Time for a tour in Pattaya of Soi Yodsak or Soi 6 as it is also known as, Soi yodsak is basically famous for one thing, and that is for cheap short time sex, so lets have a look at the bars, the restaurants and guest houses down this Soi.

This thread was written over several weeks and condensed.

The GT bar on Soi Yodsak.

I have to admit this may have been my first visit there, but I am really not sure as I get drunk alot and basically have no idea of which bar I might be in most of the time, anyway this place has loads of birds and is a dump, but hell why do we goto these sort of places? not to look at the decor and that's for sure, yeah I know this pic doesn't really show the bar off in it's full glory, but as most of the guys in there had their knobs out it wouldn't have been very tasteful taking pictures of them.

Of course moving rapidly onto the rooms is where it gets exciting, yep each floor has only one shared bathroom, so dont be shy about sharing that bathroom with other people, I mean what do you expect for 200baht? actually I expect a bit more than that but it's nice looking at naked ladies you have never met before and sharing the shower with them anyway here is a nice picture of the room.

And of course some strange young lady waiting seems to be hanging out there, things don't get better than this

Well onto this weeks excursion into Pattaya's sin zone, yet again we ventured onto soi yodsak, also known as soi 6, I will have to mention that I didn't get any shots of the rooms as my battery in my camera run out before we got to the rooms.

Anyway this first picture is of a world famous bar, The King Long Beer Bar, well a picture of it's sign anyway as it had a party on last night so we didn't bother going in there, this place is or used to be quite amazing, as you walked in and your eyes got accustomed to the darkness, you would see loads of guys sitting around with young ladies heads bobbing up and down, now with the social revolution that alas only happens upstairs so you have to rent a room, anyway the king kong bar is well worth a visit for perverse sex

Our first stop was actually DMt's bar, the girls there are extremely poor and cannot afford bras, obviously this is quite saddening for them but great for us.

Moving on up the Soi we came across these 2 bars, Blue Hawai 2 and Sexy Soi 6, Blue Hawai has ladymen and Sexy Soi 6 has dogs, so we didn't bother with those two.

Anyway onto the lady I abused for a while, now the sad bit was my battery was empty so there are no room shots, I have to admit it was strange to look down and see a blond head of hair bobbing up and down and gave me time to reflect back to my past in the UK, the rooms are 250baht and 350baht, as my knob had been abused all evening I knew this wasn't going to be a long session so opted for the 250baht slum dwelling, the room was made from plywood and prisoners in the uk would be able to sue the govt for such bad conditions, the bathrooms and showers were shared so there were naked ppl walking all over the place, actually the toilet I coudn't find so had to pee in the shower, lucky I didn't want a dump really, anyway this young lady was well worth 500baht

Our next stop was of course back to the old Soi Yodsak, we decided to goto king kong bar which is of course one of Pattayas most famous or infamous bars in Pattaya, here they had live entertainment, it was quite unusual to see a semi naked gal sitting on the bar with her legs spread wide while one of the customers performed cunnilingus on her, he wasn't very good at it though because the 20 minutes we were there she didn't climax, I was thinking of offering a helping hand, but at that time of the evening I assume she had been sexually abused by enough customers for the day, anyway I admit I didn't get a picture of the happy couple but I did get a picture of a picture they have on their wall

Next stop was Route 69 bar, I have never been to this bar before so it was quite a suprise to me, I have to admit I was tempted in by some of these lovelies that were hanging around outside and their little outfits.This place really wasn't seedy enough but had quite a nice theme to it, as they are not allowed to have dancers anymore the owner stores his motorbike on the stage, not sure how he gets it down when he wants to use it, but it quite smart

Well we finaly ventured into the Betty Boop Bar, it's actually quite classy, but alas it hasn't got the right kind of seediness that makes a short time bar succesfull, I have to admit I didn't get any pictures of the bedrooms though, although I had a nice little chat with this young lady about world politics and stuff like that

Now this place is sheer class, I reckon they spent well over a million baht doing this place out, which is a hell of a lot to spend on a building in Soi Yodsak, they normally have about 20 girls hanging around outside to beckon you in, alas the monster of the group got to me first so it was just one quick drink and then escape.

