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TeakDoor Advertising Rates

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TeakDoor Forums Advertising Rates

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Group A, our portal
TeakDoor Main Forum page
Thailand and Asia News
The TeakDoor Lounge

Group A Advertising Rates

We have spaces available for 120 by 60 buttons, these cost 2,500baht per month, ie 7,500baht for the 3 month agreement per forum.

Group B
Thailand, Land, Property and Condo sales listings
Construction in Thailand
Farming & Gardening In Thailand
Motoring in Thailand
Living In Thailand
Learn Thai Language
Doing Things Legally
Thai Visas and Visa Runs
Thailands Travellers Tales
Food and Drink
Pattaya Forum
Newbies Lounge
Thailand and Asia's Questions & Answers Forum

Group B Advertising Rates

A 120x60 button costs 1,400 baht per month, ie 4,200 baht for a 3 month agreement per forum.
A 234x60 half banner costs 1,900 baht per month, ie 5,700 baht for a 3 month agreement per forum.
A 468x60 banner for only 2,900 baht per month, ie 8,700 baht for a 3 month agreement per forum.

Group C
Teaching In Thailand
Malaysia Travel Forum
Cambodia Travel Forum
Vietnam, Burma and Laos Travel Forum
Singapore and Hong Kong Travel Forum
Indonesian and Philippine Travel Forum
Thailands Wats Temples and Mosques
Thailands Beaches and Coastlines
Scuba Diving in Thailand
Northern Thailand Forum
Chiang Mai Forum
North East Thailand, The Issan Forum
Central Thailand and Bangkok Forum
Bangkok Forum
The Eastern Thailand Forum
Southern Thailand Forum
Phuket Forum
The Games Room
The Sports Room
Computer News
The MultiMedia forum

Group C Advertising Rates

A 120x60 button costs 999 baht per month, ie 2,997 baht for a 3 month agreement per forum.
A 234x60 half banner costs 1,600 baht per month, ie 4,800 baht for a 3 month agreement per forum.
A 468x60 banner for only 2,500 baht per month, ie 7,500 baht for a 3 month agreement per forum.

Banner and button advertising rates on every forum page

We have 3 spots that show just under the top navigation bar, a 234x60 is only 10,000baht per month. (These are next to the "Your Guide to Building a House in Thailand" banner)

We have 3 spots that show on the bottom of every forum page, these are 234 by 60, for one of these spots it would only cost 5,500baht per month.
The very bottom 728x90 banner which shows on every page costs 11,000baht per month.

2nd post advertising we have 3 spaces of 300x250, these cost 10,000baht per month, these show on all forum pages under the 1st post.

In December 2014 we served 6.3 million pages and had 550,000 unique visitors for that month.

Rotational Banner Advertising
Lots of sites offer this at generally 4 rotations per advertiser, it seems cheap, it isn't, if the banner advert is 4,000baht per month they are charging 16,000baht for that spot, most sites have around a 50 percent bounce rate, that is people that view one page only, will they see your advert or one of the other 3 adverts? We don't offer Rotational Banner Advertising, your advert is served every single time that page is served on TeakDoor.
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TeakDoor Advertising Rates

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