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Tastes of Hue, Try the food

Author: Nguyen Dong

Cơm hến is a folksy dish, poor but nobby with rich flavor of Hue. Rice in cơm hến is cool with the salty savory scent of pemmican, the mild tartness of carambola, the wonderful aroma of sweet herbs, banana flowers, mints, the exquisite sweet of clam broth, the greasiness of scrap fat, the extremely hot pungency of chili sauce…

Some people eating cơm hến who are not satisfied with the fiery taste of chili sauce available add a green pepper so that they enjoy the exquisite taste of cơm hến.

Food stalls:

Năm Châu Hội Quán: 4 Kim Long and 3 Vạn Xuân, Kim Long ward, Hue city

Phone: 054 – 510587

Vả Huế(Hue figs)

Nature endows Hue with fig trees with big figs called vả. Figs are sweet and fat. Vả makes such dishes as stir-fried, poached, cooked, and uncooked more delicious and tasty. Bún thịt nướng (cold rice vermicelli with broiled pork and vegetables), bún thịt kẹp tôm chua (cold rice vermicelli with pork and sour shrimp), bánh khoái (Hue pancake), thịt ḅ nhúng dấm (beef soaked in vinegar)… served with raw vegetables are similar in the country. But in Hue a piece of pinkish fig dipped in mắm nêm (smelly fish sauce) mixed with crisp hot green pepper added to raw vegetables is very tasty.

Vả trộn (Mixed fig) is a very delicious dish served with rice paper. Fig is boiled until it can be peeled by hands. Then it is hard-boiled and mashed. Other ingredients include parched gingili, lean minced pork and boiled pigskin. All are mixed thoroughly and seasoned with fish sauce, onion, pepper, monosodium glutamate, salt, cayenne…before being sprinkled with herbs, green onion and chervil. Vả trộn is served with toasted rice paper.

Vả is also poached with pork, beef, especially climbing fish, butterfish, tuna…


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