Here is a nice picture of the inside, as you may be able to see you find quite secluded areas to sit and get up to unusual activities quite discretely

Next stop was the Viking bar, now this is my kind of place, low end dirty and sleazy, But most importantly they do have some nice girls for rent.

As you can see in the above picture this place is completely lacking in class and taste, but people don't goto Soi Yodsak for that sort of stuff anyway.

Moving onto the bedrooms, they only have one that has air con, the others are all fan rooms, and of course you have the joy of the shared bathroom

A couple of nights ago I found myself unexpectedly in Soi Yodsak yet again, now I have to admit that in my quest for women, I have never actually made it to the bottom of the Soi, but this bar had come highly recommended so it was to be the first port of call.

Yep, the La La Land Bar, it is quite obvious that someone had spent a lot of time thinking up a name for this place, anyway it's right down the bottom of the Soi near the Pattaya Beach Road on the right hand side.

It does seem to be lacking in gals but is the usual dark single sleazy kind of bar, although they did do out the mirrors quite nice, 70baht a beer but I was too sober to find any of the girls attractive, here is one of the better wenches

The toilet was one of those that are under the stairs, here is a picture of it with me scrunched up against the door, yep the proverbial cat and swinging, as you can see if your a skat freak they have a lid on their bin to keep it all nice and fresh.

Anyway time to get back to Soi 6 and last nights adventure started at the Super Star Bar, got to admit this is the first time I have been there, well at least that I can remember anyway, this place is actually quite nice, I should warn you that this where we we start showing the upskirt pics and vid clips, so if you got the family sitting round getting ready for Sunday lunch it's probably not the best time to be viewing this thread anyway this short clip will give you an idea of how nice and friendly these young ladies can be

Well last night was yet another Soi Yodsak night, this time it was the Bee Bar, I assume the owners name must be Bee, highly imaginative name, shame her name weren't Porn really

This is a double unit and has a pool table aswell, it also has this young lady working there, now you got to admit she looks pretty kinky with that hat on

The bedrooms are ok and the bed frame is made from concrete, so no problems if you invite a few gals upstairs for a bit of fun, nothing worse than the old bed collapsing in mid stroke is there

Anyway as I have mentioned else where on this forum I have an American friend staying in Pattaya at this moment, so yesterday we went on a little tour, well mainly down Soi Yodsak actually, first off we hit this place, as you can see by the picture the gals no longer believe me that I wont post their pictures all over the net, but luckily I did find a gullible one who gave me a tour of the bedrooms and bathrooms

This place is supposedly owned by the owner of the Queen Vic which is like an English pub type thing which is the sort of place Marmers likes, although I believe they don't serve any British ales, which seems a bit strange, anyway getting back to dirty dens, the bathrooms are extremely basic and the water pressure could do with being a bit higher.

Well looking at this thread I obviously don't get out no where near enough, anyway this weekend I nipped down Soi Yodsak, and it was first stop at the "My Friend You Bar", This is actually quite a nicely laid out bar and inside is dark and discrete, ok Let's not beat about the bush on this, here they give you bjs in the bar, they also have rooms available for 300baht, actually it's pretty ridiculous, it's 800baht for a bj in the bar, or 300baht plus 500baht for the gal if you take a room, I suppose exhibitionist like it in the bar.

As per usual it's shared bathrooms, and I got to admit I met a nice naked gal in there, trouble is I was with an ugly one , anyway here is a picture of the shagging platform.

Well last night I happened to nip down Soi Yodsak again and it seems they have a new way for advertising their services, I got to admit I was tempted by this one.

Quickly moving on with the evening our next stop was at the up to you bar I believe, at this time I needed a piss and I must compliment them on their bathrooms, as you can see I am a multi tasking type of person and can do many things at the same time, this obviously has taken many years to perfect these skills.

I hope nobody is eating while reading this as the next picture on the right you can see the open bin full of shite covered toilet paper, actually if your into scat Thailand would be a great place for you to visit

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