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    Going up to Nonthaburi tomorrow to check in with Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University. I've already pretty much committed to work at another uni but this one is fascinating to me given my focus on online (teacher) education, etc. in recent years. Anyone here happen to have witnessed any STOU distance learning in action?

    I went out to Pak Chong over the weekend to interview with another school that I'm thrilled to network with more than actually go all-in for the job: Pranyaprateep. My resume and background was almost laughably congruous with what the school is and what they are looking for. Absolutely lovely school and a pretty nice job going. But it's not for us right now.

    Anyway, first time for me out in Khao Yai (somehow). Fucking lovely in so many ways!!

    Here's (the still very much alive and kicking) Apple and me at one of those fake Italian jobs out there. I actually didn't mind it. The waterfalls and views and trails in the park though, that made my weekend.

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    Apple hasn't aged a day...Matt....Grecian formula?
    "I was a good student. I comprehend very well, OK, better than I think almost anybody," - President Trump comparing his legal knowledge to a Federal judge.

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    ^More like Ponce de Leon

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