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Thread: Nuan Noi grass

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    Nuan Noi grass

    I live in Udon and am landscaping our new house. In researching grass for a full sun area, a golf course consultant suggested Nuan Noi aka Manila Grass and for an excellent source he suggested Golf Course Specialists (Golf Course Specialists Home). He put me in touch with the owner, Queen at 089 499 8962 or

    I ordered 300 square meters at 20 baht / m2 and the delivery and installation here in Udon Thani was another 30 baht / m2. All in was 50 baht/ m2.

    The quality was excellent, the delivery was on time, and the workers got it all down in less than an hour. Queen is full of knowledge and also does irrigation. My irrigation was already in so all I needed was grass. I could have done it myself but heck, the added cost to lay it was minimal.

    All in all my experience was superb!

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    Excellent post mate. it should help a few people on the forum. Thanks. Keep posting.

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    Definitely needs full sun, and year round. I laid an area of it last year that doesn't have direct sunlight for four months, it died in that part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pragmatic View Post
    Thanks. Keep posting.
    Yeah, doesn't look like free advertising at all.

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