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    Idiots overtaking on double lines....not just in Thailand

    Two concreters have been killed on their way to work in North Queensland (Australia) this morning.

    The men were travelling along a section of highway south of Bundaberg, when their hatchback collided head-on with another vehicle around 6am (AEST).

    Witnesses said the second car, driven by two Hong Kong nationals, had crossed onto the wrong side of the highway.

    It's believed the two tourists, aged in their mid-20s had been overtaking vehicles despite double white lines on the road.

    They were taken to Bundaberg Base Hospital for treatment.
    Police are investigating.

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    The two concreters had probably never seen or imagined the sight of a car heading for them in the wrong lane flashing it's lights expecting them to give way.

    The first time you see it can be quite surreal....

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    What we should be realizing by now, is that human beings were not meant to be operating motored vehicles...

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    Here's what I want to get for my car. A bid speaker thing (like fondles, but less gay) and a selection of buttons to press for the right occasion, that would play a very loud message.

    It would be very simple - a loud claxon Warning sound, followed by the words "Warning. Warning. Thai trying to reverse park. Warning. Warning. Thai trying to reverse park." that would loop until the hazard has passed.

    Other messages,

    Warning. Warning. Thai thinking about overtaking on the brow of a hill

    Warning. Warning. Thai thinks a few stickers and a gay exhaust makes him a racing driver with his bold tires on wet roads.

    Warning. Warning. Thai performing 17 point turn

    Warning. Warning. Thai on motor bike. Too thick to drive in straight line.

    Warning. Warning. Thai about to join carriageway without looking or stopping

    Warning. Warning. Thai with no understanding of what MIRRORS are....

    feck, I'd need a very big control panel for it.

    Sort of like this old chestnut of a ringtune

    Originally Posted by bsnub "No wonder I drive a tesla"

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    As the traffic controls are routinely ignored and sporadically enforced it makes you wonder why they waste the time installing them.

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