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    The elephant and monkey statues. What are they?

    Can someone throw a bit more light on what the elephant and monkey statues mean at some temples?

    One is usually holding a stick, the other a honeycomb.

    They are always together, mostly kneeling.

    Sometimes they appear at the entrance proper, other times within.

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    Monkeys are regarded as guardians of the temples. read more about hanuman at
    Hanuman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    the following image

    titled: "Miracle in the Forest” where Buddha left his monastery to find peace & solace because the monks were fighting. He created such tranquility that the elephant brought him water & the monkey brought a honeycomb

    Elephants are a symbol of mental strength, good luck and prosperity

    read about ''Symbolism of Animals in Buddhism''
    Symbolism of Animals in Buddhism

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    so there ya have it!

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