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Originally Posted by nostromo
Actually what did "Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunan, right, director of the Central Institute of Forensic Science"
have to do with this. Forensics of a bruise week ago, proving what?

Pornthip became famous when she "proved" red shirts were not killed by the army.
Forget toms political explanation as to why she has little credibility.

There is a much bigger reason. Remember the magic gt200 bomb detectors that were proved to work as effectively as eny mini mo? That her team used these devices clearly without doing any verification as to its effectiveness for years.... which is bad enough. but her rejection of the results of the testing that these detectors failed and continued use of them even in april/may 2011 means that she has no credibility. personally I would not trust her to tell me what day of the week it is, let alone the time.
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