites as found in Hue and one can understand that for tourists this part of Vietnam is truly a wonderful destination.

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Anja Merret is a part time professional article writer.  Visit her new project at Life in Hue.