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    Bi-Lingual Schools in Bangkok

    Anyone have any experience with sending their kids to these?

    I know a couple sent theirs to Srivikorn at Ekkamai but that it closing in the next couple of years as far as I can tell so not worth it for my kid.

    Plengpasit on Srinakarin looks OK on the website, and wifey has heard good things about Vanessa School on Suk. Anyone with exp with these schools?

    ASB Bang Na looks new and affordable (from what I've heard) but worried about the lack of Thai education.

    Making plans to go visit them all but any first hand exp is appreciated..
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    No Vanessa school, the owner is a loon. I had my kids in there for a few months when it was out near Dreamworld. No lesson plans, no curriculum, no nothing. As my kids said, " All we do is walk around and smell the Petunia's". If the woman who owns it is named Chomsee walk away. Horrible place, horrible woman. Its named for her daughter Vanessa who is Harvard educated but just a minion for her nutter mom.

    I would go with a really nice Thai school for her first few years, it worked for me. A school that teaches you social values and how to be a good person, rather than the alphabet, and math at 3 years old. Luckily I could find a great one close to where I live. You and the mom can supplement the English at home.

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