This Temple maybe classed as in Naklua or Pattaya, no idea which, the only thing going for this Wat is that it is near Mini Siam and the Go Kart track, it's also the last place for quite a few farangs to visit as it is right opposite the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital.

The cremation machine is quite smart as it has an electronic conveyor to pull the coffins into the furnace, none of this half a dozen Thais struggling and muttering under their breath about the fat farang being too heavy, they just press the button and away the coffin goes, although the last funeral I was at a couple of Thais decided to take the lid off of the coffin to have a quick look before pressing the old button, luckily most of the farangs there didn't speak Thai so didn't understand that they were complaining that he smelt, found that a bit disrespectful myself, but hell what did they expect when he has spent the last few days in a coffin.

A shrine to have a pray at.

The Temple drum building.

The main Temple building.

The main Monks house that they are trying to move.

More on moving the monks house here