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    Snooker/pool tables

    Anyone know where to buy a snooker table or pool table in Thailand and get it delivered and installed?

    There's a couple of places on the internet (Bangkok and Phuket) but their businesses must be doing so well or they're still on Songkran holiday that they're not responding to any email enquiries.

    Any second-hand deals?

    Thanks in anticipation of any assistance


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    the guy who owns/runs the pool place in pat pong was selling several very high quality pool tables some time ago. he may have stuck them in storage as the market was poor and he had quite a few. its on the second floor, east end of pp. he is australian. nice guy. cant remember the name but it has a colorful tucan looking bird as its logo. pm me if you cant find and need more info and i will get it.

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    I think that's the Red Parrot pool bar, it's listed on my site as:

    Red Parrot
    Punjapat Building, Flr. 2, Patpong 2, Bangkok
    Tel: 02 233 2308

    I think the numbers up to date, check it out.

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    What's the name of that Shoppin mall across from Patpong? it's a got a central. thee was a pool eguipment shop in there. Figure it'll still be there..

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    Try contact Patanakan Billiards at 02-235-5411>5, 02-236-6116>7, 02-236-6464>5. Located on Jarernkrung Road, about a kilometer from River City.

    This company run by a family of James Wattana. They are also a representative for "Riley" Tables. They will deliver and set it up for you.

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