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    Spray-on Bedliner

    I recently had Line-X Thailand ( and spray-on a bedliner into the bed of my 2016 Toyota Hilux Revo 4x4 Double Cab 2.8G A/T. I was relatively pleased with the application. The color I selected was black although Line-X states that they have other colors to include silver but at a higher cost. The cost of the spray-on bedlinen was 13,000 baht (16,000 baht minus 3,000 baht for trade-in of the original plastic drop-in liner). The onsite manager of Line-X Thailand is Apiwat Treejareonwiwat (Tel. 025401604-5) speaks English and was very responsive to my emails and questions.

    Here are some images:

    Spray-on Bedliner-img_2275-jpg

    Spray-on Bedliner-img_2276-jpg

    Spray-on Bedliner-img_2277-jpg

    Spray-on Bedliner-img_2279-jpg

    Spray-on Bedliner-img_2281-jpg

    Spray-on Bedliner-img_2283-jpg

    Spray-on Bedliner-img_2282-jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Spray-on Bedliner-img_2275-jpg   Spray-on Bedliner-img_2276-jpg   Spray-on Bedliner-img_2278-jpg   Spray-on Bedliner-img_2279-jpg   Spray-on Bedliner-img_2281-jpg  

    Spray-on Bedliner-img_2282-jpg   Spray-on Bedliner-img_2283-jpg   Spray-on Bedliner-img_2277-jpg  
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    Heh...Didn't see the Motoring title when I first read that...

    Great idea instead of changing the sheets all the time...

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    Here are some links describing the advantages and disadvantages of both spray-on or drop-in bedliners:

    The spay-on coating (bedliner) according to Line-X Thailand is about 3 millimeters (mm) thick. Line-X Thailand only offers the premium grade coating ( whereas Line-X in the U.S.A. offers four grades ( According to Line-X ( the Line-X bedliner is made of pure polyurea.

    I think the Line-X bedliner will be very durable and if there is an issue I can take it back to Line-X Thailand for repair. The drop-in plastic bedliner that I had was also rubbing through the clear coat and paint, so long term rust was a concern. It is also not as slippery as my old drop-in plastic liner. I liked that for this truck. Next week I will have Sammitr Thailand install a custom built S-Plus V2 canopy/topper on this truck. I wanted something durable and not slippery for this truck since the left side window of the new canopy will be a flip open (bird wing) window allowing good access into the left side of the bed. The right side window will be a sliding window.

    I also have a 2016 Toyota Hilux Revo Smart Cab 2.4J. It has a Toyota plastic drop-in bedliner. For the time being I think that liner is better suited for that truck. I only have tonneau cover (not hard plastic but a rubber type of material that I can roll up) on it and I use it more for hauling things. What I do like about the plastic liner is that I think it will prevent dents in the bed better than a spray-on liner. However, it will eventually rub clear coat and paint of the bed to the point where rust may an issue. Since this is a longer bed I actually like the more slippery surface for this truck because it makes sliding things out and in easier. I do have to ensure that loads are secured when I'm under way because of that (NOTE: I will have to do that as well with the other truck, but the more non-skid surface of the Line-X coating will also help prevent objects from sliding around).

    I think that it depends on what one's requirements are as to what liner will better meet those requirements. I have two different trucks that I use differently and as such am using to different bedliners.

    One detail I left out that influenced my decision making was that the Sammitr S-Plus V2 canopy/topper will be removable. I wanted that option therefore the canopy/topper will not be permanently sealed or glued to the bedliner (or bed rails as with a spray-on liner) or the pickup cab.

    If I left the plastic drop-in liner in, holes would be cut into it allowing the attaching mechanisms to pass through. If I pull the canopy off then these holes will allow for rain water to ingress under the liner.

    Unfortunately I do not have pictures of my bed when the plastic drop-in liner was removed. The bed was marred as were the tops of the bed rails. Even the upper portions of the left and right quarter panels where the drop-in liner touched it were marred and not just the areas under the bedliner edges.

    I was hoping to just have the Line-X coating applied under the rails but because of the aforementioned marring of the top rails and the area over the rails I had the coating applied over the rails.

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